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VADEA NSW 2014 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 4 June 2014

North Sydney Girls High School

Chair: Kathy Kyriacou (KKy) & Nick Phillipson (NP) Minutes: Sally Leaney (SL)
Location: North Sydney Girls High School
The Staff Common Room
Main Administration Block
365 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest
Meeting Opened: 5.00pm Meeting Closed:

1. Welcome
(KKy and NP)
Welcome to the AGM.
Acceptance of Minutes from the 2013 AGM

2. Executive Reports on
VADEA NSW activities
during 2013 and early
Co-President Professional Development (Kathy Kyriacou)

Co-President Membership, Advocacy and Support (Nicholas

Membership (Denise Perrin)

3. Presentation of VADEA
NSW audited annual
Treasurer (Joanna McKeown)
4. Election of executive
members and office
bearers of VADEA NSW
for 2014 early 2015
The Co-President - Professional Development
The Co-President- Membership, Advocacy and Support
The Co-President- State and National Issues & Special Projects
The Treasurer
The Secretary
The Membership Officer
The Assistant Professional Development Officer
The Conference Organiser Officer
The Promotions and Sponsorship Officer
The Regional Support Officer
The Leadership and Mentoring Officer
The K-6 Officer
The Research and Publications Officer
The Teacher Accreditation Officer
The Graphic Design Officer
The Website Manager
The Public Relations Officer (Including Gallery and Artist Liaison)
Executive Member
Executive Member
Executive Member
Executive Member