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Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.


The Case Against Daly

The Chris Daly Litany of Horrors (aka Table of Contents)

Champion of the Poor? ..................................................................................................................................3
The Developer Shake-Down Deal: Rincon Hill ..............................................................................................3
Developer Shake-Down Deal II: Trinity Plaza..............................................................................................5
Developer Shake-Down Deal III: Strange Bedfellows.................................................................................5
And the Development Plays Play On: 601 King Street .................................................................................5
The Developer Backlash.............................................................................................................................6
Daly in a Nutshell, Courtesy of the Examiner...............................................................................................7
Mission Housing Development Corporation / Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition...................................8
Urban Solutions .............................................................................................................................................9
West Bay Filipino Multi-Service Center....................................................................................................... 10
Cronyism, Business as Usual ....................................................................................................................... 10
Public Forum, Personal Rant ....................................................................................................................... 11
Anti-SFPD..................................................................................................................................................... 12
Is it so hard to BE NICE? ............................................................................................................................. 12
Housing Moratorium.................................................................................................................................... 14
Affordable Housing Requirements........................................................................................................... 14
Opposing All Homeownership Bills ............................................................................................................. 14
WaitBut I Can Own a Home, and So Can My Anti-Homeownership Buddies........................................ 15
Limiting Parking and the Social Engineering of Downtown....................................................................... 16
Transbay Terminal ....................................................................................................................................... 16
Ignoring Every Pothole in his District......................................................................................................... 17
Potholes Second, Save-the-World First ...................................................................................................... 17
Constant Tax Increases...............................................................................................................................18
And Dont You Dare Try to Get it Back........................................................................................................ 19
Diverting Real Tax Dollars to Lofty Ideals.................................................................................................. 19
Corporate Welfare.................................................................................................................................... 19
Micromanaging your Nanny Arrangment.................................................................................................... 22
Landmarking Private Property.................................................................................................................... 22
What if Chris was Mayor?............................................................................................................................ 22
Cat n Mouse with the Mayor...................................................................................................................... 22
Care Not Cash Opposition............................................................................................................................ 23
Wheres Chris? ............................................................................................................................................. 23
Pat Murphy: A Case Study on Vengance..................................................................................................... 24
A Closing Note: The Chip.......................................................................................................................... 24

When we all do better, we all do better!
Stop the Daly agenda now!
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
The Transgressions of Chris Daly

Below are over 30 reasons why District 6 voters should oppose Chris Daly in the election of November 7, 2006. It is
critical to the future of our City that we remove this person from political power. If you agree with ANY of these
offenses, please do the following:

1. Volunteer for the campaign against Daly at
2. Make CERTAIN that you are registered to vote at your current address. Text the word dumpdaly to 75444
on your cell phone, or visit to register electronically.
3. Educate yourself. Under our Ranked Choice Voting system, you are allowed to vote for THREE candidates,
your first, second and third choice. And you CAN leave your second or third choices BLANK.
4. Vote in the November 7
election, and leave Chris Daly completely OFF your Ranked Choice Ballot! If
Daly is even listed as a second or third choice, this system will allow him to win.

Champion of the Poor?

Chris Dalys ideal seems to be to have our City populated with three classes of people: 1) those so rich they can be
taxed limitlessly; 2) those in the employment of the government and non-profit government contractors; and 3) a
common poor class. He has no agenda for a growing middle class of people advancing their position and
accumulating assets. The middle class have no place in Dalys legislation. He legislates solely so the rich can get
ahead, to pay for the taxes that will keep the poor right where they are.

On activist astutely quoted: There's no profit in the business of championing the downtrodden without
a steady supply of downtrodden to champion. Dalys goal is to expand the poor class, to create the
perception of championing the cause of the poor to bolster his political base. His campaign will cite
dozens of incidences in which he helped the poor. Note that his help was at best to keep people
exactly where they are, and in no case did he ever help the poor get ahead and on to a better life.

Daly would help people stay in their SRO, but he obstructs any effort to help them own a home. He will help
homeless get cash handouts to spend on exacerbating their drug/alcohol problems, but oppose services to help them.
He supports any form of taxpayer-funded welfare for the poor, but when incentives are proposed to attract
businesses that would give those people better jobs, he lambastes that as corporate welfare. He opposes enforcing
quality-of-life crimes in poor neighborhoods, which leaves the poor living in filth and squalor.

He has on multiple occasions attempted to raise the sales tax. To the rich, a tax increase on beer, cigarettes and
toothpaste is negligible. To the poor, that tax can change whether they eat or do their laundry. Sales taxes are
regressive; they affect the low income people more intensely. Daly is for them.

Daly wants to charge a fee for driving in the downtown areas of his district. Again, the rich could afford it, the poor
could not. He aims to eliminate parking spots, and almost double the cost of parking at meters and garages. The rich
can afford it. The poor can not.

Daly indeed loves the poor. For six years the poor have given him a paycheck. He wants to keep the poor, poor. He
wants more people to become the poor. The poor are essential to Dalys livelihood. But now really, how good is
Daly to the poors livelihood?

See also:

The Developer Shake-Down Deal: Rincon Hill

In 2004, developers aimed to bring an ambitious high-rise residential project to an the area South of Market known
as Rincon Hill, deep within Dalys District 6 turf. Daly threatened to derail the project if the developers didnt pay the
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
City a considerable sum via affordable housing subsidies and community impact fees. I made what I thought was a
pretty big ask, and the developers responded positively, was how he spun the shake-down at the time.

That sum amounted to $102 million total increase on the cost of building that project, $64 million in affordable
housing subsidies and $34 million in a non-profit community fund.

Adding $102 million to the cost of anything makes that thing more expensive. Rincon Hill housing that could have
been offered at one price will now most definitely be sold at a much higher price. As most locals know, we dont need
housing prices to go up.

This is what we see as the Daly agenda: jack up the prices on ridiculously expensive housing that only the super rich
can afford in order to subsidize housing that only the poor can qualify for. Where are middle class, upwardly mobile
families in this equation? Daly is a self-proclaimed socialist. He believes in the redistribution of wealth and a
resistance to economic growth.

As for the funding for community impact? Not an atrocious idea. When an enormous twin-tower housing
development comes into a neighborhood, that area is permanently transformed. Perhaps the developer should pay a
mitigating fee to create more open space, attend to street and traffic flow upgrades, increase police and fire
resources, and generally accommodate for the hundreds of new residents that will be walking, riding, driving and
parking about that community.

But $34 million?!?!? And more so, none of this money was earmarked to any of those things. It simply flows into a
slush fund to be doled out to non-profits. Those non-profits, and the committee that is in charge of distributing the
money, are populated by Daly acolytes. This is how the ward boss creates his wards. He extracts a huge some of
money, then places his lieutenants into executive directorships, chairmanships and various staff positions of these
non-profits where he diverts said funds to their payroll. They, in turn, do Dalys bidding on their free time. (See:
Mission Housing)

Paranoid conspiracy theory? The SoMa Community Stabilization Task Force was seated in early 2006. Its members
can predominantly be found in Ethics Commission reports having donated to Daly and Daly allies political campaigns,
in Board minutes having spoken in favor of Daly measures, praised in Dalys personal web log, or otherwise surfacing
in connection to him. See further information regarding the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition to see a precursor to
Dalys Rincon Hill play.

Mayor Newsom collected the thought well, however in San Francisco Magazine: I will not spend one penny of what
Chris Daly was arguing needs to be spent on the nebulous thing called community benefit building. [Newsom
ultimately controls the flow of community impact funds and told the board that he will use his executive powers to
assure that none of the money goes to political organizing or other inappropriate uses.] I don't need to spend it as
mayor. So everything that was wrong about what Chris Daly did from my perspective can be cured by everything
that's right about where those dollars go.

