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1 | P a g e w w w . r j w o r l d . c o m

1) Which rule requires approval of
a) 133A
b) 133B
c) 133C
d) 134B

2) CAR-145 rev.1 is harmonised with
a) JAR 145
b) FAR 145
c) CAA 145
d) EASA 145
3) CAR 145 is applicable for organisation
a) All large aircraft
b) Small a/c
c) Commercial a/c
d) Both (a) and (c)
4) Large a/c means
a) MTOM more than 5700kg
b) Multi engine helicopter
c) Single engine helicopter
d) Both (a) & (b)
5) Section............ of EASA regulation the
procedure for the regulatory authority has
been covered in
a) A, maintenance officers handbook
b) B, airworthiness officers handbook
c) B, Maintenance officers handbook
d) A, airworthiness officers handbook
6) Application for approval is given in
a) CA form 2
b) CA form 1
c) CA form 3
d) CA form 4
7) CA form 1 is
a) Acceptance of post holders
b) Approval recommendation form
c) Authorised release certificate
d) None CA form 4 is
a) Acceptance of post holders
b) Approval recommendation form
c) Authorised release certificate
d) None
9) The scope of approval is contained in
(CAR 145)
a) Maintenance organisation manual
b) Maintenance organisation exposition
c) Quality control manual
d) None
10) The condition of storage are in
accordance with the .........................
a) Operators
b) DGCA s
c) Manufacturers
d) None
11) Maintenance man hour plan shows
a) Organisation has sufficient staff to
perform work, plan
b) Prepared by QM
c) Approved by maintenance manager
d) All of the above
12) Minor schedule line maintenance and
defect rectification can be carried out by
a) BAMEL holder of appropriate category
b) As in a) have undergone approved type
training course
c) As in a) no need of approved course
d) Only an appropriate AME will carry
out these work
13) Whish rule requires licensing of
a) Rule 53
b) Rule 57
c) Rule 62
d) Rule 61
14) Reference for the component
certifying staff is
a) Section 2, L v
b) Section 2, Lx
c) Section 2, Iiv
d) None
15) Repetitive pre flight airworthiness
directive can be carried out by
a) Aircraft commander
b) Flight engineer


2 | P a g e w w w . r j w o r l d . c o m

c) Both a) & b)
d) None
16) When the a/c is grounded other than
the main base, one off authorisation may
be given to
a) One of its employee holding type
b) To any person not less than 5 yrs
c) As in a) any person not less than 4 yrs
d) Both a) and b)
17) When the organisation issues one off
authorisation it should be reported to
DGCA within
a) 5 days
b) 7 days
c) 9 days
d) 14 days
18) Continuation training shall be given
a) Every 1yr
b) Every 2yr
c) Every 3yr
d) Not specified
19) Authorised person means
a) Officials of operator
b) Officials of DGCA
c) Officials of organisation
d) Any of the above
20) All the records of the certifying staff
shall be preserved for a period of
a) 2yrs
b) 1yr
c) 6 month
d) 5 yrs
21) Certifying staff shall produce their
certification authorisation to any
authorised person within
a) 24hrs
b) 48hrs
c) 7 days
d) 72 hrs
22) Components which are in satisfactory
condition shall be marked in accordance
a) CAR 21
b) CAR 21sub part Q
c) CA form1
d) Only c) is correct
23) Maintenance instructions does not
a) Engineering design of repairs
b) Modifications
c) Both a) & b)
d) None
24) Work cards and work sheets may be
computer generated and have a backup
which must be updated within .............
any entry of main database
a) 10 hrs
b) 12 hrs
c) 20 hrs
d) 24hrs
25) MTIS
a) A CRS shall be issued before flight at
the completion of any maintenance.
b) When an organisation maintains
components for its own use, CA form 1
may not be issued
c) As in 2) but CA form 1 should be issued
d) All the above are correct

26) Temporary fitment of component
without appropriate release certificate for
a maximum of
a) 24 flight hrs
b) 30 flight hrs
c) 32 flight hrs
d) 50 flight hrs
27) The organisation shall retain a copy of
all detailed maintenance records upto
a) 2 yrs
b) 3 yrs
c) 5 yrs
d) None
28) Occurrence reporting must be done
a) 24 hrs


3 | P a g e w w w . r j w o r l d . c o m

b) 48 hrs
c) 72 hrs
d) 30 days
29) Any occurrence find must be reported
b) State of registry
c) Organisation responsible for the design
d) All of the above
30) Certifying staff shall hold a license in
compliance with
a) ICAO annex 4
b) ICAO annex 10
c) ICAO annex 6
d) ICAO annex 1
31) For staff not qualified according to
DGCA licensing requirements shall
demonstrate ........... exp. in line
maintenance and ........ in base
a) 5yrs, 8yrs
b) 4yrs, 6yrs
c) 3yrs, 8yrs
d) 2yrs, 5yrs
32) Those persons whose authorised task
do not exceed those of CAR sec-2, F part
viii, need to demonstrate ...............
maintenance experience
a) 5yrs
b) 4 yrs
c) 3yrs
d) 2yrs
33) Maintenance that is carried out before
flight to ensure that the a/c is fit for the
intended flight is called
a) Base maintenance
b) Pre flight inspection
c) Line maintenance
d) Both a) and b)

