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18 March, 2014
The director Mr. Dao Nam Hai - PJICO Insurance Corporation (229 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi
21,22 floor)
Dear sir,
We are currently undergraduate students at International Training and Corporate Centre, Banking
Academy. As a part of our assignment for Research Project, we have to make a study about
employees needs and wants everything around this area.
Consequently, in order to do an effective research, we want to get your permission to carry out a
research with title The Impact of Mayos Motivation Theory on PJICOs Employees
Performance. This theory is about motivating employee to 3 factors (communication, manager
involvement, team work). The main purpose of this theory is to increase the productivity ofwork.
We also hope that we can conduct a survey with 100 employees in your company. In addition to
the use for academic purposes only, after analyzing data and information carefully, the result
will also be sent to your company with the aim to improve the working apparatus, especially the
relationship between management and staff, which would be a great way to increase the
frequency of work and bring more benefits for your company.
Thank you for considering our request. We hope to get your permission soon.

Sincerely, Noted by:
Phan Thi Thu Trang (Fly) F06B Mr. Jubred Ada Peano, MBA
Nguyen Hoai Anh (Miley) F06B
Tran Thao Ly (Katherine) F06B
Duong Khanh Ly (Lily) F06B