See for yourself at:
This article, published well before the notorious $34 million kick backs, frames how important Dalys app oval (or otherwise
obstruction) was to the Rincon Hill project being built. It sets the stage for the blackmail: give me my slush fund, or watch me
tank your project.
r R61.DTL

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
Developer Shake-Down Deal II: Trinity Plaza

Daly similarly held up the Trinity Plaza project. The agreement, which Daly helped broker, will require landlord
Angelo Sangiacomo to put 360 of the 1,700 rental apartments he intends to build at Market and Eighth streets under
the city's rent control regulations. Dalys spin: I defended low-income tenants.

He raised the cost of housing again in the City, making it difficult for everyone to find housing on the whole. Whats
more, his version of helping the poor was to keep them exactly where they are: poor, in low-income, government-
subsidized housing. By contrast, many homeownership advocates have proposed policies that would provide
assistance to these same people that would allow them to buy their units, enter the homeownership market, begin
building assets, and improve their position such that they could shed that label of poor. Daly opposes such a
measure. He opposes the poor, his political base, getting ahead.

On a psychosomatic level, Daly reinforces a deafening message to our Citys poor that you cant take care of
yourselfyoull never make anything of yourselfyou must put all your faith in your government, in ME, which is the
only hope youll ever have of surviving.

See for yourself at:

Developer Shake-Down Deal III: Strange Bedfellows

What do Chris Daly and J oe O'Donoghue have in common besides intemperate, doctrinaire reputations?
Answer: The housing rights activist-turned-leftist supervisor and the leader of "greedy" developers the poster
children for either side of the live-work loft/gentrification/dot-com debate have allied on a plan, approved by the
Planning Commission last week, to erect 350 market-rate apartments on a SOMA site previously approved for 170
lofts, and 56 affordable units offsite and to then deed the latter to a nonprofit property manager.

This excerpt is referring to The Palms project at 555 4
Street, a building that somehow skirted the system to
come in at a whopping 40 feet over that neighborhoods height limitations. The projects size fully removes the SF
skyline views from the properties south of it.

At present, residents are moving into The Palms despite the fact that the projects permit forbids them to do so until
the buildings accompanying affordable housing units are complete. Neighbors report they are no where near
complete. So Daly strong-arms developers into jacking up their affordable housing subsidy payments, he legislates to
increase the ratio of how many affordable units must comprise any market rate project, then he massages the
system when needed to put those affordable units on the back burner.

The Palms will go for roughly $1 million per unit. Dalys affordable units are available for the few hardship cases
that qualify, and likely that last on a waiting list. Again we ask: where is the middle class in this equation?

See for yourself at:

And the Development Plays Play On: 601 King Street

It was supposed to have been considered first by a Board of Supervisors land use committee on August 8th before
going to the full Board. However, at that hearing, District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly pulled the measure out of the
committee and got it scheduled for consideration at the full Board instead. Dalys maneuver effectively shut off
debate in the land use committee where it appeared headed for defeat. Supervisor Daly apparently realized he
didnt have the votes in committee to get the measure passed. Even though the 601 King Street project is not in his
district, Daly decided he did not want to wait for completion of the Potrero/Showplace Square community planning
process before voting on 601 King Street.

See for yourself at:

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

The Developer Backlash

The interesting outcome of Dalys pay-for-play relationship with developers is that they respect that. One anonymous
Mid-Market developer noted that he may be a pain in the ass, but he plays ball. They appreciate his game, and are
used to getting their job done through a pile of money and a big enough bulldozer.

The result is this lengthy and growing list of Daly contributors for the 2006 election, as of the summer filing deadline.
Note that list reprinted below.

Perhaps the most surreal relationship is that of Daly and Clear Channel Communications, the goliath of advertising
and broadcasting that is so hated by the San Francisco Bay Guardian and is routinely credited (blamed) with being a
force behind the George Bush presidency. Clear Channel is, by extreme left standards, the Anti-Christthe destroyer
of arts, purveyor of consumerism, and enabler of the fascist regime. Clear Channel is the establishment, and Daly is
their best friend (see email below):

- - - - - Or i gi nal Message- - - - -
Fr om: Col br uno, Mi chael [ mai l t o: Mi chael Col br uno@cl ear channel . com]
Sent : Monday, J une 26, 2006 05: 17 PM Paci f i c St andar d Ti me
To: Col br uno, Mi chael
Subj ect : Chr i s Dal y Campai gn par t y

I n case you r e al r eady havi ng post - el ect i on wi t hdr awal s, you r e i n l uck.
We have agr eed t o co- host a r e- el ect i on par t y f or Super vi sor Chr i s Dal y. I
hope t hat you can make i t .

Dal y 06 Fundr ai ser
Fr i day, J une 30t h
5PM - 8PM
Lof t 11, 316 11t h St r eet

Af t er 2 gr uel i ng weeks of put t i ng t he compassi on back i n San Fr anci sco s
budget , t he Boar d of Super vi sor s
Budget & Fi nance Chai r i s gear i ng up f or a spi r i t ed campai gn f or a t hi r d
t er mon t he Boar d.

J une 30t h al so mar ks t he end of t he f i r st campai gn r epor t i ng per i od, and a
st r ong f i nanci al showi ng t o back up Dal y s wi despr ead gr assr oot s suppor t
i s ver y i mpor t ant . A $100 donat i on i s suggest ed - - no one t ur ned away f or
l ack of f unds.

~ musi c ~ appet i zer s ~ no- host bar ~

Mi chael Col br uno
Vi ce Pr esi dent of Gover nment Af f ai r s
Cl ear Channel Out door / Nor t her n Cal i f or ni a
555 12t h St r eet , Sui t e 950
Oakl and, CA 94607
510- 835- 5900

As the Examiner put it in the article to follow on the next page: Now theres nothing wrong with accepting money
from fat-cat developers or lobbyists and Daly is just doing what politicians have been doing since the beginning of
official campaigns. But Daly ran on a campaign to get rid of the kind of pay-for-play politics he associated with the
reign of Mayor Willie Brown and a quick scan of his fundraising would suggest that Daly has learned a thing or two
from Slick Willie. Its just the new reality, one developer, who asked to remain anonymous, told me. If
you want to build a project in Dalys district, you have to deal with him.

Dalys 2006 Donor List:
AGI Capital ($1500+)
Fox Warfield LLC
Macro Builder
Sagamore Associates
Marina Security Services
Tansev & Associates
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
California Realty
Platinum Advisors LLC
Almar Management
Goggin & Goggin (lawfirm representing Lennar
Channelside Development (of Miami, Fla)
Crescent Heights (also of Miami, $1800+)
CR Construction Company
J ackson Pacific Ventures
Malcolm Drilling Company ($2500+)
Serco Management Services
Gold Bridge Capital
Chinatown Community Development Corporation
GESD Capital

See for yourself at:

Daly in a Nutshell, Courtesy of the Examiner

This Examiner piece of August 17, 2006, confirms everything said above, and deserves to be reprinted in its entirety.

Daly talks the progressive talk, but he walks the monied walk

Ken Garcias column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends in The Examiner.
Ken Garcia, The Examiner
Aug 17, 2006 2:00 AM (7 hrs ago)
Current rank: #11 of 5,585 articles

SAN FRANCISCO - Chris Daly, San Franciscos most incendiary supervisor, has portrayed himself over the years as one of
the forces fighting on behalf of the common man, ready to leap tall buildings to take on corporations, lobbyists, special
interests and greedy developers everywhere.

And Daly, who is up for re-election in November, must really like his job, because it appears hes willing to do to just about
anything to keep it even if it means taking gobs of money from corporations, lobbyists, special interests and developers,
especially those plying their trade in his district.

Do progressive values now carry dollar signs? Thats what a lot of people are wondering after the self-styled populist filed
his latest campaign finance disclosure forms, which show that Daly has made a slew of wealthy new friends while in office.

In the filing period that ended J une 30, Dalys disclosure forms show that big-money developers, land-use attorneys,
lobbyists and their clients gave nearly $17,000 to his re-election campaign 30 percent of the $55,501 hes received in
contributions so far. Have developers discovered that if they want to get a green light on their projects they need to deal with
the new power broker in town, or have they just decided to be good neighbors?

