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1. What are the advantages dc brushless dc motor drives? (2)
2. What are the disadvantages dc brushless dc motor drives? (2)
3. List out the various permanent magnet materials. (2)
4. Draw the magnetic equivalent circuit of 2 pole permanent magnet brushless dc motor (2)
5. Why a PMBLDC motor is called an electronically commutated motor? (2)
6. Write the torque and emf equation of square wave brushless motor. (2)
7. Mention some applications of PMBLDC motor. (2)
8. What are the differences between the mechanical and electronic Commutator? (2)
9. What are the difference between the conventional dc motor and PMBLDC motor? (2)
10. What are the classifications of PMBLDC motor? (2)
11. What are the two types of rotor position sensors? (2)
12. What are the materials used for making Hall IC pallet? (2)
13. A permanent magnet dc Commutator motor has a stall torque of 1 N-m with a stall current of
5A. Estimate its no load speed in rpm when fed from a 28 V dc voltage supply. (2)
14. A PMBLDC motor has torque constant 0.12 Nm/A referred to DC supply. Find no load
speed when connected to 48V DC supply. Find stall current and stall torque if armature
resistance = 0.15 _/phase and drop in controller transistors is 2V. (2)
15. A permanent magnet dc Commutator motor has a no-load speed of 6000 rpm when
connected to a 120V supply. The armature resistance is 2.5 and rotational and iron losses may be
neglected. Determine the speed when the supply voltage is 60V and the torque is 0.5Nm. (2)
1. Sketch the structure of controller for PMBLDC motor and explain the functions of various
blocks. (11)
2. Explain the closed loop control scheme of a permanent magnet brushless dc motor drive with
a suitable schematic diagram. (11)
3. Drive the expressions for the emf and torque of a PMBLDC motor. (11)
4. Draw the diagram of electronic Commutator. Explain the operation of electronic Commutator.
5. Discuss the use of Hall sensors for position sensing in PMBLDC motor. (11)
6. Sketch the torque-speed characteristics of a PMBLDC motor. (11)
7. Obtain the expression for voltage and torque at PMBLDC motor. (11)