34) For temporary or occasional cases
who will accept base maintenance task to
be performed by line maintenance
a) Certifying staff
b) Owner
c) Quality manager
35) Rating A1 is given to
a) Aeroplanes having weight above 5700
b) Aeroplanes having weight below 5700
c) Multi engine helicopter
d) None
36) CA form 6 is for
a) Acceptance of post holders
b) Approval recommendation form
c) Authorised release certificate
d) None
37) Maintenance man hour plan should
be reviewed at least every
a) 3 months
b) 4 months
c) 6 months
d) None
38) Significant deviation means
a) Less than 20% shortfall
b) More than 20% shortfall
c) Less than 25% shortfall
d) More than 25% shortfall
39) Human factor training should be
provided to personnel within ............ of
joining the maintenance organisation
a) 3 month
b) 4 month
c) 6 month
d) 1 year
40) Temporary staff may need to be
trained on human factor
a) 3 month
b) 4 month
c) Need not to be trained subsequent to
his satisfactory knowledge
d) Shortly after joining the organisation
41) Boroscoping and coin tapping are
a) Non destructive inspection
b) Non destructive testing
c) Both a) & b)


4 | P a g e w w w . r j w o r l d . c o m

d) Either a) or b)
42) Minor scheduled line maintenance
means any minor scheduled inspection/
check upto and including
a) Weekly ckeck
b) Monthly check
c) 6 monthly check
d) Annually check
43) The authorisation given to aircraft
commander / flight engineer should have
a finite life of
a) 12 months
b) 24 months
c) As in a) subject to recurrent training
d) As in b) subject to recurrent training
44) Continuation training is a
a) One way process
b) Two way process
c) Not defined
45) Continuation training is reviewed at
a) Once in 12 months
b) Twice in 12 months
c) Once in 24 months
d) Twice in 24 months
46) MTIS
a) The records of personnel should be
controlled by the quality department
b) Quality department should run the
record system
c) Quality department should not run the
record system
47) All necessary data to fabricate data to
fabricate the part should be approved by
b) TC or STC holder or CAR 21
c) Either a) or b)
d) None
48) A record of communication to the
author of the maintenance data shall be
preserved for a period of
a) Unless clarified by author
b) As in a) by amending
c) As in b) or any other steps
d) None
49) According to CAR 145 a one off
authorisation only be issued by the
a) Engineering department
b) Workshop department
d) Quality department
50) The independent audit should ensure
that all aspects of CAR 145 compliance
are checked every
a) 6 month
b) 12 month
c) 24 month
51) A CAR 145 organisation having
capability to maintain aircraft, repair
engines, brakes and auto pilots would
need to carry out............... complete audit
sample check each year.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
52) Smallest organisation is an
organisation with a minimum of
a) 10 personnel actively engaged in
b) 15 personnel actively engaged in
c) 20 personnel actively engaged in
53) In a small organisation audit being
carried out
a) Once in 12 month
b) Once in 24 month
c) Twice in 12 month
d) Twice in 24 month
54) The maximum period between audits
of a particular line maintenance should
not exceed
a) 4 month
b) 6 month
c) 12 month
d) 24 month


5 | P a g e w w w . r j w o r l d . c o m

55) MTIS
a) An essential element of the quality
system is the feedback system
b) Quality feedback system may not be
c) Inform the accountable manager of any
safety issues
d) All of the above are correct
56) In case of large organisation where
meeting of day to day basis is delegated to
QM the accountable manager shall held
a) Once in a year
b) Once in two year
c) Twice in a year
57) All records pertaining to the
independent quality audit and the quality
feedback system should be retained for at
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 10 years
d) 3 years
58) Full time for the purpose of CAR 145
a) Not less than 25 hrs/week
b) Not less than 30 hrs/week
c) Not less than 42 hrs/week
d) Not less than 35 hrs/week
59) In case of small organisation the
contracted quality monitoring
organisation shall make
a) 1 visit per 12 months
b) 2 visit per 12 months
c) 3 visit per 12 months
d) 2 visit per 24 months
60) For the purpose of CAR 145 flight
a) Having ATPL or CPL
b) As in a) issued in accordance with
schedule ii of the a/c rules 1937
c) As in a) issued in accordance with
schedule iv of the a/c rules 1937
61) For the purpose of CAR 145 the
theoretical knowledge instruction for
flight crew consists of
a) 50 hrs
b) 80 hrs
c) 75 hrs
d) 100 hrs
62) A CAR 145 organisation shall provide
a flight crew practical training skill which
a) 20 days
b) 30 days
c) 35 days
d) 50 days
63) Which form is used for grant/
variation/ continuation to a AMO
a) CA form 2
b) CA form 4
c) CA form 6
64) The approved locations where the
maintenance is carried out is given in
a) Approval certificate
b) Exposition
c) Both a) & b)
d) Either a) or b)
65) Which format authorizes the staff to
issue CRS
a) Certification authorization
b) Certification certificate
c) Certification approval
66) The restoration of a used tyre in
conformity with an approved standard is
a) Repaired
b) overhauled
c) Restored
d) Retreaded