From Rincon Hill, where the controversial twin towers are being built, to a massive new apartment complex in the mid-
Market area, representatives of the industries Daly has vowed to combat are learning anew what it means to give. Even the
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
head of the Miami-based company that just built the Metropolitan, an exclusive condo development near the Embarcadero,
sent Daly the maximum contribution of $500 which shows that when it comes to greasing the rails, politics in California
and Florida arent very different.

Now theres nothing wrong with accepting money from fat-cat developers or lobbyists and Daly is just doing what
politicians have been doing since the beginning of official campaigns. But Daly ran on a campaign to get rid of the kind of
pay-for-play politics he associated with the reign of Mayor Willie Brown and a quick scan of his fundraising would
suggest that Daly has learned a thing or two from Slick Willie.

Its just the new reality, one developer, who asked to remain anonymous, told me. If you want to build a project in Dalys
district, you have to deal with him.

I called Daly to get his take on why so many A-list developers and lobbyists are contributing to his campaign, but he
declined to return it. But anyone who remembers his power play last year, in which he got developers to kick in tens of
millions of dollars for a special nonprofit community fund for his district, knows that Daly may fancy himself a street
activist, but hes learned the ropes like an old pol.

I knew that wed have to be careful about the corrosive effect of money in politics, Daly wrote on his blog last year. And
indeed, it looks like hes been carefully studying the effect of money in politics.

His list of contributors reads like a lineup of big guns noisily transforming Rincon Hill, South of Market and other areas of
Dalys District 6. Besides Sonny Kahn, CEO of Crescent Heights of America which, built the Metropolitan, theres J ohn
Malcolm, chairman of the drilling company that bears his name and has been involved in numerous high-rise projects.
Robert Mendelsohn, a former supervisor who is one of the principals involved in the Old Mint Museum project ponied up
for Daly, as did a number of well-known landuse attorneys working on projects in his district, including Alexis Wong and
Alice Barkley.

Several lobbyists representing developers also dug into their pockets for Daly, including those from Barbary Coast
Consulting, which worked on the Rincon Hill Tower project. So did HMS Associates, which represented Angelo
Sangiacomo, the developer of a recently approved 1,900-unit development on the site of the old Trinity Apartment complex
at Eighth and Market.

Treasure Island, which is in Dalys district, was also well-represented on the list, with lobbyists J ay Wallace and Darius
Anderson among those contributing to the supervisors re-election bid. Daly, who sharply criticized Mayor Gavin Newsom
for cutting a sweetheart deal with developers on Treasure Island, received $2,500 from individuals trying to build there.

One might think hes sold out his progressive roots and the machine politics he promised to fight, said Rob Black,
probably the best known of the dozen or so candidates challenging Daly in November.
Hey, people change. Daly might even become warmand fuzzy on the stump. You just never know.

See for yourself at:

Mission Housing Development Corporation / Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition

According to its own web statement:
Mission Housing is a non-profit, community-based organization which creates and preserves high-quality
affordable housing for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and San Francisco.

Mission Housing provides housing for families, seniors and special needs individuals. It also offers technical
assistance to service providers to help them develop affordable housing that meets the needs of special
populations, such as the physically or mentally handicapped, and the critically ill.

What SFWeekly said happened: Now, the board is scrambling to correct what could have been unethical activities by
staff members, who may have improperly used a government-funded payroll to advance political goals.

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
What the SF Bay Guardian said happened: Staffers and community members accused the directors of unilaterally
shifting MHDC's attention from low-income rental housing for families and supportive-housing for formerly homeless
adults to ownership projects for middle-income clients while refusing to follow an open and democratic decision-
making process.

Longtime executive director Carlos Romero, who strongly resisted such changes to the organization which has
helped retain much of the Mission's working-class character was fired last winter. A few months later, city officials
led by Sups. Tom Ammiano, Chris Daly, and Aaron Peskin responded to the turmoil by suspending MHDC's city

Chris Daly is a kingpin of a political agenda in this town aimed at making, or keeping, people poor. Along the lines of
a socialist agenda, he seeks to cultivate a proletariat, which he claims to champion, and from which he draws his
political power. Part of this plan requires keeping people in low-wage jobs (if employed at all), maximizing City and
non-profit hiring, restricting economic growth, small business and the capital class, and very crucially, prohibiting
homeownership while keeping renters renting.

Mission Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) provided housing for low-income people, but it was taking the
next step. It was mentoring those people into the middle class, and it aimed to next develop entry-level
homeownership opportunities to allow these low-income people to build assets.

That was the direction of MHDCs board. Its staff, however, was the rank-and-file of Dalys proletariat. They crossed
two unforgivable lines. One, they (Carlos Romero, former Executive Director, and other staff) were reportedly
campaigning for Daly, Ammiano and other extremist causes on company time, meaning on taxpayer dollars, since
MHDC received City grants (Records show Romero has given $150 to Chris Daly campaigns, $450 to Ammiano, $250
to Matt Gonzalez, and $1550 to other far left campaigns). The MHDC staff were also leaders of the Mission Anti-
Displacement Coalition, a militant anti-development protest group through which such campaigning was done.

Second, they secretly worked to undermine the intentions of the Board. For both these reasons, Romero was fired.
The backlash? Daly and Ammiano worked together to hold up $360,000 in City funding earmarked for MHDC.

This double-play is the poster child of Dalys M.O., and hes aimed at replicating it often. Play one, he funnels huge
sums of money into non-profits, where he places his allies into $100,000 positions advancing his agenda on their
free time (see: Rincon Hill slush fund). Play two, he initiates a ruthless political revenge on anyone who fights back
(see: Urban Solutions).

See for yourself at:

Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions is a South of Market non-profit whose mission is to help entrepreneurs secure financing, start or
grow their businesses and create jobs. We make a special effort to work with economically-challenged communities
and entrepreneurs who are low to moderate income, minorities or women.

According to SF Weekly: (Urban Solutions Executive Director Roger) Gordon got on the wrong side of the nonprofit
funding equation three years ago when he committed the political crime of challenging Supervisor Chris Daly, who
serves as ward boss of the South of Market and eastern Mission neighborhoods. It seems that Gordon did the
unforgivable. He contested Daly's seat in the 2002 election but did not win, finishing third. Gordon soon saw a re-
elected Daly make every effort to dry up government funding for Urban Solutions.

"I went up to him and said, 'Chris, we don't need to be doing this for the rest of our lives. We can do better things
than me harassing you and you harassing me.' He said, 'Let's get together and talk about it.' But I could never reach
him after that. I left messages for Bill Barnes, his aide. I said, 'This is stupid. This is innocent people getting hurt
here.' I never got anything back. I went to numerous members of the 'progressive' political community, and asked
them to approach Chris on my behalf, and try to find a way to make it work. They said, 'Chris is like that -- if you
break the rules, Chris is going to come after you. Chris is an old-style, Chicago politician. He hands out
favors, and he hands out pain. Everybody I approached said, 'Your cardinal sin was running against Chris.'"

Chris Daly will profess Sunshine, openness, democracy, public input and all those beautiful elements of our
governmental process. But when push comes to shove, he punishes a person for running for office. He punishes a
group who tries to help people get ahead, rather than keeping them down.

See for yourself at:

West Bay Filipino Multi-Service Center

Daly, with the tacit approval of Ammiano, has pulled off a
political maneuver that threatens to kill off West Bay Pilipino
Multi-Service Center, a longstanding provider of everything
from senior meals to breast cancer servicesOn Sep. 29, West
Bay went before the Budget and Finance Committee to seek
release of some $351,000 in city funds it was due for its work
providing services to S.F. residentsThe funds had been
frozen this year by Daly who questioned West Bays
involvement in alleged Medicare fraud activity at the Wilson
Fung Medical Clinic.

An audit by the citys Office of the Controller, found no
evidence that connected West Bay to the Wilson Fung Medical
Clinics alleged fraud. West Bay merely sublet space to the
clinic, and was the landlord of the clinic.

