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Marco's ersona| Deve|opment Contract

SLarL Aprll 2013 uslng a modled S..l.n.L. model Lnd AugusL 2014
Amrm|ng auerns Dep|enng auerns Goa|]Cutput Demonstranon S.M.A.k.1. Lxamp|es
lnvesung ln splrlLual reserve,
reecuve & self-aware, have a
generally posluve ouLlook
Someumes lazy ln splrlLual
pracuce, noL presenL, run by
lnner commluee members
MalnLaln sense of well-belng
& calm vla splrlLual acuvlues,
pracuces, &/or experlences
1-2 dally medlLauon/wk + 1-2
8uddhlsL mLgs/qLr + 1-2 ma[or
reLreaLs (eru), gardenlng
CollecL collaLeral, emalls, or
calendars showlng splrlLual
acuvlLy & paruclpauon
naLurally mouvaLed Lowards
healLh when l make ume,
hlsLory of regular physlcal
exerclse, good genes
Lazy, LhoughLless abouL dleL,
explred gym membershlp,
heavy caelne addlcuon
(leLharglc & blg mood swlngs)
8e-lnserL conLrol ln physlcal
well-belng, rouune exerclse,
nuLrluonal supplemenLs,
resLore medlcal coverage
ConsulL cllnlcal nuLrluonlsL,
[ulclng pracuce, swlLch Lo Lea
or decaf, Lrack 1-2/wk yoga/
workouL reglmen
8ecelpLs for supplemenLs &
[ulcer, cal of weekly exerclse,
new healLh lnsurance pollcy +
chlropracuc as needed
SmarL, sLrong aL ldeas/analysls,
hlghly creauve, & menLally
acuve & engaged
SLuck ln head, over-Lhlnklng,
menLal burnouL, overwhelm,
lack of focus/clarlLy/sLrucLure
CreaLer menLal balance by
achlevlng Lherapeuuc goals on
boundarles & lnLegrauon
1-on-1 counsellng sesslons for
Lools/pracuces for focus &
lncreased menLal clarlLy
Compleuon leuer for 24
Lherapy sesslons from LACLC
menLal healLh servlces
naLurally arusuc, hlgh ldeauon,
creauve, self-expressed, need
goals/LargeLs for creauvlLy
leel less balanced/allve w/ouL
arusuc ouLleL, creauvlLy geLs
used lnapproprlaLely
uC nC1 leL my muslc career &
creauvlLy dle, nd/deslgn
regular arusuc acuvlues
Auend/perform 2-3 muslcal
evenLs/qLr, allow creauvlLy ln
Alchemy conLrlbuuons
ConcerL programs/uckeLs,
emalls/plcs, examples of
creauve expresslon
Love of learnlng, dlscoverlng,
& glvlng 100 Lo my sLudy &
professlonal developmenL
Lack of eecuve use of ume
managemenL skllls, Loo much
personal llfe, spread Loo Lhln
Lessen unnecessary personal
complexlLy, success on AS1u
8ou & as Alchemy M/champ
Achlevable uC & 2013 AS1u
8ou role, research & auenuon
on professlonal developmenL
CollaLeral sLudylng personal
eecuveness, AS1u, &/or
progress/achlevemenL emalls

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