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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sue Renfrow RN, BSN

Carpal Tunnel
*Entrapment neuropathy that occurs when the median nerve at the wrist
is compressed by a flexor tendon sheath.
*Repetitive hand activities
Signs and Symptons
Assessment & Diagnosis
*Tinel’s test (pop wrist with finger-will feel pain if positive test)
*Phalen Test (bend wrist with hands down- pain, numbness, and
*Nerve conduction test
*Ergonomic changes
*Cortisone shots
*Surgery (24-48 will be flexing fingers)
Nursing Diagnosis
*Peripheral neurovascular dysfunction
*Acute pain
*Self-care deficit
*Risk for infection
Nursing Interventions
*Neurovascular assessment
*Motor function
*Pain control

Make sure bandage is not too tight

do finger exercised

teach how to do ADL’s