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Domain 1:

Planning and
I do, We do, You do (IWY) Unsatisfactory +
Domain 1 Comments:
While I am continuing to improve, I know I still need to practice and attempt to make
objectives that match the 4M's, continue to work on post-it and discussing that
objective throughout the lesson.
Mentor Comments:
Chelsea understands how to plan for a "I/W/Y" portion of class. She sometimes
refers back to the objective of the day, though is inconsistent with it. She creates an
MBC that illustrates the plan for the day, and she always gives time for the students
to have a successful Do Now/Exit Ticket on a daily basis.
4M's Unsatisfactory +
Post-It Unsatisfactory
Marker Board Configuration Basic -
Do Now/Exit Ticket Unsatisfactory +
Domain 2:
Classroom Climate
and Culture
BMC Unsatisfactory + Domain 2 Comments:
As the year progresses, I know I can improve with the BMC and Strong Voice.
However, I need to continue to work on the economy of language with reasons why
we do 100% and DIA/WTD. I need to strive for creating a learning environment vs
an environment of complacency.
Mentor Comments:
Chelsea understands the concept of a BMC, and she implements various portions of
it on a regular basis. Her strong voice carries throughout the classroom, and it is
clear to the students that she is in command. If students do not perform tasks up to
her standards, she will usually make them do it again.
Strong Voice Basic -
100% Unsatisfactory +
What to do, Do It Again Unsatisfactory +
Domain 3:
Think Pair Share Unsatisfactory +
Domain 3 Comments:
Although I am implementing each of the strategies, I know I can improve and refine
my practice further. By creating more rigor, I can push my students to higher level
thinking and practice. I am still identifying inconsistencies with my practice that are
allowing behavior to opt students out of learning.
Mentor Comments:
Chelsea will utilize the TPS strategy on a regular basis, as she knows the structure
of a successful TPS. She will utilize No Opt Out appropriately, and will model the
Exit Slip after her objective. She is not afraid to cold call on the students at times in
Cold Call Unsatisfactory +
No Opt Out Unsatisfactory +
Do Now Unsatisfactory +
Exit Tickets Unsatisfactory +
Domain 4:
Timeliness Basic
Domain 4 Comments:
I am here, consistently 30 to an hour early. I have come to class prepared with
materials and journal my daily lessons. I have started networking effectively with
other teachers in the building. While I complete the CTR requirements, I could
improve the quality and depth at which I attempt the assignments. I also know
about Common Core, but could also delve deeper into the work.
Mentor Comments:
Chelsea arrives to work on a timely basis, and puts in the time necessary to be
successful. She is professional at all times, and fulfills her CTR requirements. The
department will be having CC meetings for the next few weeks, where Chelsea will
learn about the new CCSS that are being implemented.
Professionalism Basic
CTR Requirements Basic
Common Core Introduction Unsatisfactory +
Mentor Action
As your mentor, what's
going well that I can do
more of?
I really appreciate the feedback and the prompts to practice. I think it would be helpful to continue to ask me to rehearse. I am still struggling with practicing what I
am going to say before class actually happens. I think coaching me through that will be helpful.
As your mentor, where
would you like more
I would like to spend more time preparing for 7th/8th hour especially with the Spanish speakers. As I am planning on ELL as a future endorsement, I would like to
sit down and discuss more about how to run that class/translate ahead and practice Spanish.
Also, I would like to set up a way to discuss last minute questions in the morning. Sometimes they come to me in the morning and I am not sure of a way to talk to
you. Email or text?
Resident Name: Chelsea Moorman Mentor Name:Mike Konkoleski Date Completed: 9/24/13
Action Plan and
Practice Priorities
Resident Name: Chelsea Moorman Mentor Name:Mike Konkoleski Date Completed: 9/24/13