How else can we put it other than the above quote? The West
Bay staff were no friend of Chris Daly. They did not support his
2002 re-election bid. When Daly saw the opportunity, he took
it. A subtenant of West Bays facility engaged in some allegedly
fraudulent Medicare billing. West Bay was exonerated, but that
didnt matter to Daly. He took the opportunity to strip this
center for Filipino seniors and needy residents of its funding.

See for yourself at:

Cronyism, Business as Usual

On J une 26, 2006, the Chronicles Matier and Ross reported the following:

J ust how did housing activist Richard Marquez -- a longtime friend and former roommate of San Francisco Supervisor
Chris Daly -- land a $77,700-a-year job as a San Francisco housing inspector after initially being bumped as
unqualified? Department of Building Inspection employee Garland Simpson - who was passed over for the same job -
- wan s to know, and he's filed a protest with the city's Civil Service Commission to get some answers.


At the time (and still), we wanted to know how such a story could get about 450 words in the press and nothing
more. Marquez is anything but under the radar. He is easily Dalys #1 Lieutenant, a social justice gadfly who has
raised Cain on behalf of virtually every pet project of Dalys tenure, and is quite likely the Regressives heir to run for
Dalys seat someday. He has donated to only the most extreme left candidates, including $1000 to Daly. But most
notably, he is without argument a social worker with zero experience in construction, planning, architecture or
comparable building inspection type expertise.

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
There is no question that this is a two-pronged political play: scratch Marquez back by giving the Daly ally a cushy
City job (with benefits the package exceeds $100,000, and dont forget the almost instant lifetime pension), while
scratching Dalys back by placing his right-hand man inside a power-broking arm of City government.

If theres any question that Marquez is purely a lefty political pawn, please review: Marquez has built tenants' rights coalitions,
organized movements against police brutality, and coordinated volunteers for both Matt Gonzalez's mayoral
campaign and Ross Mirkarimi's recent victorious bid for SupervisorMarquez currently works for Mission
Agenda, a tenants' rights organization he helped co-found with Supervisor Chris Daly - Note the company one keeps. - another ringing endorsement. Marquez rails against Care Not Cashvia Chris
Dalys (taxpayer sponsored) blog. Marquez criticizes community policing calling
it piecemeal, token gestures that divert resources from the social safety net to law enforcement. Thats
righthe opposes diverting resources TO law enforcement. -- Here Marquez emerges in the center of the Mission
Housing Development Corporation scandal involving Daly and Ammiano. What we all have in common is that
the Planning Department has pissed us offWhether that's through district elections or civil disobedience or
shutting down the highest levels of city governmentPeople are tired of writing letters to the editor.
Remedies are exhausting themselves." J ust the mentality you want in DBI. - More on Mission Housing. -- Richard Marquez of Mission Agenda
comparing protests against fare hikes in other cities to Rosa Parks and that the hikes constituted
institutionalized racism and class discrimination. -- Marquez is an opponent to our
Olympic bid efforts. We have high hurdles if we want to defeat the games, said Richard Marquez of housing
advocacy group Mission Agenda. We need to start now with a regional network of homeless coalitions,
immigrant groups, neighborhood groups, and taxpayer watchdogs. For a model, Marquez looks to Toronto's
Bread Not Circuses, which successfully blocked that city's 1996 and 2008 Olympic bids. -- A leader in the cleaning up a
neighborhood equals gentrification logic, Marquez prefers the current cesspool of 6
and Market, 7
Market, or United Nations Plaza to a refurbished Mid-Market rejuvenation. This is the final nail in the coffin
in terms of pushing low-income people out of this portion of San Francisco.

Public Forum, Personal Rant

Politics, policymaking, and ultimately government and law are all about public discourse. There is an appropriate
forum for differentiating yourself from your opponent (the campaign trail). There is an appropriate forum for debating
issues with colleagues (the legislative chamber). There is plenty of room for disagreement.

Then there is The Daly Blog, Chris Dalys website home to his spewing rants. This is where he berates all who
disagree with him. Hell bemoan the Chronicle, the Sentinel and other press who dare shed light on him. Hell tear
into his fellow Board members if they dont support his measures. Hell utterly obsess over the Mayor. Hell openly
campaign for himself and his agenda.

"I've not done well in the newspaper coverage," he says. "The Internet is a way to get my message out to people
who are wired." He so firmly believes that that he even passed legislation ensuring that he could have such a site.
But why? Why would his personal site be scrutinized for its legality or appropriateness? Because this isnt his personal
site. This is his taxpayer funded, city-staff managed, official supervisors home page.

See for yourself at:

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

In 2002, Daly posed for the now famous
photographs that framed his opinion of
police officers and the SFPD. While some
might find protesting and standing up for a
cause admirable, in no way is it admirable t
scream in the face of an officer and thre
to use your political power in retaliation
Yet, "I will have your job," were the words
Daly shouted at Officer J ames Riordan.

e went on flexing his muscle, according to
e further threatened to call the president

aly never looked back from that point. His
similar to his Rincon Hill deal). He even extended his attempted gun ban
ee for yourself at:
the Chronicle: Hey, I am a supervisor,
Daly said repeatedly, but after the officer
twisted his wrist, he finally gave up, Riorda
reported. At one point, after he was
arrested, he asked for Riordan's name
badge number.

Daly handcuffed & paddywagoned
of the Police Officers Association, coupled
with a veiled threat to use his power as
supervisor to affect the next police union
contract. Then of course he denied that h
said he would have Riordan fired or that he
identified himself as a supervisor. Not true.
Not true. Didn't happen, he said.

opposition to SFPD has been notable. He
has held up funding targeted to pay a clas
of police recruits, delaying that many more
officers from reaching active duty. He
opposed funding for more police officer
and instead sponsored a (failed) bond
measure that would have shoveled mon
into community anti-violence non-profits (a
slush fund for the placement of Daly cronies
to include retired officers.


Is it so hard to BE NICE?
erhaps the most alarming aspect of Chris Daly as an office holder is his own mental health. Time and time again he
aly has been witnessed in both the public forum and privately behind-the-scenes many times screaming threats at
is actions cannot be dismissed as passionate. It isnt even just a matter of poor manners and decorum for a public

has shown himself to be incapable of managing his emotions. He, in no exaggeration whatsoever, throws temper
tantrums equivalent to that of a 4-year-old when he doesnt get his way.

fellow Board members, staff, other governmental colleagues, constituents, and the aforementioned police officers.
His words are violent, and his delivery is a precursor to violence.

official. His actions are bona fide dangerous. They intimidate many who then feel they cannot participate in the public
process. They approach an area of mentality that this City experienced once already in Dan White that it does not
want to experience again.

Some of his most concerning moments include:

His screaming at Police Officer J ames Riordan I will have your job.
He nearly came to blows with former Mayor Brown after bringing homeless activists to a meeting that was
supposed to be "private, screaming, among other rants, that Brown was full of shit. Asked to apologize,
Daly replied, "I will apologize that I was lured into the mayor's finger-pointing politics."
Daly threatening an officer
November 2004, fellow supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier lodged a petition for censure against Daly after he told
a landlord advocate to "fuck off" at a tenants' rights hearing. Further fueling Alioto-Piers petition was her
growing discomfort in how he had acted in an intimidating manner toward her in past encounters. When
asked to apologize, Daly remained resolutely, defiantly silentI believe that this political style speaks to the
realities of a majority of my constituents, Daly said.
When Daly didnt get support for his tsunami relief effort he began arguing with Supervisor McGoldrick, as
the board continued to the next agenda item, then followed him out of the room, hurling insults, until being
called back to the chamber by Board President Aaron Peskin. As Daly moved to return, McGoldrick asked him,
How come you gotta act like a baby? To which Daly responded, How come you're two-faced? I'm a baby
because you're two-faced! You know where you can kiss, don't you, Chris? McGoldrick called from the
corridor. Yeah, I'll kiss your ass, Daly told McGoldrick, whom he dubbed two-faced, right after I kick it.
Per SFWeekly: In the summer of 2001, Daly stormed out of a supervisors' meeting after his colleagues
refused most of his proposals for balancing the city's budget. When he eventually returned to the chamber,
he took the microphone and delivered a rambling exhortation of his fellow supervisors that ended with Daly
infamously declaring, I'm not feeling the love.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

In a February 7th Board meeting debating Dalys C3 parking restrictions, Daly is heard screaming on a cell
phone (audible all the way in the back of the chamber). He hands the phone to Peskin. Mirkarimi joins.
Peskin then skips over the item and moves on in the agenda. It was later reported by witnesses that Daly
was on the phone with Planning Director Dean Macris, strong-arming him during that conversation. It was
suggested that Daly, as head of the Budget and Finance Committee, specifically threatened Macris with
cutting the funding of the Planning Department if he didnt rescind a statement questioning that legislation.

Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
s the Chronicle has surmised:
NLESS THE San Francisco Board of Supervisors decides to turn its ornate chambers into a day-care center, it needs
ee for yourself at:

to put a stop to the boorish antics of Supervisor Chris Daly Officials are supposed to represent the voice of the
people, but they cant get a word in edgewise when a self-centered brat like Daly is constantly drowning out the
dialogue with his public fits.


Housing Moratorium
espite the fact that there are currently some 10 million vacant (and increasingly more dilapidated) square feet of
ee for yourself at:

formerly industrial space in the Citys eastern neighborhoods, AND despite the fact that the Citys business policies
are driving businesses away from the City, not back to it, Daly has led the drive to prevent any of that space from
being converted into housing. He and his Regressive colleagues (particularly the SF Bay Guardian) openly celebrate
moratorium on new housing in the City.


Affordable Housing Requirements
he greatest crisis facing our City is the extinction of a middle class. Dalys solution? Increase the ratio requirement

real terms, that means if a developer wants to build a 500-unit condominium building, then 100 BMR units would
ee for yourself at:

of below market rate (BMR, aka affordable) housing in new developments, making more expensive market rate
homes only the ultra-rich can afford in order to subsidize below market housing only the poor can qualify for. Daly
moved to push the ratio to 15% of the project, or 20% if the affordable units were built off site.

have to be included in the project, inflating the cost of the overall project. The middle class could neither afford one
of the 500 units, nor qualify for one of the 100 units. Could housing be built without such obstructions, we might
expect market rates to drop with increased supply to a more affordable threshold for everyone.


Opposing All Homeownership Bills
he above touch on two elements of Dalys agenda on housing policy. The bigger picture is that he has opposed
ost notably, Daly has led the opposition against tenancy-in-common (TIC) owners seeking to convert their mutual
ccording to the Chronicle:
e lead detractor of the plan that came before the board Tuesday, pointed out that the

literally every measure passing his desk that has aimed to assist prospective homeowners.

investment (and risk) in an entire building into individually-owned condominiums. TICs are often the only way a
person with modest income might enter the housing market, yet it is an option Daly seeks to remove.

But Supervisor Chris Daly, th
average San Franciscan can't afford even a tenancy in common. That meant the legislation would succeed only in
helping wealthier residents, he said, while jeopardizing the city's stock of rental housing by setting a precedent for
lifting the annual cap on the number of apartments that can be turned into condominiums.

If the average San Franciscan cant afford a TIC, its because Daly is limiting the supply available. Dalys measure
ee for yourself at:
050494 aimed to install a moratorium on all condo conversions completely. As for stock of rental housing, the Sm
Property Owners of San Francisco report that in excess of 12,000 rental units are being intentionally held off the
market simply because the City makes it too difficult and risky to engage in the rental business. Were the City to t
a limited government approach, these problems would solve themselves.


Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
aitBut I Can Own a Home, and So Can My Anti-Homeownership Buddies
he real slap-in-the-face of Dalys anti-homeownership position and the tell-tale sign that this is part of some other
2002, SF Weekly did a scathing piece in which they followed a real estate agent around the many homes of our SF
o wit:
ty's newest homeowners, Supervisor Chris Daly, ran
sing Clinic has for years fought with


eautiful duplex just a couple of doors down from

an anti- Prop. R ballot
miano is the

subversive agenda is that he owns his own home, as do all of his fellow anti-homeownership coalition-mates.

leaders who oppose homeownership and who, at the time, were all opposing Proposition R, a measure that would
have facilitated renters buying the units in which they live.

One of the ci
into a bit of embarrassment last year when allies of his archenemy,
Mayor Willie Brown, touted public records showing he had recently
bought a $435,000, two-bedroom SOMA condominium with the help
an $85,000 bank account.
Randy Shaw's Tenderloin Hou
great success to preserve fleabag hotels. For this, he has earned the t
housing activist. Shaw and his wife, Elaine Feingold, certainly
understand the subject of unaffordable housing. Their beautiful
bedroom mansion in the Berkeley hills had a 2001 assessed value of
over half a million dollars. But real estate agent Brewer says homes this
huge, in this neighborhood, could easily top a million dollars. (Shaw has
since become keeper of lefty propaganda site
Calvin Welch has earned his 'housing activist' credentials by
aggressively advocating growth controls. Welch signed off on a
argument opposing Prop. R. And in a column written for the online San
Francisco Sentinel, Welch said the measure would perniciously expand
homeownership.Welch, for one, doesn't need to dream of
homeownership. He already owns 519-521 Ashbury St., a b
the famous corner of Haight and Ashbury. Tax records show the duplex was last sold in 1976, and is
assessed at $57,010 under the rules of Proposition 13, which froze home values for tax purposes at 19
levels, to change only when a building is resold. During the past few months, similar buildings in Welch's
neighborhood have gone for between $840,000 and $1,207,000, with a median price of a cool $1 million.
Bruce Brugmann, owner of a political pamphlet and a lovely hillside home in the West of Twin Peaks
Dalys SoMa Condo
neighborhood, is a man who knows how to live. He also apparently knows how the rest of us ought not t
live: His San Francisco Bay Guardian has run at least a dozen articles, including a cover story, voicing
opposition to Prop. R. According to tax records, thanks to Prop. 13 Brugmann's house is assessed at on
$66,736. And records of recent sales in Brugmann's neighborhood say the publisher's digs are now worth
something like $630,000. Brugmann appears to have built himself a tidy real estate nest egg, while avoidin
a mountain in taxes. (Brugmann is publisher of the SF Bay Guardian)
Board of Supervisors President Tom Ammiano is one of 26 signers of
argument...Ammiano certainly puts his money where his mouth is: No condo owner himself, Am
proud deed-holder to a lovely home in that dreamy, shaded, restaurant-packed area where Bernal Hill butts
up against Mission Street. With the last sale recorded in 1974, Ammiano's house has a recorded Prop. 13
assessed value of $39,074. Recent sales data from Ammiano's neighborhood, meanwhile, suggest his hous
is now worth $382,500.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

A critical note is that this article is from 2002. Housing prices have skyrocketed since then (notably in part because of
such restrictive housing rules these homeowner-politicians are putting in place). One might easily add $200,000 or
more to the price of any of the above-mentioned properties.

See for yourself at:

Limiting Parking and the Social Engineering of Downtown

In the fall of 2005, Daly pushed hard to limit the amount of parking spaces to be allowed in new downtown
developments (areas zoned C3). Where it is standard for developers to build parking for each residential unit in the
building, Daly sought to limit the ratio, making a if we dont build it, they wont come argument.

He contested that if we forbid new downtown parking spaces, then new residents of downtown will choose to not
have cars. In a perfect world, that might be the case. Reality, however, knows that the purchaser of a $1.5 million
condo will likely bring a car along. Reality means that a working mother critically needs a car to get from work, to
school (they bus kids to schools across town here), to recitals and ball games, to the grocery store and other errands,
and back home. No amount of Dalys social engineering of peoples transit lifestyles is going to change that.

Limiting parking would not have limited cars, but rather driven cars to the streets and adjacent neighborhoods,
circling blocks and looking for parking. Daly chose to disagree, but offered absolutely zero evidence, data or research
to make his point. His logic, essentially, was because I say so.

Fortunately, the Mayor vetoed that measure. Scorned and vengeful, however, Daly returned with another attack on
parking, submitting a last-minute ballot measure that would increase the tax on parking to an unprecedented 35%.

