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Meghan OConnell-Wignall Meghan OConnell-Wignall

252 S. Addison St., Bensenville, IL 60106 !"#$% 2&'-2&60 (ego)10*(sn.)o(

OBJECTIVE: .o o,tain e(/lo-(ent as a s)hool )o0nselo1 in a high 20alit- s)hool dist1i)t 0tili3ing (- st1ong o1gani3ational,
)o((0ni)ation, and leade1shi/ s4ills.
Con)o1dia 5nive1sit- Chi)ago, 6ive1 7o1est, Illinois A0g0stana College, 6o)4 Island, Illinois
Master of Arts in School Counseling Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cum Laude
8e) 2010 Ma- 200$
91o:essional ;d0)ato1 Li)ense, S)hool Co0nselo1 ;ndo1se(ent <an 2010
=ational Ce1ti:ied Co0nselo1 8e) 2010
S)hool Co0nselo1, =o1th Boone Middle S)hool and 5//e1 ;le(enta1- O)t 2011-/1esent
North Boone Community Unit School District 200, Polar !ro"e, #llinois
5tili3e data and )olla,o1ation to i(/le(ent a develo/(ental )o0nseling /1og1a( :o1 550 st0dents in g1ades
5-" in a))o1dan)e +ith ASCA Standa1ds, S;L Standa1ds, and 1elated Co((on Co1e State Standa1ds
Colle)t and anal-3e -ea1l- needs assess(ent data to in:o1( delive1- s-ste(, in)l0ding> )o0nseling g1o0/s,
)lass1oo( lessons, s)hool-+ide /1og1a((ing, ne+slette1 to/i)s, and )o((0nit- needs in o1de1 to (a?i(i3e st0dent
8evelo/ lessons and /1og1a((ing 0tili3ing ed0)ational te)hnolog- in)l0ding> ta,lets, S)hoolog-, @logste1,
.+itte1, 9lan,oa1d, SMA6. ,oa1ds, @oogle a//s, Wee,l-, A6 Codes, Wo1dle, Ani(oto, CCC St1ea(ing Media, and
5tili3e 9o+e1 S)hool :o1 (aste1 s)hed0ling, t1a)4ing )lass1oo( /e1:o1(an)e, and )olle)ting data on at-1is4 st0dents
Lead the )o01se /la)e(ent and )o01se sele)tion /1o)ess
Colle)t and anal-3e data on st0dent /e1:o1(an)e to in:o1( 6.I .ea( de)isions
.ea)h )lass1oo( lessons and )o0nsel st0dents on st0d- ha,its, o1gani3ational s4ills, and (otivation 1es0lting in
i(/1oved a)ade(i) /e1:o1(an)e
Colla,o1ate +ith tea)he1s in +ee4l- g1ade level tea( (eetings in o1de1 to )o((0ni)ate e::i)ientl- 1ega1ding st0dent
needs and /1og1ess 1es0lting in a )ohesive a//1oa)h to ,ehavio1 (anage(ent
Co-:a)ilitate high s)hool )o01se /lanning in)l0ding> /a1ent and st0dent /1esentations, one-on-one st0dent (eetings, and
o1gani3ing 71esh(en O1ientation
Lead thi1teen )o0nseling g1o0/s on to/i)s in)l0ding> divo1)e and :a(il- )o((0ni)ation, sel:-1es/e)t, ,od- i(age,
o1gani3ational and st0d- s4ills, so)ial s4ills, sel:-estee(, ,ehavio1 (anage(ent and sel:-)ont1ol, )o/ing, and st1ess 1elie:
Anal-3e /1e-g1o0/ and /ost-g1o0/ st0dent data to eval0ate s0))ess and in:o1( :0t01e /lanning
.ea)h (onthl- lessons on so)ial e(otional to/i)s at all g1ade levels
I(/le(ented :0ll da- st0dent +o14sho/ :o)0sed on teen (ental and e(otional health
C1eate 0ni20e, st0dent-)ente1ed /1og1a((ing :oste1ing sel:-a+a1eness, so)ial s4ills, and tole1an)e
Colla,o1ate +ith dist1i)t +ide St0dent Se1vi)es .ea( to esta,lish )onsisten)- th1o0gho0t the dist1i)t
9a1tne1 +ith o0tside agen)ies to /1ovide se1vi)es :o1 st0dents and :a(ilies in need, in)l0ding> 6ose)1an)e, Bo0th
Se1vi)es =et+o14, .he =o1the1n Illinois 7ood Band, and 6o)4:o1d Se?0al Assa0lt Co0nseling Cente1
Co-lead the /lanning and o1gani3ing o: ann0al Ca1ee1 8a- :o1 g1ades $-12 involving> g0est /1esentations sele)ted ,ased
on st0dent inte1est, inte1a)tive ga(es a,o0t )a1ee1 a+a1eness, sel:-assess(ents to eval0ate )a1ee1 inte1ests, +1iting
/1o(/ts a,o0t :0t01e /lanning, and the 1elevan)e o: )lass +o14 to )a1ee1 sele)tion
5tili3e Ca1ee1 C10ising :o1 )lass1oo( lessons, st0dent sel:-assess(ents, and tea)he1 )olla,o1ation
I(/le(ent /1og1a(s to i(/1ove )ollege a+a1eness> )lass1oo( lessons, (onthl- College S/otlight, and )ollege t1ivia
Cond0)ted dist1i)t-+ide instit0te da- session on i(/le(enting )a1ee1 ed0)ation a)1oss the )011i)0l0(
Ad"isin! and Coac#in!
