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Africas Plea

Roland Tombekai Dempster

Roland Tombekai Dempster (1910 1965)

as an African writer and literary figure. He was
born in Tosoh (on the banks of Lake Piso),
Grand Cape Mount County in the Republic of
Liberia. He wrote The Mystic Reformation of
Gondolia in 1953. On January 4, 1960, he
wrote A Song Out of Midnight: Souvenir of the
Tubman-Tolbert Inauguration. He also wrote
the poem Africa's Plea.

I am not you
But you will not
Give me a chance,
Will not let me be me.

If I were you
but you know
I am not you,
Yet you will not
Let me be me.

You meddle, interfere
In my affairs
As if they were yours
And you were me.

You are unfair, unwise,
Foolish to think
That I can be you,
Talk, act
And think like you

God made me me.
He made you you.
For Gods sake
Let me be me.

Comprehension Questions

1. What plea is made?

2. Who is making the

3. To whom is the
plea addressed?

4. If I were you is a line
enclosed in quotation
marks. Who could be the

5. Enumerate what
colonizers do to the
colonized people.

6. What happens to or
becomes of the colonized

7. How does it feel to be
colonized? Would you like
to experience what our
ancestors experienced?
Why or why not?