Dalys parking fixation goes back deep into his tenure. According to the Chronicle, in early 2005, Daly suggested a
luxury parking tax should be levied on motorists who drive and park downtown. This is clearly a battle he aims to
continue waging.

See for yourself at: V1.DTL&hw=Chris+Daly+parking&sn=001&sc=1000 T1.DTL

Transbay Terminal

Centered squarely in the middle of Dalys District 6 is the site of the proposed Transbay Terminal, perhaps one of the
Bay Areas most ambitious and critical public transit projects since the BART tube. Once built, the terminal is poised
to serve as a hub connecting CalTrain, BART, Muni light rail and bus lines, as well as neighboring county bus lines. It
is even speculated to be a center for high speed rail in the future.

To Daly, it is a plaything.

In May of 2005, Superior Court J udge Ronald Quidachay ordered the City to stop all work on the Transbay Terminal
project. In doing so, he cited a flawed environmental impact report (EIR).

The Board of Supervisors approved an EIR on the project that recommended the property targeted for the terminal
be condemned. This was a critical decision in that the City was attempting to use Eminent Domain to pull the
property away from its owner, a developer who had other plans for it. But J udge Quidichay concluded in his decision
rejecting that EIR that Supervisor Daly's admissions of bias at the EIR hearing "were in clear and direct violation of
his statutory obligations" under the City's Administrative Code, and that he should not have participated in the
hearing. The J udge declared that one of his reasons in ruling against the City was Daly's conduct. Daly's action is part
of the reason that the City lost that suit and ultimately settled for $58 million for the property, substantially over the
$32 million that was originally negotiated.

The City Charter defines Official Misconduct as "any wrongful behavior by a public officer in relationship to the duties
of his or her office, willful in its character, including any failure, refusal or neglect ... to perform any duty enjoined on
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
him or her by law" [CC Sec. 15.105 (e)]. The judgment against the City is explicit about Daly violating his duties
under the City Administrative Code. Board President Matt Gonzales admonished Daly at the time of his profession of
bias not to act in this way. He did so anyway, and this action was brought to the attention of the J udge. There is no
question that he acted willfully.

An elected official who commits misconduct is subject to removal from office and, in this case, should have been
officially censured at minimum. Of course, Daly felt no recourse.

Eager for a second course of nonsense with Transbay, Daly pushed a ballot measure in J une of 2006 that would have
eliminated a position on the Transbay J oint Powers Authority for the head of MUNI, and forced the Mayor to sit on
the board, and attend its meetings, instead. This was a another Dalys stick it to the mayor moves, using a major
public project to do so.

See for yourself at: MB1.DTL 3AFH1.DTL

Ignoring Every Pothole in his District

One pass through District 6 over the past 6 years (the current reign of Dalys tyranny), and a driver (heaven forbid a
motorcyclist or bicyclist) will soon learn that these are the worst streets in the City. South of Market and the
Tenderloin dont so much have roads as they have minefields. Daly couldnt be bothered with it.

While no one wants to see suffering, and wed all like the immediate alleviation of pain in those suffering from drug
addiction, Daly thinks that DPH funding for those drug addict services offered to that tiny community are more
important that virtually ALL of the Citys residents traveling on safe streets. Daly said he thinks it's premature to
pump money back into capital upgrades for such initiatives as landscaping median strips, fixing up softball and soccer
fields and filling potholes when plans are in the works to shut the dialysis unit at San Francisco General Hospital and
eliminate certain outpatient services for drug abusers.

On every occasion made available to him, Daly opted to divert money away from streets and parks and into other
programs. More notably, he has opposed one-time, fixed capital expenditure in favor of ongoing, frequently swollen
social programs contributing to government bloat.

When, after 15 years of neglect, the City finally installed a 10-year capital plan aimed at strategizing and funding
infrastructure maintenance and improvements, Daly was the ONLY supervisor to vote against it.

One tiny detail that make a point is the Park and Recreation Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC), a citizen
board charged with representing neighborhoods on parks issues. From October 2005 until present, hat committee
has only one seat vacant on it. That seat has been vacant for nearly a year. The seat is designated to be filled by the
supervisor of District 6. Thats how much Daly cares about parks.

See for yourself at:

Potholes Second, Save-the-World First

The Board of Supervisors is like any city council in the largest metro or the smallest town. Its mission is to do the
business of the people of that town. That means taking care of the day-to-day needs that keep a town functioning:
streets, sidewalks, parks, schools, housing, traffic/parking, police and fire, garbage and other utilities, and so forth.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

The Board has absolutely nothing to do with national or international affairs. It neither has any official jurisdiction,
nor does its opinion carry any weight in global policymaking. If anything, the opinion of the San Francisco Board of
Supervisors is but a running joke for TV pundits and water cooler talk for the average joe in Ohio.

Yet Daly has proved relentless in his quest to legislate for the Big Time. Through various pieces of legislation each
one of which takes the City Attorneys, the Boards, and the publics time he has sought to impeach the president,
send money we dont have to tsunami victims, pull troops out of Iraq, get Bill OReilly fired, ban the US military from
schools, push a gun grab that was overturned as fast as everyone knew it would be, oppose federal immigration
policy, condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, commend socialist British politician George Galloway
(who in supporting Iraq over his country said to Saddam Hussein: I salute your courage, your strength, your
indefatigability), urge retailer Urban Outfitters to stop selling purportedly racist t-shirts, oppose the militarys dont
ask, dont tell policy, and certainly a few others.

San Franciscans and readers of this collection may very well endorse many of those positions. The point remains,
however, that none of this is the job of a City and County Supervisor. While Daly continually seeks another guest
appearance on MSNBC, he is fully ignoring the bread-and-butter needs of communities over which he does have

In a delusional moment, Daly himself concedes: I was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors with over
81% of the vote from one of the Citys poorest districts not to make foreign policy, but to work on issues of housing,
health care and services for seniors. We dont know which is more surreal, that he believes he has an 81% mandate
anywhere in this City, or that he thinks hes there to do the work of the people.

See for yourself at:

Constant Tax Increases

Ronald Reagan must have seen Daly coming when he said: Government's view of the economy could be summed up
in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Daly will leave no stone unturned when it comes to raising taxes and fees on the people of San Francisco. Then hell
tax you for owning the stone, tax you for turning the stone, raise the fee for parking the stone where it is, and
increase the costs and taxes on whomever you might have watch the stone in your absence.

Daly was a major proponent of Propositions J and K, increases in sales taxes and gross receipts taxes, respectively.
Then, not a year after both failed, he proposed another gross receipts tax. San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly
thinks city voters will approve a quarter-of-a-cent sales tax increase to support public health services in November,
reported the Chronicle. Hes raised costs on virtually every element of employment. Hes raised costs of various
elements of owning, renting or selling a home. He sought to raise the cost of real estate transfer taxes. Hes raised
fees for myriad City services. Hes raised taxi fares. Hes raised parking meter rates and continually raises parking
garage taxes. He proposed a luxury tax for driving downtown. No stone unturned? He raised the cost of permits for
tattoo parlors!

Daly has even pushed to raise taxes on taxes. When Supervisor Sophie Maxwell began scaling back a proposal to
charge fees on businesses to pay for enforcement of previous wage increases forced on businesses, Daly stood up for
the original plan. Daly stressed the need for Maxwells original progressive solution under which large corporations
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
would bear the brunt of maintaining wage rates. He stated definitively the necessity for large businesses around San
Francisco to pay their fair share.

As if this assault on our Citys cost-of-living werent enough, Daly was further chair of the 2006-07 Budget
Committee, where he eagerly shaped how these countless tax dollars were spent. Well, not quite countless. There
were $5.8 billion of them, a budget that is larger than that of 20 individual states of our country. After that grotesque
largesse was passed, Daly gave himself a big pat on the back, along with the adulation of his colleagues and even
the Mayor for all the good work. Good work, that is, if youre one of the City beneficiaries profiting from it. Not so
good if youre a regular San Franciscan working to make the money to pay those tax dollars.

