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Dr. Egbert, Professor of Education Ph.D.; Ed.

Specialist; & SPED

Date: ___________
Dr. Egbert
Name:_Anny Firth__ Plan of Action Assignment
CSI Major: Elm. E!cation ED"C #$%
Inicate "ni&ersity'College (transfer instit!tion):_Iaho State "ni&ersity__
P!r*ose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to address the graduation
requirements for your major and to address the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year
institution. Please address the questions below. Please type your responses.
1. What courses are you currently taking this semester?
Math !"# $%&' ()# and *panish 1)1
. What courses do you need to graduate with your AA degree? +Please see ,ena Pa-ton to get a copy
of your Degree A!it# if you ha.e problems. ,ena is located in the Matri- in the Taylor /dministration
0uilding on the '*1 campus2 you can also email her at 5therwise# go to My'*1 under
your grades option.
M&*, 1)) and 66# 71*T 111# Physical *cience# $89 1"!# *5': 1)1# '5MM 1)1# and
015 1))
6. 7a.e you applied for '*1 graduation? +https;<<<forms<students=forms<gradapp<4
8o# because 1 ha.e at least one more full year.
>. 7a.e you completed '*1?s 'omputer ,iteracy /ssessment? +http;<<<4
8o# but am planning on doing so this upcoming wee@
!. What are the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year institution? What are the
application ealines+ 1f you plan to apply for scholarshi*s# what are the scholarship
application deadlines? 7a.e you applied for financial ai+
:es# 1 ha.e applied for financial aid. %ec. 1
is the application deadline for 1*&.
732-6890; FAX: 732-6797 John C. Hepworth Higher Edu!tion Center" 3#$ F!%%& A'enue (e&t" )win F!%%&" *+ 83303-#238 Page
A. %oes your chosen four-year institution require Pra-is 1 +or other tests4? What scores are
needed? What are the dates for Pra-is 1 +or other tests4? %o these tests ha.e to be completed
before the application deadline? 1f so# how long does it ta@e to process test scores?
B Pra-is Website;
:es# 1*& does require the Pra-is. *core need to be math 1A(# reading 1"# and
writing 1">. *e.eral test dates are a.ailable until /ug. 1A. :es the Pra-is does
need to be completed before the application deadline and could ta@e 6-> wee@s to
process the test scores.