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HH. Jauniau' -, .e$%s"oc/ J, 0en! 1, 2a""a!lia F1, 2ur"on GJ ()334) 5ol&ol concen"ra"ions in "he #luid
co$%ar"$en"s o# "he hu$an conce%"us durin! "he #irs" "ri$es"er o# %re!nanc&* $ain"enance o# redo' %o"en"ial in a low
o'&!en environ$en"( J 1lin -ndocrinol 6e"ab 93* 1171,1174(
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77. @au#$ann 5, 2lac/ S, .u%%er"A 2 ()33<) -ndovascular "ro%hoblas" invasion* i$%lica"ions #or "he
%a"ho!enesis o# in"rau"erine !row"h re"arda"ion and %reecla$%sia( 2iol e%rod +9* 1,7(
--.S"arA&/ @7, Sala#ia 16, 5eAAullo J1, La!e J6, 5ar/ash B, e" al( (1997) Cuan"i"a"ive di##erences in ar"erial
$or%ho$e"r& de#ine "he %lacen"al bed in %reecla$%sia( .u$ 5a"hol ):* <4<,<4:(
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PP. 6iAushi$a =, Ohsu$i Y, Yoshi$ori 0 ()33)) 7u"o%ha!oso$e #or$a"ion in $a$$alian cells( 1ell S"ruc" Func" )7*
FF. Yoshi$ori 0 ()33;) 7u"o%ha!&* a re!ula"ed bul/ de!rada"ion %rocess inside cells( 2ioche$ 2io%h&s es
1o$$un <1<* ;4<,;4:(
**. 5oellin!er L, Johnson S ()33;) .DF81 and h&%o'ic res%onse* "he %lo" "hic/ens( 1urr O%in Gene" >ev 1;*
&&. Se$enAa GL ()337) Li#e wi"h o'&!en( Science <1:* +),+;(
... 1ani!!ia D, 6os"ach#i ., Win"er J, Gass$ann 6, L&e SJ, e" al( ()333) .&%o'iainducible #ac"or81 $edia"es "he
biolo!ical e##ec"s o# o'&!en on hu$an "ro%hoblas" di##eren"ia"ion "hrou!h 0GFbe"a(<)( J 1lin Dnves" 134* 477,4:7(
AA. =a/ashi$a 7, Ya$ana/a80a"e$a"su 6, FuEi"a =, @oiAu$i @, Shi$a 0, e" al( ()31<) D$%aired au"o%ha!& b&
soluble endo!lin, under %h&siolo!ical h&%o'ia in earl& %re!nan" %eriod, is involved in %oor %lacen"a"ion in
%reecla$%sia( 7u"o%ha!& 9* <3<,<1+(
DD. Zhan! ., 2osch86arce 6, Shi$oda L7, 0an YS, 2ae/ J., e" al( ()33:) 6i"ochondrial au"o%ha!& is an .DF8
18de%enden" ada%"ive $e"abolic res%onse "o h&%o'ia( J 2iol 1he$ ):<* 13:9),1393<(
++. De""a F, Wu Y, Win"er J, Fu J, Wan! J, e" al( ()33+) >&na$ic .DF17 re!ula"ion durin! hu$an %lacen"al
develo%$en"( 2iol e%rod 74* 11),1)1(
HH. Lai Z, @al/un"e S, Shar$a S ()311) 7 cri"ical role o# in"erleu/in813 in $odula"in! h&%o'ia8induced
%reecla$%sia8li/e disease in $ice( .&%er"ension 47* 434,41;(
??. 76mar D, A88as A7, >a6sto B, Beoplasia. 0)# *o88i)s a)2 %otra) Pat/olo19
Basis of 5isease. :
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AAA. ;ra)1er JP, Ale,a)2er B., -li)as M., Be))ett +A, 7/ali *A.
Pat/op/9siolo19 of /9perte)sio) 26ri)1 preeclampsia li)'i)1 place)tall isc/emia wit/
e)2ot/elial 29sf6)ctio). H9perte)sio). 2001= 3$#:1$-22.
BBB. A)1sar 5. Hiperte)si 2alam 'e/amila). E2isi 'e-2. &6ra8a9a# -a8J&M>
O8stetri ;i)e'olo1i >7 A)air *&A5 5r.&oetomo= 2003.
%%%. -ev9 *. ./e role of apoptosis i) preeclampsia. 0MAJ. 200!=:#1:$-$1
555. H6ppertE B. Place)tall villo6s trop/o8last# t/e altere2 8ala)ce 8etwee)
proliferatio) a)2 apoptosis tri11ers preeclampsia. J *epro2 E)2o'ri)ol. 2004=2#103-$.
EEE. 0s/io'a &, EEa'a ?, Amem6ra 7, Ha9as/i ., E)2o ., &aito .. Proteo
Proteomic a)al9sis of mec/a)isms of /9po,iai)26ce2 apoptosis i) trop/o8lastic cells.
0)t. J. Me2. &ci.200:=31"#34-33.
>>>. H6)1 .A, &'epper JB, %/ar)oc' 5&, Jo)es B;. H9po,iareo,91e)atio) #
A pote) i)26cer of apoptosis c/a)1e i) t/e /6ma) place)tall a)2 possi8le etiolo1ical
factor i) preeclampsia. AHA %irc *es. 2002=90#12:3-$1.
;;;. 0s/i/ara B, Mats)o H, M6ra'os/i H, >er)a)2eE JB, &a))oto ., Mar6o ..
0)crease2 apoptosis i) s9)c9tiotrop/o8last i) /6ma) term plase)ta complicate2 89 eit/er
preeclampsia or i)tra6teri)e 1rowt/ retar2atio). Am J O8stet ;9)ecol. 2002=1$4#1!$-44.
HHH. Allaire A5, Balle)1er 7A, +ells &*, McMa/o) MJ, -esse9 BA. Place)tall
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000. 5evita D, *ose)8er1 &, %a)cer Pri)cipal K Practice of O)colo19, Boo' 1, :
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JJJ. %/a)2rasoma P, .a9lor %*. %ell 5e1e)eratio) K Becrosis. 0)# %o)cise
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777. Mi)tare(a .e16/, Jo/a)es %or)eli6s Mose1, J6s6f &6laema) Effe)2i, Bet/9
&6r9awati Her)owo. Pe)i)1'ata) e'spresi 7aspase 3 plase)ta pa2a pree'lampsia serta
pe)1ar6/)9a ter/a2ap 8erat 8a2a) la/ir 8a9i 2a) te'a)a) 2ara/ i86. Ma& Obstet Gine'ol
Indones. (ol )*+ No ,. Januari -.,.