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Biology SL/HL Immune System Review Questions

1. Annotate each item in the following list as a component of non-specific immunity:

a. lysozyme
b. phagocytes
c. memory B-cells
d. antibodies
2. Leprosy is caused by Mycobacterium leprae and causes damage to the skin and
peripheral neres. !he "orld #ealth Assembly set a target for the $elimination of
leprosy as a public health problem% by 2&&&. 'limination was defined as a
prealence of less than one case per 1&(&&& population.
!he figure below shows the prealence and new-case detection rate for leprosy
in )ndia oer an 1*-year period.
a. +educe the year in which the programme was implemented. ,1-
b. +iscuss the success of the programme in:
i. reducing the number of people suffering from the disease ,1-
ii. preenting new cases. ,2-
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6. "hich of the following e9plains clonal selection/
a. :emory cells are present at birth.
b. Antigens actiate specific immune responses.
c. !he body selects which antigen it wil respond to.
d. ;eople with similar genes respond to antigens in a similar way.
2. a. '9plain why #)< infection leads to decreased effectieness of the immune
system. ,2-
b. =utline one specific disease in humans caused by a prokaryotic pathogen(
including the name of the pathogen and its mode of transmission and
possible effects. ,5-
c. '9palin the production of antibodies. ,*-
5. !he figure below represents the clotting process. 1tate what is represented by
each letter. ,2-
4. a. =utline the role of skin and mucous membranes in defence against
pathogens. ,2-
b. +escribe the production of monoclonal antibodies and their use in diagnosis
and in treatment. ,*-
>. !he figure below compare the distribution and fre?uency of polio cases globally
at the start of an eradication campaign and then 22 years later.
a. @ompare the global distribution of polio cases in 13** and 2&1&. ,6-
b. @omment on the claim that polio has been eradicated on four continents.
c. )n 2&&*( 1452 cases of polio were reported across 1* countries. 1uggest
reasons for polio not haing been eradicated. ,6-
d. 'aluate the success of the campaign to eradicate polio. ,2-
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