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NWBOA Board Meeting minutes for January 22, 2014

Present were: Al Liskunas, Dave Gerletti, Gary Nesvecil and Brad Smeltzer.
Gerletti called the meeting to order at 8:10 est. with roll call.
A motion by B. Smeltzer to accept the minutes of the December 13, 2013, meeting was
seconded by G. Nesvecil and the motion carried.
Brad Smeltzer will present the Code of Conduct letter to all officials participating in the 2014
NWBOA Nationals for review and signature.
Discussion to create a monthly or quarterly newsletter for all registered officials to help inform
and maintain a better form of communication to the members as the season progresses. We
have had issues with officials being able to register and take the test, hopefully, the newsletter
will bring the association to a higher level for all the officials.
Providing camps for officials that will offer classroom training and floor work along with a
power point presentation and training manual that will be consistent in all parts of the
basketball world.
Registration and the test will be available until the middle of February to allow for those who
are still having difficulties in this area.
Patches are available by emailing Al Liskunas and he has been getting them out in a timely
A list of officials will be sent to the NWBA for junior tournament recommendation.
Jacket orders for officials need to be in Dave Reiters hands by March 1,2014, so that the jackets
will be ready for Nationals.
Jon Burford and Tony Gonzalez have accepted to be the evaluators for the 2014 Nationals. As of
this meeting, 25 officials have accepted and 2 have declined.
Treasurer will bring cash to Nationals to pay for the Food Stipend and disbursed.
Harry Jenkins, Tony Frescas and Beth Uhlrich have been invited to officiate the NBA All-Star
Tournament for the wheelchair group.
A letter will be presented to the coaches for rules and conduct similar to the officials rules of
A motion to adjourned was made by B. Smeltzer and seconded by A. Liskunas to end the
meeting at 9:10 est. Next meeting set for February 23, 2014.