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By: Tabitha Gay
The following is a S.W.O.T. analysis of parent involvement, high school retention and
student curriculum for Star International Academy. The S.W.O.T. analysis examines the
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the above objectives. The academy
receives resources and funds for increase in the above opportunities through Title I,
31A, and grants. Data has been gathered through staff surveys and will be analyzed for
future planning and development to increase overall academy success aligned with the
mission and vision.
Objective: To improve retention and appeal to high school students by increasing the
number of extracurricular activities, thereby increasing graduating seniors rate.
1. Have a variety of highly skills
educators willing to create/
support an after school activity
2. Started a football program
3. Have an athletic director who
monitors student progress in the
1. Not enough variety especially for
female sports
2. Staff not always clear on what
would appeal to students
3. No school plays, dances, etc as
compared to the local district
1. Students willing to form
committees and support teachers
in creating these
2. Active parent involvement would
help raise funds to support
through the PTC
1. Students who do not feel
comfortable could feel pressured
by peers
2. Administration could receive
backlash from the community
3. Training of teachers would be
imperative to ensure safety of
students is not compromised
Objective: To improve parent involvement in the older grades, thereby creating a
partnership amongst parents and teachers.
1. Teachers are willing to
communicate with parents
2. Keep communication logs; mostly
email and telephone
3. Parents trust teachers to meet
students academic needs
1. Parents do not feel comfortable
coming to the school
2. Culturally they leave education up
to the teacher
3. Do not fulll the volunteer
requirements as outlined in the
parent compact
1. Teachers are able to stay after
school and meet with parents
2. Administration is able to create
parent involvement activities
3. Students support and want to
bring their parents to the building
to have them share
1. Security could be a concern and
threatened with a multitude of
people entering the building
2. Condentiality is threatened if
parents notice academic
struggles amongst students
3. Volunteer training would be
Objective: To improve curriculum with further rigor and relevance, thereby increasing
student achievement.
1. Parents support changes in
curriculum to meet skills needed
in the 21st century
2. Teachers are well equipped and
capable of teaching using a
variety of strategies
3. Money is available to use towards
supplemental resources
1. Many traditional board members
and administration
2. Technical support would need an
3. Teacher collaboration on what
resources should be purchased
1. Teachers are willing to form
committees to review resource
2. Lead instructional administration
are willing to support teacher
3. Collaboration amongst the tech
1. Resources may not be within the
scal budget
2. Technology upgrade delays
student achievement
3. Buy in from other staff members
may have resistance