71iends o: 6a)hel Cl0, Adviso1 !201'-/1esent%
@1ade Class Adviso1 !2011-/1esent%
@1ade @i1ls Bas4et,all Coa)h !2012-/1esent%
St0dent Mento1 91og1a( !201'-/1esent%
<0nio1 Ca1sit- So:t,all Coa)h !2011-201'%
@a- St1aight Allian)e Cl0, S/onso1 !2011-201'%
Long .e1( S0,stit0te Co0nselo1 Ma1 2011-<0ne 2011
$a% Par% and &i"er 'orest (igh School, $a% Par%, #llinois
8is/la-ed initiative in te(/o1a1il- ta4ing ove1 a )aseload o: 2$0 st0dents
9e1:o1(ed a va1iet- o: tas4s in)l0ding> (onito1ing )o(/letion o: g1ad0ation 1e20i1e(ents, )o01se 1egist1ation )hanges,
so)ial and e(otional )on)e1ns, :inal )ollege de)ision /1o)ess, )ollege 1eadiness /1esentations, I;9 (eetings, and 9SS
.ea( )olla,o1ation
Co((0ni)ated e::e)tivel- +ith a)ade(i) divisions, s0//o1t /e1sonnel, st0dents, and /a1ents
Behavio1 S0//o1t S/e)ialist <an 2010-<an 2012
)enneth *oung Center, +l% !ro"e ,illage, #llinois
91ovided in-ho(e and )o((0nit- ,ased ,ehavio1al s0//o1t to e(otionall- dist01,ed adoles)ents )onsistent +ith the
individ0al se1vi)e /lan
Colla,o1ated +ith )lini)al sta::, tea( (e(,e1s, and /a1ents to add1ess (eeting se1vi)e needs o: )lients
8o)0(ented ,ehavio1al inte1ventions, )lient 1es/onse, /1og1ess to+a1d (eeting se1vi)e /lan goal, and )o((0ni)ated
+ith )lini)al sta::, tea( (e(,e1s, and /a1ents
Assistant 8i1e)to1 Ma- 2011-A0g 2012
!ame $n- Sorts Cam for !irls, Chicago, #llinois
9lanned and o1gani3ed )hallenging, e?)iting, and )o(/etitive a)tivities :o1 si? +ee4 )a(/ /1og1a( +ith )a(/e1s
1anging in age :1o( :o01 to seventeen -ea1s old
Inst10)ted athletes in g1o0/s and individ0all- ,ased on a,ilit- level :1o( :0nda(ental to advan)ed s4ills
Motivated athletes +ith enth0sias(, st10)t01ed in)entive /1og1a(s, and /ositive 1ein:o1)e(ent
S)hool 6elations Coo1dinato1 Ma- 200$-A/1 2011
Cam.ridge +ducational Ser"ices, Des Plaines, #llinois
@ained e?/e1tise on standa1di3ed testing in)l0ding> 9SA;, AC., 9LA=, ;D9LO6;, 9SA.
Co((0ni)ated e::e)tivel- +ith s)hool /e1sonnel on /lanning and /1og1a((ing +hile ,0ilding ,0siness 1elationshi/s
Co0nseling 8ivision Inte1n <an 2010-8e) 2010
$a% Par% and &i"er 'orest (igh School, $a% Par%, #llinois
Colla,o1ated +ith tea)he1s and )o0nselo1s to develo/ st1ategies to i(/1ove individ0al st0dents a)ade(i) /e1:o1(an)e
and (onito1 /1og1ess
Assisted +ith A9 testing> 1egist1ation, )oo1dinating 1oo( lo)ations, o1de1ing testing (ate1ials, testing a))o((odations,
s)hed0ling and assisting /1o)to1s, (onito1ing sites d01ing testing
5tili3ed S4-+a1d to t1a)4 st0dent /1og1ess, (a4e )o01se )hanges, and solve s)hed0le )on:li)ts :o1 )o01se sele)tion
Assisted +ith in)o(ing 71esh(en Co01se Sele)tion =ight
Colle)ted and anal-3ed needs assess(ent data on a)ade(i) iss0es :1o( in)o(ing 71esh(en
Coa)hed and )o0nseled thi1t- so/ho(o1e st0dents :1o( dive1se ,a)4g1o0nds on a va1iet- o: a)ade(i) and /e1sonal
iss0es on a +ee4l- ,asis
Co-led ninth to tenth g1ade S0((e1 Conne)tion 91og1a( to i(/1ove a)ade(i)all- at-1is4 st0dents st0d- ha,its,
)lass1oo( ,ehavio1, and so)ial s4ills
Co-:a)ilitated th1ee )o0nseling g1o0/s :o1 a)ade(i)all- at-1is4 so/ho(o1es
Wo14ed +ith assistant /1in)i/al, so)ial +o14e1, and othe1 )o0nselo1s on ,ehavio1, attendan)e, and so)ial-e(otional +ell
,eing o: st0dents th1o0gh +ee4l- 9SS .ea( (eetings
9a1ti)i/ated in /1o:essional develo/(ent sessions :o1 So)ial ;(otional Lea1ning and 6.I i(/le(entation
Co-:a)ilitated 71esh(en College and Ca1ee1 9lanning session
Wo14ed one-on-one +ith st0dents to )o(/lete sel:-assess(ents and )ollege /lanning se)tions in =avian)e
Coo1dinated )ollege ad(ission 1e/1esentative visits and attended sessions to gain 4no+ledge a,o0t national 0nive1sities
Co-:a)ilitated la1ge )lass1oo( )011i)0l0( inst10)tion :o1 <0nio1 and Senio1 College 9lanning
Colla,o1ated +ith s0/e1viso1 to +1ite lette1s o: 1e)o((endation :o1 )ollege a//li)ations and s)hola1shi/s
A(e1i)an S)hool Co0nselo1 Asso)iation
Illinois S)hool Co0nselo1 Asso)iation
Illinois Co0nselo1 Asso)iation