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Williams, 1

Marisa Williams
Ms. Helen
English 10
New Times, Same Problems
Pride - one of the seven deadly sins. Sometimes, just a touch of it can bring bad into
ones life. Even good men can become corrupt with it if theyre not careful. Such is the case in
Antigone, by Sophocles; a story in which the idea of pride and corruption is still applicable to
society today. Creon was a sensible man, but with the gain of power, he slowly became more and
more prideful. Eventually, he even thought the word of the gods under him. Today, its less
common to be that arrogant, but theres still a sense of pride that some are ludicrous about
Creon was the same way about his pride. Antigone stood up to him, and Antigone was a
woman. If a woman stood up to a king and he let her walk away free, the kings pride would be
hurt and nobody in the kingdom would take him seriously. Creon, of course, defended his pride
and Antigone was punished for being so disrespectful towards the king (981-986). Similar events
happen today. Someone might be put down or embarrassed for something they did, and they
would walk away with their pride hurt. Because of this, they could ramble around hurt for some
time, or they might retaliate. They could end up attacking the person who humiliated them, as
Creon did.
In trying to humble Creon, Teiresias says, ... a good man yields when he knows his
course is wrong and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride (998, lines 34-35). He has a great
point there. A lot of problems can come from having a lot of pride. Its easy to lose friends over
Williams, 2
it, or in Creons case, family. Its also easy to gain hatred along with the pride. Many people look
at the arrogant man in the office with disgust - theres no charm at all. There was a similar
circumstance with Creon - many disagreed with him and barely felt pity in the end.
It may have been hundreds of years since the ancient Greek Sophocles wrote this play,
but its idea of pride still applies heavily to life today. The parallels between the fictional world of
Antigone and the world as it is today are easy to see. Pride is a decent thing in moderation - its
great to have a miniscule bit of it - but if one sees themselves as greater than everyone else,
terrible things are bound to happen. Thats the warning in Antigone - one that has lasted through
the years until today, and is sure to last for many years more.