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Farewell, My Dear Friends

Change can be the one thing people fear the most. It is to say, like Hernan Cortes once
declared, Burn your ships and forget about your past and start a new life. How scary. Should
I burn all my ships?
When I clicked on the Pay bottom to enroll for college, I grew bitterly shocked the whole
week. I could not believe myself. Why would I do so if finally my dream was coming true? But I
was scared. I was scared of going far, far away from home to begin a new life. I thought about
the interminable problems I could encounter at Bates College with food, dorms, friends,
studies. Then, I thought about this new shift in my life as one of those obstacles one could fight
with dedication and passion. Possibly, I could cope with problems as many other thousands of
students have done before, but still, doubt conquered my thoughts. I felt threated by change,
as if I will die out with time.
In the next couple of weeks, I meditated about my fear. I should not be scared to leave
my country. I am not going to leave my country entirely. I will be taking with me memories, as
well as I will be leaving some to those that I love. Per se, they are the ship that I will never
burn. Why would I want to forget the story about Waba and the waba hitting his eye,
Marisitas smile during the day and during the night, Luchos neurotic attacks and conversions
into Don Quixote, Merrys rebellion and jumping hormones, Pablitos admirable intelligence
and Micas, Estefis, and Victos admirable beauty, Nico Teppers skillfulness in the arts, Aris
Compaerita and AP Calc cries, Andrades stunning hair, better than mine, by the way, and
many other small memories about all my brothers and sisters that I would never burn and
never forget. Now I ask you, my dear friends, since when did you get so pretty and so
handsome? Since when did you become the best hipsters of all? Since Dani Arcos hair got so
crazy and Sergios afro so blond or since laughing with Juano was unstoppable and Julis
comments in Spanish so annoying? Uff you people... Since when? Will I ever dare burn you
I simply want to tell you all, that even though I am going away to start a fresh, new life,
as many of you, I will remember each and every one of you. You were the ones who supported
your crazy, stressed fellow in school and outside of school. Your admiration and compliments
made me stand every day to anything. I now understand that I do not have to worry if I go to
Bates College. You have been my obstacles as well as my freeways that have shaped me into
the well-rounded person I am today. Look at your mothers and fathers, how lucky they are of
having as sons and daughters my brothers and sisters, those insane and warm-hearted teens
that I love and will love forever and ever, Amen.