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These are the answers regarding to your questions.

Re: Christine Anne Darro’s Case

1. What did she submitted to the English teacher that made her upset?
a. Seat work in English subject

2. Did her parent’s talk to her teacher after the incident?

a. No

3. What strategy did her parent did so the child could stay in school?
a. The parents support the child to enroll again in Kinder instead of
continuing her study in Grade I.

4. What makes her remember her past experience with an English teacher? Is it an
activity or a person?’
a. Is it an activity, every time during English class

5. What did the counselor did to show support with the child?
a. The counselor talked to the child and she encourages the child to continue
her study.

6. At present, is he enrolled at the special class of the same school?

a. No, she is currently enrolled in Elementary School/ formal school

7. Does the child only wants to skip her English class alone or does she no longer
wants to attend school?
a. She wants to skip her English class only.

8. What does the child say/ express?

a. The child always cries during English class because she is afraid, and
always remembers her experience from her past. She is afraid that she
might not pass the English class.

Mae Jcnym Meridian O. Estacio


“The child is available every afternoon”