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Task 2.

40 mins
Some people think that business should have more influence in secondary education to prepare
children for modern world. Others, however, feel that preparation for life should be left to
teachers without outside interference
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is often said that knowledge is the key to power. Decomposing this conception, we can draw a few
questions, like how should education be delivered to children in order to be an efficient process and
tight to real life?
One idea would be to let the business environment interfere with education starting with the secondary
education cycle.
In favor of this idea is brought the argument that business environment is endowed with ability to
manage time and resources better than the school because of the permanent seek of profit and
efficiency whilst school is concentrated around forming individual or should be so. Whether this kind of
education should be carried out by people drawn from business or by teachers prepared in this way is
another question.
On the other hand, it is well known the importance of a good teacher in any educated persons life at
the right time since ancient times. As we all experienced, teachers had had a vital role in our
development as individuals and is needless to say more about emotional nature of the relation. Focusing
strictly on results, teachers can lack experience in managing time or governing encountered problems
which emerge in real life for instance.
To a certain extent, it is a good question that anyone could ask, about the necessity of emerging this two
environments to a deeper level than they are today mentioning the true nature of problems occurring in
life which is odd and unpredictable. Though is important to poses some skills drawn from business, we
could not say that is it crucial to have such competences, thinking about the place occupied by situations
which ask for that kind of techniques or approaches.
In my opinion, in order to overcome the differences between school courses and real life challenges the
school system should be more permissive with intrusion of foreign education sources such as business
environment due to approach that it have towards reality problems, doing so through a balanced
relation between social skills courses and classic courses such as math, science etc.