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Key Content Standad!"#$ L%"t t&e 'o()*ete te+t o, on*y t&e e*e-ant )at" o, ea'& "tandad. TPE$ 1 / 0
1. 1.1 Read and write whole numbers in the millions.
Le""on O12e't%-e$ 3&at do yo4 5ant "t4dent" to 6no5 and 1e a1*e to do7 TPE$ 1, 8 / 0
Students will be able to write whole numbers in the millions as well as read them through the process of writing checks.
A""e""(ent$ 9o(a* and In,o(a* A""e""(ent. TPE$ 2 / 3
3&at e-%den'e 5%** t&e "t4dent" )od4'e to "&o5 t&ey &a-e (et t&e *ean%n: o12e't%-e7 Students will show evidence that
they have met the learning objective in different ways. Students will be checked for understanding throughout the lesson in
order to identify if students are capable of completing the final assessment on their own. The final assessment would show if
students understood how to write numbers in the millions by demonstration on their checks they will be receiving.
3&at (od%,%'at%on" o, t&e a1o-e a""e""(ent 5o4*d yo4 4"e ,o *an:4a:e *eane" and;o "t4dent" 5%t& ")e'%a* need"7
Students who are language learners and/or students with special needs will have the chart with place values available for them
to have as a point of reference if they have any questions. This will be serve as visual support.
Pee<4%"%te S6%**", Kno5*ed:e and E+)e%ent%a* =a'6:o4nd". TPE$ 4 / >
Pee<4%"%te "6%**" ,o( )%o "'&oo* e+)e%en'e" Students will need to use prior school experiences in math in order for
them to understand and meet the lesson objective of the day. Students will be using their prior knowledge of place value as
well as the terms million, thousand, ones. Students will also be using their number sense as well in order to correctly identify
the number that is being displayed.
State:y to 'onne't "'&oo* *ean%n: 5%t& )%o e+)e%ent%a* 6no5*ed:e and;o '4*t4a* 1a'6:o4nd
Students will connect their school learning to prior experiential knowledge of money and checks. ot all students will have
heard or know about what checks are or what they are used for. Students will share out if they know what checks are and what
they know about them thus allowing for other students to gain an understanding of what the purpose of checks are.
Pe-a""e""(ent "tate:y Students will be asked about the place value of the numbers on the board in order to gain an
understanding of whether or not hey are at a level to learn the objective of the lesson. Students need to have a firm grasp on
place values in order for the learning objective to be met. Therefore if students have an understanding of place values as well
as millions, thousands, and ones then students! "#$ will be at an appropriate level to gain an understanding of how to write
and read the numbers to the millions.
A'ade(%' Lan:4a:e. TPE$ ? / 0
3&at 'ontent ")e'%,%' -o'a14*ay, te+t "t4't4e", "ty*%"t%', o :a((at%'a* ,eat4e" 5%** 1e e+)*%'%t*y ta4:&t7 Students
will be taught the terms written form to represent that they will be writing out the numbers. Students will be taught the method
in order to write and arrange the numbers and words in the correct order for their number to be correct when read.
E<4%ty. TPE$ 4, @, 8, ? / >
Ao5 5%** ALL *eane" en:a:e7 !-ay%n: a'ade(%' a1%*%t%e", '4*t4a* 1a'6:o4nd", and *an:4a:e *e-e*"# Be"'%1e yo4
d%,,eent%ated %n"t4't%ona* "tate:y. %ll learners will be able to be engaged in the lesson in different ways. There will be
lots of visuals and corresponding colors that will make this lesson easier to follow for students from varying academic abilities
as well as cultural backgrounds and languages. Students who are at a higher academic level will be challenged to write their
own numbers on the checks and convert their number to written instead of just writing out the standard form that has been
provided on the checks. Students will also have opportunities to pair share about answers in order to gain further
In"t4't%ona* Lean%n: State:%e" to S4))ot St4dent Lean%n:. TPE$ 1, 4, @, 8, 0 / 10
&hat will the teacher do to '( stimulate/motivate students by connecting the lesson to experiential backgrounds, interests and prior
learning, )( identify learning outcomes *( present material, guide practice, and build independent learning, +( monitor student learning
during instruction, and ,( build metacognitive understanding.
L%"t 5&at t&e tea'&e 5%** 1e do%n: and 5&at t&e "t4dent" 5%** 1e do%n:.
