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TP Year 2 EdTech 1

B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan
Date 6- May-2014


Aisha Mohammad Ali
Time 45 min

Um Aldardaa
Miss Alia
Health habits
Bad habits
No of

Main Lesson Aims
Teach the students what are the bad habits
Focus and/or topic of the lesson
Know the bad habits by pictures and make sentence from it.

Assumptions about prior learning
In the last lesson they learn about good habits, and know they will learn the opposite which is bad habits.

Anticipated problems and possible solutions
The student may have difficulties in saying new words. So I will read the word and make them repeat it.
Students may dont understand the activity. So I will explain it and say clear instructions.

Personal focus for this lesson
Student will know sentences and words of bad habits.
Students will practice what they learn from activities.(matching , worksheet and drawing)
Main tasks or activities
Engagement: video that shows one of bad habits to
introduce what the lesson will be about.
Building knowledge: show them pictures with pictures.
Transformation: by the activities like matching the
sentence to picture , work sheets and drawing.
Presentation: the students will show their work by
answering questions , matching and drawing.
Reflection: give a fast review of the lesson

Resources and teaching aids
Ipad for video , cards with words , cards with pictures ,
markers , stickers , work sheets , white paper to draw

Groups work
Individual work
Consider where the children are working:
On their desks
On the white board
Name: ______________________________
Lesson Procedure
Time & stage Interaction
Teacher activity
(T will )
Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )

Engagement 7 min

The teacher will show the student a video about one of bad
habits. And this video will be an introduction for the new
lesson. The teacher will show them and tell them to focus
because she will ask some questions like what was the bad
habits? Then she will explain what was about then start the
new lesson.

The student will watch the video and will think what this talk
about. Then they will try to answer the teacher questions. Finally
will listen to what teacher explain.

Building knowledge
15 to 20 min

I will show them the picture and ask the student to guess the
bad habits. Then they will answer after that I will show them
the sentence. I will repeat it with other sentences also and put
the sentences and picture on the board. Moreover I will make
the student to repeat sentences after me.

The students will guess what the picture shows and answer to
the teacher. Then the students will repeat after the teacher.

17 min


I will change the place of pictures and sentence on the board
so the student have to match the sentence to the picture.
I will distribute the papers 'full the sentence with the right word
by using the pictures' to students and make them work
together to solve it.
Finally I will give each group a paper to draw on it what I will
tell them. Like draw picture of eating candy. Then show it to
The student will participate to match the sentence to the picture.
The students will work together to write the answers on work
Student will work together to draw what the teacher tell to them.
The students will draw the picture. Then show it in front of the

Reflection 1 min

1 The teacher will see them matching. And make them read to
read it. 2 I will see and help them if they have any questions. 3
see them drawing then I will tell them to show it in front of the
I will make a fast review of the lesson.
1 the student will match then read the sentence. 2 the student
will write the answer. 3 the student will draw then they will show
it to their class mate.

The student will listen to the teacher

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