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Curriculum Connection

February 6, 2014
Friendly Reminders
* February 11 RTI2 Meeting 4:15 Primary
* Literacy Support Session 4:30 6:30 @ East
Ridge Elementary
* February 17 NO SCHOOL!!!
* February 18 Faculty Meeting CANCELLED
* February 19 Picture Day
* February 20 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Book
Study (this is taking the place of the February
Faculty Meeting). The book study will take
place at East Brainerd Church of Christ and
dinner will be served!
* February 25 Leadership Team Meeting
Math Support Session 4:30-
6:30 @ East Ridge Elementary
Seen and heard
* Science Integration
Students using
the iPads to research cell organisms. They are
creating flipbooks based on the information they
Students using iPads/laptops to
research animals. Students are using
information they find to create accurate
illustrations and detailed facts in a nonfiction
Fantastic Team Planning!!! Keep
it up!!!!
Graders doing a wonderful job on their
Writing Assessment! Even though we ran into
some issues technical issues the first day, they
have continued to give 100% (Id show you a
picture, but you know that would be a breach of
security ). A big thank you to Mr. Anderson
and Mrs. Rector for keeping their cool when the
entire MIST site went down YIKES!
* Kindergarten celebrating the 100
Day of
School! YIPPEE!!! I sure wish I had a picture
of all the senior citizens walking around EBE on
Monday! Keep those developmentally
appropriate and curriculum based celebrations
coming WE LOVE THEM!
Literacy and Math Links
If you would like to integrate
current events into your literacy/math
blocks then you may consider visiting
the links below. These links will provide
you with ideas for teaching and sharing
information about the 2014 Winter
education/64877.html - This is
the official site for information about the
4ddb-a77f-6d69507e0533 - This site
talks about the science of the winter
events. It has segments related to
physics, motion, and mathematics.
31068.html - ReadWriteThink has
provided several literacy/language arts
based lessons and activities related to the
Winter Olympics.

Helping all Students Succeed
with Pinterests Help!

Flu, cold, and I need a mental health day season
is upon us and we have a question for YOU! Do
you have your emergency sub plans ready to
Curriculum Connection

February 6, 2014
go??? If you answered no then you may want to
visit the link below as it will help you prepare
your emergency sub plans. Dont forget to tell
your neighbors where this folder/basket will be
located so they can easily find it on the day you
are out!

Are your students restless??? Visit the link
below for some new brain break activities!


Administrative Planning will take place Monday
and Tuesday during your planning time. Pod A
(Math) will meet Monday and Pod B (Literacy)
will meet on Tuesday. This is a change from
what was stated in the Leadership Team meeting
due to a previously scheduled Principals

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Curriculum Connection

December 4, 2013