T%(e Tea'&e St4dent" Re"o4'e";
Good (on%n: '*a"". Ta6e a *oo6 at t&%"
*a:e )%e'e o, )a)e !'&e'6# t&at I &a-e
,o4nd. 3&o 6no5" 5&at t&%" %"7
Good. 3&at ae '&e'6" 4"ed ,o7
Ad4*t" do 4"e '&e'6" to )ay ,o t&%n:" o
e-en 5&en t&ey ae )a%d ,o( 5o6.
Today 5e ae :o%n: to 1e *ean%n: &o5 to
5%te '&e'6" t&at ae ,o -ey *a:e
Let" ,%"t e-%e5 5&at 5e *eaned ,o(
ye"teday. 3e *eaned )*a'e -a*4e.
!"&o5 t&e )*a'e -a*4e '&at 5e (ade ,o(
t&e day 1e,oe#
In ode to 5%te '&e'6" o4t 5e need to 1e
a1*e to 5%te t&e "tandad ,o( %nto 5%tten
,o(. 3e need to 6no5 )o)e )*a'e -a*4e
%n ode to do t&%".
Ae*) (e aan:e t&e"e )*a'e -a*4e" %nto t&e
'oe't ode. M. Ka5ana ,o:ot 5&at
ode t&e"e 1e*on: %n.
S&o5 M%**%on, T&o4"and, and One" 5od".
Ta*6 to yo4 )atne to d%"'4"" t&e ode
t&%" need" to :o %n.
O6 5&at do 5e t&%n67
3ONBER9UL. O6 no5 t&at yo4 &e*)ed
(e e(e(1e t&e 'oe't ode 5e 'an
"tat 5%t%n: o4 '&e'6"C
Tea'&e 5%** )o-%de a n4(1e on t&e
To 5%te t&%" n4(1e yo4 &a-e to ,o'4" on
t&e t&ee d%,,eent )at", 5&%'& ae no5
3&en yo4 5%te t&e n4(1e %n 5od ,o(
yo4 "ay t&e n4(1e and t&en add on t&e
)*a'e -a*4e at t&e end. On'e yo4 &a-e "a%d
%t. No5 yo4 'an 5%te %tC
E+. 83 and t&en add (%**%on to t&e end.
D4"t a" 5e ead ,o( *e,t to 5%te 5e ae
do%n: t&e "a(e t&%n: 5%t& 5%t%n: t&e"e
Ne+t$ 422 and add t&e )*a'e -a*4e o,
9%na**y$ @?3.
So 5e 5%** 1e 5%t%n: t&e n4(1e" o4t 24"t
*%6e t&%".
3&at do 5e do7
St4dent" 5%** 1e t&%n6%n: a1o4t 5&at t&e %te( %".
St4dent" (ay e")ond 5%t& an"5e o, '&e'6.
St4dent" 5%** 1e d%"'4""%n: 5&at '&e'6" ae 4"ed
St4dent" 5%** 1e d%"'4""%n: t&e 'oe't ode t&e
5od" need to :o %n.
St4dent" 5%** &e*) (e aan:e t&e 5od" %n t&e
'oe't ode.
St4dent" 5%** 1e ead%n: t&e n4(1e".
E+. 83
St4dent" 5%** 1e ead%n: t&e n4(1e"
E+. 422
E+. @?3
St4dent" 5%** 1e ete**%n: 5&at 5e ae do%n:.
1. "tat ,o( *e,t to %:&t.
2. Say t&e n4(1e, and t&en add t&e )*a'e
-versi.ed check
#lace value chart
/ut outs of the
words0 1illion.
Thousand, -ne
I 5ant yo4 to ty and )a't%'e 5&at yo4
24"t to*d (e a1o4t. I 5%** 1e )a""%n: o4t
'&e'6" t&at a*eady &a-e t&e "tandad ,o(
5%tten. A** yo4 need to do %" &e*) (e 5%te
t&e 5%tten ,o( on t&e ")a'e )o-%ded.
Can "o(eone "&ae 5%t& (e "o(et&%n: t&ey
*eaned today7
Yo4 'an 4"e 5&at yo4 *eaned today %, yo4
,%end", ,a(%*y, o e*at%-e" ae 5%t%n:
3. T&en :o to t&e ne+t one on t&e %:&t.
St4dent" 5%** )a't%'e 5%t%n: n4(1e" %n 5%tten %n
5%tten ,o(.
Aa-e "t4dent" "&ae o4t.
/hecks with
amount filled out
as well as a few
blank checks for
students who
want a challenge.