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First day:

Today we started the pregnancy Project and had to start by putting our bellies on. We all constructed our bellies during the first block of class and everybody did it differently. At the beginning of the day it was kind of a joke, and kind of fun to see all

your friends with those big bellies. As the day went on the belie started to bother, you know that you can get it out any time but you don’t it is very strange. The feeling is like when you have something with you and you don’t know what to do with it, like when you hold a pair of flip flops on your hand while walking in the beach kind of like that I

felt impotent

At the end of the day I was kind of desperate to get it off but I managed

.. to stay with it. The fact that I am going to be wearing this thing for a complete week freaks me out it is the first day of the project and my tummy has been a pain and it looks funny on boys. I am kind of exited to know how it feels with the complete four kilos. Today I did the diet challenge it wasn’t as hard I thought it was going to be. For breakfast I ate a couple of eggs with toasts and marmalade, for lunch a plate of chicken

with salad and potatoes, and for dinner I had a plate of vegetable soup. I didn’t enjoy the food but it wasn’t hard to accomplish this challenge. I think the ones are coming are going to be much harder.

First day: Today we started the pregnancy Project and had to start by putting our bellies

Second Day:

Today we added 1 kilo to our bellie and from the beginning of the day it started bothering. It was annoying. It’s funny how people out of school look at you as If you were a sort of strange bug, I would too if I saw a girl my age with tummy like that. Today we went to Lucia with some friends to complete the challenge of being 45 minutes in public it was very funny how people watched us with strange faces. We took some pictures and enjoyed our meal. As the day went on it really started to get in my nerves I really felt useless, and the only thing I was looking forward to was sitting down and get a rest. When I got home my mom told me that my grandma was coming to visit, she is a very conservatist woman and she did not like the idea of boys getting pregnant she said it was ridiculous, I agree with her in us getting pregnant but I think that getting the baby and taking care of it is much more realistic, steel I am sure ill learn something out of this project. I am getting the baby tomorrow, I signed up for extra credit and it consist on having the baby while you are pregnant I am really scared of what is going to happen.

Second Day: Today we added 1 kilo to our bellie and from the beginning of the

Third Day:

Today has been the most awkward day of the project. As I told you yesterday I signed up to receive the baby as I was steel pregnant, well today I received my baby. To begin the belie already gained one extra kilo adding up to 3 kilos. It has been very tiring to carry that weigh all the day with you. My back has been hurting a lot and sometimes I get desperate. Activities that I normally do with no problem are starting to get each time harder with the new weigh I am caring along with me all day long. Talking about the baby, it has been very fun until know at the begging it was kind of difficult to get accustomed but as the day went on you really get to like the baby. Mine has a calm personality he hasn’t cried too much and he eats a lot. It is kind of difficult to discover what is that the baby wants for him to stop crying, but the rest has been quite simple, till now. It is very funny how people look at you when they see you caring the baby around. It really looks like a real baby and people can get confused by it. I am really enjoying this project a lot, hope the baby doesn’t cry at night.

Third Day: Today has been the most awkward day of the project. As I told you
Third Day: Today has been the most awkward day of the project. As I told you

Fourth day:

What a day! Yesterday at night I wasn’t able to sleep as long as I normally do. The baby woke me up three times last night. One at 1 am then at 3 am and last at 5 am. It took almost 20 to 30 minutes to put the baby to sleep again it was very very tiring. Yesterday I slept with my tummy too and let me tell you it’s not easy at all. You can’t reach positions that normally you sleep in, for example facing down it was awful. I spent a really tiring night. Talking about my day now it was pretty challenging too. Today the three first hours of the day in class I had tests one of math and the other one of chemistry and having the baby cry was kind of disrupting for me and for my peers, but I managed to deal with the situation. It’s funny how in such a short time you can get to know and understand you baby, I am able to recognize almost all his cries and to help him in whatever he needs only by listening to them. I have been able to kind of forget the weigh I have on me but my back hurts a lot in its very annoying I don’t know what else to do with it. I am kind of happy and sad because tomorrow the project ends ill definitively won’t miss the belie but ill kind of miss Cayetano he has given me a life experience and a life lesson, wait for things to happen at their own pase.

Fourth day: What a day! Yesterday at night I wasn’t able to sleep as long as
Fourth day: What a day! Yesterday at night I wasn’t able to sleep as long as

Fifth day:

Last night was terrible as yesterday the baby woke me up 3 times again around the hours mentioned in the last entry but this time was worst. I felt really tired from the day before since I hadn’t slept much and I really wanted to have a rest but that wasn’t possible with the baby crying all night. It was easier to put the baby to sleep since I was able to recognize his cries and was able to attend him faster. When my alarm went off at 6:10 am a felt somewhat frustrated because I hadn’t slept enough and felt very tired, but it was kind of relieving to know that that same day I was going to return the baby. I didn’t feel happy because in a certain way I felt if I was going to Miss Cayetano but I totally felt relived since I didn’t had to take care of him anymore. I returned the baby at 10:25a.m, but I still had to where the belly and it was heavier than ever. My belie today was four kilos and may back really hurt it was tiring to carry it everywhere upstairs downstairs I felt very tired and kind of useless tasks that I normally do got very exhausting and getting to class on time is a problem too. Your are not able to move normally and have to make an effort to do simple activities. This project has really taught me a life lesson and I am very thankful to have been given the chance to live this experience.

