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Cebu Normal University

College of Nursing
Osmenia Blvd. Cebu City 6000

NAS III – Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Diagnostics


Name of Patient Age Height

Diagnosis Sex Weight
Doctor Date of Admission Body Build

Mechanism of Adverse
Drug Data Classification Indication Contraindications Nursing Responsibilities
Action Reaction
Generic Name Pharmacokinetics General Concentrations Before
Trade Name Onset Indications Precaution During
Patients Dose Peak Patients Drug After
Minimum Dose Duration Actual interaction Included in the
Maximum Dose Therapeutic Indication - drug to drug responsibilities are:
Contents Levels - food to drug - time of drug
Availability and Drug Half Life administration
color - Distribution /
Routes of Drug Binding
administration Sites
- Biotransformation
- Excretion
Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: