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Grays Convent School BCS Revision notes – Working


A Positive Working Environment

1. The office is decorated in a pleasant manner. The colours used are
neutral or pastel shades such as cream pale blue or green.
2. Carpets are used, reducing noise levels.
3. Offices are regularly/daily cleaned. Desktops and computers especially
monitors are clean and relatively dust-free.
4. Walls are decorated with framed pictures.
5. Notice boards are well maintained.
6. Desks and chairs are comfortable with adjustable chairs for computer
users that are cushioned in a colour scheme in fitting with the rest of the
7. The office is well lit with ample amounts of natural light meeting health
and safety regulations.
8. The office is well ventilated and heated.

A Negative Working Environment

1. The office is decorated using dull or extremely bright and contrasting
2. Floor vinal or tiles are used resulting in an unnecessary rise in noise
3. Offices are dirty with bins not emptied regularly. Computers are dusty,
keyboards dirty and desks littered with paper in an untidy manner.
4. Walls are dirty with wallpaper that is ripped in places or paint that is
chipped in areas.
5. Notice boards are not evident or are littered with notices.
6. Steel furniture or furniture that is not comfortable, or in fitting with the
colour scheme of the office is evident.
7. The office is poorly lit with very little or no natural light.
8. Poorly heated offices with little or no ventilation.