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-We use Comparative when we compare two people or things.

Lots of Comparative adjectives end in:-er

1. Small-Smaller 3.ld-lder
!. Warm-Warmer ".#all-#aller
If one-s$lla%le adjective ends with an e& we just add 'r
1. Nice-Nicer,
We use more with the unchanged adjectives:
1. )oring-*ore )oring
!. )eautiful-*ore )eautiful
+ote: If the word ends: consonant-vowel-consonant, then the last consonant is usually
doubled in the comparative.
Examples( big-bigger, fat-fatter, hot-hotter.
Superlatives are used to compare more than two things.
Lots of Comparative adjectives end in( est
- Example:
1. Short- Shortest 3.,igh-,ighest
!. Smart-Smartest ".-ar.--ar.est
/f one-s$lla%le adjective ends with an e, we just add st
1. Nice-Nicest,
We use most with the unchanged adjective
1. )oring-*ost )oring
!. )eautiful-*ost )eautiful
0djectives with one s$lla%le 1 2 32 changes to /4
Certain adjectives have irregular forms in the comparative and superlative degrees(
0djective Comparative Superlative
1. 5ood )etter #he %est
!. Little less least
3. )ad worse worst
". 6ar farther farthest
14 Exercise
Complete the comparative and superlative adjective chart %elow.
1. Sweet
!. Long
3. 6ast
". ld
7. Expensive
8. Large
9. #all
:. ;ich
<. ,ard
2) Exercise Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).
1. This is the (interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boo" I have ever read.
#. $he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (happy now than he was last year.
%. I always tell the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fun &o"es.
'. They are not going to the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(bad hotel.
(. )e was the (clever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boy of all.
*. $ara is 1% years old. +na is ( years old. $ara is (old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+na.
,. The weather is not good today - it-s snowing. I hope the weather will be (good
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ne.t wee".