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Julio Salvador Sagreras (22 November 1879 20 July 1942) was an

Argentine guitarist and om!oser" #e gave many radio !er$ormanes during

%is li$etime"
&uitarist' !edagogue and Argentinian om!oser" #is two !arents were
guitarists w%o taug%t %im t%e guitar very early" Julio (alvador (agreras
!artii!ated in onerts at t%e age o$ )" At age 12' %e studied !iano and
om!osition" #e !rogressed *ui+ly and beame a !ro$essor o$ guitar at t%e
Aad,mia de -ellas Artes" .n -uenos Aires' %e met t%e editor /raniso
Nu0e1' w%o later !ublis%ed a %undred om!ositions o$ (agreras" .n 1902 %e
o!ened %is own s%ool' Aademia de &uitarra" -etween 1900 and 193)' Julio
(agreras gave many onerts in onert %alls and saloons' and also
!artii!ated in radio releases" 4ost o$ today5s aut%oritative biogra!%ial
in$ormation on (agreras omes $rom Jaime &uisa$re5s 4aster5s t%esis
(6niversity o$ 7isonsin)"
(agreras is also +nown $or %is met%odial and well8annotated guitar
instrution series" .t onsists o$ seven boo+s t%at ta+e t%e student $rom t%e
beginner to t%e advaned stage" 9%e series is so well t%oug%t out and so
inrementally !rogressive t%at it %as o$ten been said t%at t%e student an
tea% %imsel$" /urt%er in$ormation about (agreras5 Lecciones de Guitarra
:;essons $or &uitar< an be $ound in t%e =otoral doument o$ -rent 4>i+e
(="4" .ndiana 6niversity' 2004)' The Guitar Lessons of Julio Sagreras: A
Study in Fingering, Articulation, and Application w%i% is in t%e ar%ives o$ t%e
&uitar /oundation o$ Ameria (&/A) in A+ron' ?#" .n addition to (agreras5
Lecciones... ot%er $amous wor+s $or guitar inlude Maria Luisa (a ma1ur+a)'
El Zoral (@stilo)' !ioletas (7alt1)' and t%e virtuosi El "oli#ri"