Presently Daly is supporting mandatory health care fees on City businesses, and is sponsoring a ballot measure that
would mandate that employers provide paid sick leave for all employees. Considering that any businesses that can
provide these things already do, this is targeted only at the most vulnerable businesses that are doing all they can to
stay afloat.

See for yourself at: T1.DTL

And Dont You Dare Try to Get it Back

When several City companies appealed the assessed value of their property, Daly called it one of the most significant
raids on revenues in the history of the city.

Raids, he calls it. These companies were in no way defrauding the City. They simply felt they had a legal right to
appeal and perhaps lower their cost of doing business. Daly doesnt want to be bothered with due process, however.
J ust write the check and go away.

See for yourself at: C53UQ1.DTL

Diverting Real Tax Dollars to Lofty Ideals

Noted above is Dalys aversion to directing tax dollars to what the citizens pay for, namely clean streets, parks,
playgrounds, or public safety. He does, however, find a way to grow our Department of Public Health budget to over
$1 billion all by itself. He has proposed $2 million for services to protect illegal immigrants from federal law
enforcement. He failed in trying to send $1 million to tsunami relief efforts, at a time when our City was in debt and
the Board was trying to again raise taxes. Hes was integral in getting potentially $850,000 per candidate, per
election directed toward public funding of mayoral races.

Once again, we will even concede that many residents may support some of these causes, and may personally wish
to donate to tsunami relief, to immigration legal defense funds or to the mayoral candidate of their choice. These are
NOT, however, priorities that should take the place of basic public needs, nor send a City in deficit further into the

See for yourself at: DPFN1.DTL&type=politics

Corporate Welfare

A simple rule of economics is, if you want less of it, tax it; if you want more of it, subsidize it. We want more business
and more revenue coming into the City, therefore it stands to reason that we might offer incentives to lure business
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
here. Yet on at least three occasions during Dalys reign, an effort was put forth to do just that. He consistently
opposes them all.

In 2004, Daly joined Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval in attempting to de-fund the San Francisco Convention and Visitors
Bureau, virtually the only City charge that spends money specifically to make more money.

In 2004, the San Francisco Grand Prix bike race brought in $10.7 million in consumer spending, which generated
$492,000 in City tax revenue. In 2005, Daly opposed the City subsidizing roughly $90,000 in police costs to keep the
race in San Francisco. To quote the Chronicle, Supervisor Chris Daly says no, calling the proposed fee reduction
nothing short of "corporate welfare'' for a race organizer set up to turn a profit. This truly is downtown voodoo
economics at its worst,' Daly said. The Grand Prix left San Francisco, and with it millions in tax revenues (not to
mention a great ambassador of our City) over the coming years.

In 2004, Supervisor Alioto-Pier sponsored legislation that would provide a temporary exemption of payroll taxes for
biotech companies. "UC San Francisco spawned over 70 biotech companies,'' she argued. "Not one has come to San
Francisco.'' Other cities in the Bay Area that have attracted clusters of biotech firms, like South San Francisco and
Emeryville, have no payroll tax, she said.

Dalys response was that this was a tax loophole that could sap resources needed for other city priorities, including
economic development. Considering that this argument is now in the past, we can look to the facts to see who was
right. Sure enough, Mission Bay (Dalys district) has boomed in the past two years due to the proliferation of biotech
companies, not the least of which was the landing of the stem cell research institute.

Did Daly learn a lesson in economics? Of course not. When Alioto-Pier returned in 2006 to propose incentives to re-
invigorate our Citys film industry, Daly opposed it again.
As if the cultural contribution to our Citys legacy werent enough, $461 million worth film production dumped its
economic impact on us at its peak in 1996. That dwindled to zero in 2004.

In 2005, we benefited from the $35 million budgeted "Rent" and the $75 million "Pursuit of Happyness" (sic). The
first generated an estimated $39 million output into our local economy and produced 245 full time equivalent (FTE)
jobs. The latter generated $63.5 million and 400 FTEs.

It was a huge boost to the City. This wasnt $63 million going to pay Will Smiths acting contract. Its spread about
into tip jars, hotel rooms and taxi fares throughout town. It stands to reason that anything we can do to bring such
industries -- be they the permanent biotech or the temporary film, cycling, festivals, etc. - we should. So Alioto-Pier
rightly pushed her legislation to offer a rebate on the countess taxes, fees, licenses, and other costs the City imposes
that makes so many films go to Vancouver and beyond. Under her rebate plan the City coffers may profit as much as
if the film never came - zero total revenue - but in the process distribute jobs and income to all the peripheral
businesses who serve a film production.

But of course -- cue the villain -- this is where Supervisor Daly swoops in with his "corporate welfare" illogic (starting
with the fact that corporate welfare is the only welfare Daly isn't seeking to double every Committee meeting).
From Dalys comments against Alioto-Piers legislation:
I will spare you the complete rehash of my policy-based opposition to tax breaks, generally speaking
Although, I will mention that we had experts, Mr. Harrington has brought up economists who have told us,
and this has not been debated, that these types of tax breaks are very rarely the most efficient policy way to
reach some sort of policy goal.
Daly begins with the red herrings that are a staple of his arguments. While there may be "experts" who
oppose tax breaks, they have not been paraded before this Board, and there are certainly many, if not more,
"experts" who would argue the other side of such economic stimulus packages. City Controller Ed Harrington
is, in fact, one of the impartial sources of the data we quote above, and in no way has provided contrary
opinion. And whenever Daly starts talking about "good public policy," grab your wallet.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
I will also rei erate that in the past this City and the lions share of its taxpayers have been burned by
selective tax incentive programs, or holidays, or loopholes or whatever you want to call them.
Again, complete misdirection. There are no examples of such rebates "burning" the City. Perhaps Daly is
referring to the biotech payroll tax exemption which was enacted when the City had exactly zero biotech
companies. Now that there are some, of course the City doesn't get payroll tax from them but it does get all
of the other tax revenue from all of the multiplier economic activity of the companies and their employees.
Daly would rather go back to the good old days of no jobs and no taxes.
Ill also point out that while we can rescind taxes by a vote here, because of state law we cant un-rescind
our rescintion (sic) of the taxes. Wed have to go back to the voters of San Francisco who, in an even year,
November election would have to vote in a majority, or by supermajority in any other election to restore
taxes in San Francisco.
Chris Daly is nothing if not concerned, dedicated and knowledgeable about how to make sure the tax burden
is as high as possible on the citizens of San Francisco.
But even if you disagree with the experts on the policy points...
Actually, there weren't any experts, and "they" did not have any points.
My question to you colleagues, is, which industries are undeserving of these tax incentive programs or tax
holidays or tax loopholes or whatever we want to call them. Is the health industry not deserving? Is the real
estate industry not deserving? Is it the industries that have union representation or dont have union
representation? Is it industries that could go elsewhere or, necessarily like the real estate industry, would
have a difficult time going elsewhere?
Maybe Daly could get answers to those incisive questions from a few places, like: Every company in
Emeryville that located there to avoid San Francisco's taxes; Every retailer in Colma that would send sales
taxes to our City Hall if they weren't evil big-box companies like Target that might just make it a tiny bit less
family-unfriendly to live here; Every corporate outpost at Bishop Ranch that is a refuge for companies like
Chevron that get shoved across into the deep Easy Bay and never come back.
If you dont agree with the experts, who almost unilaterally say tax programs like this are almost never the
most efficient way to reach a policy goal, where does i end?
Since Daly's "policy goal" is to take as much money as possible from private citizens and hand them over to
his political cronies, "it" only ends when there are no companies left to tax, at any rate -- which is exactly the
problem that Alioto-Pier was addressing with both her "we have no bio-tech companies" tax credit and her
"we have no film industry" tax credit.
Fortunately for our City, Daly ended up with just his own vote and that of Supervisor Peskin, who didn't get a pass
from the Nobel laureate economics experts over at the Bay Guardian.
See for yourself at:
1& (see minute 0:52:50)
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Micromanaging your Nanny Arrangment

Again in the no stone left unturned department, Daly moved to increase costs and City regulation on independent
contractor relationships. Namely, you would no longer be able to simply hire the nanny, or gardener, or handyman,
or dog walker on your own negotiated terms. Now you had to suffer the micromanagement of Chris Daly.

