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Pat Palleschi, Ph.D.

11500 Olympic Suite 400

LA CA 90064
(310) 312-4595

8ecommendauon for Marco Cassone !uly 2012

Marco Cassone ls one of Lhe smarLesL sLudenLs l have ever encounLered ln my 30 years ln
and around Lhe Crganlzauonal uevelopmenL buslness.
Pe has acuLe sensluvlLy Lo Lhe lndlvldual's menLal models and he can help oLhers break
Lhrough Lhelr own models Lo conslder and/or adopL new ones. (1hls sklll was probably
honed aL hls M-acL & noLeworLhy Muslc lnsuLuLes). Pe can make oLhers shlne and
encourage paruclpauon. Pe knows how Lo creaLe A PA" momenLs for oLhers. l belleve he
has an lnLuluve undersLandlng of group behavlor, buL l Lhlnk he wlll soak up Lhe skllls
requlred by a good faclllLaLor of groups.
Marco gravlLaLes Loward Lhe concepLual. Pe wlll be able Lo eecuvely use Lhe Lools LhaL
epperdlne's program wlll provlde. Pe wlll probably be able Lo furLher Lhe Lheory and
pracuce of Cu Lhrough hls keen lnslghLs. l can see hlm as a scholar furLherlng Lhe eld.
Marco ls very sLraLeglc, however, he reLalns Lhe ablllLy Lo also be very deLall orlenLed. 1he
class has occaslonally frusLraLed hlm, buL he soldlers on Lo keep Lhe class progresslng. Pe
has developed sLrong relauonshlps aL Anuoch wlLh Lhe A" players ln Lhe class, whlle
reachlng ouL Lo help Lhe 8" players.
Pe ls playful and fun - maklng Lhe mosL dry of sub[ecLs (sysLems Lhlnklng) a [oy Lo learn. Pls
zesL for learnlng was lnfecuous - even Lo Lhe mosL reslsLanL sLudenLs. Pe has also been
helpful Lo me as an educaLor. Pe helped Lo creaLe a class wlkl LhaL ls noL only words, buL ls
vlsually exclung.
Marco ls noL perfecL (and who ls?). Pls ablllLy Lo concepLuallze and conslder all sldes of a
slLuauon occaslonally causes hlm Lo slow down Lhe change process. l have noL seen hlm acL
Lhls way wlLh groups, however, he can LorLure hlmself wlLh analysls of personal opuons.
Marco Cassone wlll be an asseL Lo epperdlne and Lo Lhe eld of Crganlzauon uevelopmenL.
aLrlcla alleschl, h.u.
11500 Olympic Suite 400, LA, CA 90064 (310) 312-4595