Fifth day: Last night was terrible as yesterday the baby woke me up 3 times again
Fifth day: Last night was terrible as yesterday the baby woke me up 3 times again

Pre Project Questions:

  • 1. What do you think will become almost impossible to do with your new physical attributes?

    • I think that doing sports or any kind of activity that requires a lot of effort will

turn into something difficult to do

  • 2. Who do you think will judge you before asking what is going on in your class? (Do not name people, but their relation to you) Maybe family members that don’t know what is going on Specially grandparents that have a whole different perspective to this situation, or simply people out of my life can judge me for doing this

  • 3. What activities will not be a problem for you? Things that I normally do walking, going up stairs would not be a problem for me.

  • 4. What do you think you will gain from this experience? What will you not like about the experience?

    • I think that it is a very good method of showing us what it’s like to be a parent and how well prepared you should be to enter this unknown world. The only

thing I disagree on is that boys have to get pregnant. That is never going to happen and it is kinf of disturbing.

  • 5. Will you be able to fulfill this commitment for the entire week? Why or why not?

    • I am sure I’ll be able to finish the project first because I think it is not as

complicated as it seems and second because I really want to know how it feels to have a baby.


  • 1. What was your initial reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

I was thrilled, could not believe it.

  • 2. How was the pregnancy? (Any comforts or discomforts such as morning sickness).

Yes, I had morning sickness the first three months. After that everything went well.

  • 3. Did you have any cravings for any specific food?

Yes. I had cravings for ice cream

  • 4. Did you reach a full term pregnancy? If not, why?

Yes, it was a full term pregnancy.

  • 5. How was I born? (Natural birth or cesarean).


  • 6. What was my weight and length at birth?

Weight 7pounds 8oz

length 49cm

  • 7. How did I react immediately after birth?

Lots and lots of crying

  • 8. How long did I stay in the hospital?

Three nights

  • 9. Who came to visit us at the hospital?

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and lost of friends

  • 10. How did Mom feel after giving birth?

With lots of pain because of cesarean, but very happy and nervous

  • 11. How did Dad feel?

Dad was very happy. He wanted a little boy from day one

  • 12. How was I as a newborn? (Sleep, cry, observe, smile).

Very hyper and cried a lot

  • 13. As a newborn, did I breastfeed or bottle feed?


  • 14. How many times during the night did I wake up?

The first four months twice at night

  • 15. What would I normally do during the day?

Sleep and breastfeed

  • 16. When did I start sleeping all night?

At five months old

  • 17. What was my favorite toy?

The farm and cars

  • 18. When did I start eating pureed food?

At 6 months

  • 19. When was I able to sit on my own? Crawl? And, take my first steps?

Sit at six months, crawl at 8 months and the first steps at 10 months

  • 20. What was my first word?


  • 21. Who took care of me most of the time? Did I have any babysitters?

My mom took care of me

Post Project Questions

  • 1. Overall how do you feel about this project now that it is over? Do you think it was a worthwhile experience?

I enjoyed this project a lot and I totally think that it is a worthwhile experience because it reveled to me how complicated is to be a parent and how much commitment and effort you should have to raise a child.

  • 2. Has the project made you think more seriously about pregnancy or what it would be like to be involved in a pregnancy at your age? It totally helped me to open my eyes to a new world. I nevr had though of it the same way I do know it takes a lot of “courage”

  • 3. Did the project make you more empathetic to pregnant women overall? Did you find a new appreciation for what pregnant women experience? Yes, totally caring that belli all around the place was very tiring and made me understand how pregnant women have to live it is very complicated.

  • 4. What would you change about this project? The only thing I would change is that men should not get pregnant it is not realistic and it is not ethical. It is wrong.

  • 5. What was the hardest part of the project? The hardest part of the project was getting up at night to take care of the baby he cried a lot and it was exhausting. I really wanted to sleep more but I wasn’t able too because of the situation I was in.

  • 6. During the last week with your “child” what was the most challenging aspect of caring for your child? As I said before the waking up at night was the most challenging aspect of the project it required a lot of energy.


At the beginning of this project I did not feel happy at all. I thought it was going to be a waste of time, especially for the fact that boy had to get pregnant too. As the week went on I realized how pregnant women really feel. I steel disagree on that aspect of the project (Boys getting pregnant) but in the long run it teacher me something very valuable and I am able to see or mabe to respect pregnant woman differently now that I know how they really feel. This project has really opened my eyes to what it is being a parent. It takes a lot of commitment effort responsibility and in real cases love. It has been a very interesting project and has really taught me a lesson. For things to go right it

one’s life you should wait and go with things at their own pase. The only fact

that scares me a lot is what if some day I have to be a father at this age. If only

taking care of a robotic baby was very hard I can’t even imagine what it would

be like to take care of a real baby. This experience has been worthy and it is

something I’ll never forget and someday when I am a father I’ll be thankful

because I was able to wait for the correct moment to create a family and being

able of taking care of it with lots of love and to make everyone on it very happy thank you robotic baby. I am sure that I am not going to be a father at least

until I am 60.