See for yourself at:

Landmarking Private Property

Daly pushed a measure that would allow the City to designate any tree to be an official landmark, forbidding its
removal, even if it was on private property, owned by a private citizen.

We love trees. Who doesnt? Big, old, majestic trees should be kept among us if at all possible. But is Dalys intrusive
government the way to go? Does the government have the right to walk into your house and tell you how to manage
your property?

How long until a dying tree becomes a dangerous threat, as an owner lets it rot rather than pursue the painstaking
process of getting the permit to remove it? How long until people simply dont plant trees, because theyve been
warned that they may be saddling themselves with a burden after that tree grows up?

See for yourself at:

What if Chris was Mayor?

In 2003, Daly notoriously usurped the authority of the mayor, disregarded the well-defined organization of City
government, and wholly threw public trust out the window when he abused his role of acting mayor (while then-
Mayor Willie Brown was out of town) to appoint his own personal choices to the Public Utilities Commission.

At the time, then-Press Secretary PJ J ohnston called Daly "the spoiled little brat of San Francisco politics."

See for yourself at:

Cat n Mouse with the Mayor

There is a time for debate and disagreement in public office. But at the end of the day, office holders should
genuinely desire to work with one another toward a common goal.

Daly sees it differently. Countless constituents, both individuals and associations, have reported that Dalys door is no
longer open to them, that he has kicked them out of his office, has refused to meet with them, has refused to attend
their meetings.

But the most noteworthy of Dalys relationships is with that of the mayor. Daly has made it a sport to oppose and
obstruct the mayor at every opportunity. It has progressed to almost an obsession with him. He is pushing a ballot
measure that forces the mayor to sit through a board question and answer period once a month, similar to British
Parliament. In J une of 2006 he failed with a ballot measure forcing the mayor to sit on the Transbay J oint Powers
Authority. When the mayor vetoes Dalys legislation, he takes it to the ballot, where he continually loses either with
the voters or with the courts thereafter.

When an episode of the animated comedy South Park lampooned San Francisco for its smugness, Daly retorted
that it must be the Newsom half of the City. He earlier boasted of how he had gone a full two years without
speaking to the mayor. He has opposed the mayors Care Not Cash initiative relentlessly, despite the program being
widely accepted as successful, seemingly just to have another bone to pick with the mayor.

And it doesnt seem to be a personality conflict with simply Newsom, as Daly engaged in all these same antics under
Willie Brown. Its apparent that, keeping with his childish image, he simply wants to defy any authority whatsoever.

See for yourself at: 3AFH1.DTL NUSJ 1.DTL

Care Not Cash Opposition

Care Not Cash (2002s Prop N) was never billed as an end-all solution to homelessness. In the two-and-a-half years
since its installation it has joined many other efforts, most notably Project Homeless Connect, in addressing the
homelessness problem and getting people off the streets.

Care Not Cash was credited with moving 1,318 people into permanent housing as of its second anniversary. All of
2,497 people have been removed from the welfare rolls, either opting for services or leaving the welfare program
altogether. The overall number of homeless people dropped 28%.

Despite this success, Daly attacks the program (often as means to again attack the mayor.) Hell skew any number
necessary simply to cut down the effort. "The promises made in this campaign were deceptive at best,'' he has said.
His blog urges that Progressives Should Re-Double Opposition to Care Not Cash. Hes led protests against it.

Dalys opposition revisits the question as to whether he legitimately wants to help the poor. If this program is so
obviously getting people off the streets, and hes against it, then by definition does that not mean he prefers people
on the streets? We have increasingly speculated that Daly, in his self-proclaimed socialist agenda, seeks to grow a
lower-class proletariat population which, by certainly no coincidence, also grows his voting base. He seeks a City
without economic growth, and with a populace that is reliant on government redistribution of wealth while
individually without personal property. His opinion on Care Not Cash is directly in line with that agenda.

See for yourself at:

Wheres Chris?

Daly refused to sit for the Board of Supervisors group photo because he wasnt wearing the right glasses.

See for yourself at:
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Pat Murphy: A Case Study on Vengance

Pat Murphy is one of the kindest people youll ever meet. He
also performs a critical service to the City, acting as an
independent editor and reporter of Murphys work is bona fide
journalism, and often covers the entirety of a story that the
major media leaves out. And he does it all humbly without
said major medias big funding.

Insomuch as Murphy reports the truth, much of his coverage
of Daly had been unflattering. Dalys response was to take
the extraordinary step of calling for an investigation into
whether Murphys Web outlet had violated city campaign
finance laws.

"I urge them to disclose their donors," Daly said at the Board of Supervisors meeting while standing just a few feet
from Sentinel founder Pat Murphy, who was in the press gallery. After his comments, Daly stared at Murphy and said,
"That's how I roll."

"Chris keeps narrowing himself, refusing to do business with anyone he doesn't like," Murphy said. "I just decided,
'This isn't working for me.' At the same time, I was more and more impressed with Mayor Newsom. I couldn't prove
him wrong on anything. I slowly became an admirer of Newsom."

Local blog Critical Cloud mused well on the issue: Yes, boys and girls, San Francisco's own Supervisor Chris Daly is
the winner of Critical Cloud's prestigious What the Fuck Were You Thinking? award. Supervisor Daly, well known
whiner, crybaby, and spoiled brat, is the unanimous choice of the WTF judges. And what momentous
accomplishment garnered Mr. Daly this honor? It seems a certain online politically slanted publication, The San
Francisco Sentinel, has raised the ire of the Supervisor so much, that he has called for it to be investigated by the
City Attorney. Yes, Mr. Daly wrote a tart note to the editor of the Sentinel and the Sentinel printed it in all its petulant
nastiness and now Daly is mad at them because they dared to quote his own words. Daly says the Sentinel, which
really amounts to a political news blog with great photography, is actually a political action committee disguised as
journalism and therefore is subject to political disclosure laws. What a crock.

Daly continues to reiterate the point that if you cross him in any way, he will use every power of his office to retaliate
through legislative, administrative and other political means.

See for yourself at:

A Closing Note: The Chip

One concern overlying all of these actions is: What is his motive? Why does Daly do all these things and take (and/or feign) these
positions. He clearly has a chip on his shoulder, an axe to grind,(insert euphemism for vengeful belligerence here).

From many reports we can paint the picture as thusDaly is from an affluent East Coast family. He has family money a trust
fund, many sources have contended that launched his first effort to get elected, helped fund his SoMa condo, and so forth. He
attended a prestigious East Coast college Duke University only to drop out after a few semesters.

One resident told of a conversation with Dalys parents at a campaign stop a few years back. You really did a job on this one,
was the bold statement to the parents, which actually led to a rather amicable conversation about Dalys family and homelife. Daly
has a brother who was described as a successful Wall Street stockbroker who drives a Porsche.

So is that what were dealing with? Does Daly have runt of the litter syndrome? Is he terrorizing our City purely because of an
inferiority complex, living in the shadow of a successful sibling, craving attention, craving approval?

If so, there are myriad forums for him to work out his issues. City Hall is not one of them.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.
Paid for by the Citizens for Reform Leadership #1 Committee, #1261911.

Do this now:
1. Volunteer for the campaign against Daly at
2. Make CERTAIN that you are registered to vote at your
current address. Text the word dumpdaly to 75444 on
your cell phone, or visit to register
3. Educate yourself. Under our Ranked Choice Voting
system, you are allowed to vote for THREE candidates, your
first, second and third choice. And you CAN leave your
second or third choices BLANK.
4. Vote in the November 7
election, and leave Chris Daly
completely OFF your Ranked Choice Ballot! If Daly is
even listed as a second or third choice, this system will allow
him to win.

When we all do better, we all do better!
Promote policies for everyone.
Stop the Daly agenda now.

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