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Eric Wiltsher in Poprad, SVK
Leigh Banks, UK
Rachel Brunsden, Australia

Date: 04 July 2014

Rach has started a new version of the Apprentice and is walking around saying Your
Fired to everyone, Leighs suffering as its true he does drive a Rolls Can Ardly, and Eric
cant wait as hes off flying his helicopter.

Paul Mazursky, Director, dies at 84

Qantas Plane Springs Leak
Samsung is to stop producing plasma televisions (PDP TVs) by 30 November 2014
YOUR DUMPED two ladies tell boyfriend
Robbie Williams given Freedom of Stoke-on-Trent
Adrenaline flows in the US
The Who begin saying their 'long goodbye'
Monty Python are back or are they?
Dublin Council refuses permission for two concerts by Garth Brooks
Ooo Eck, Headbanging Causes Blood Clot For Metal Fan
Dolly Parton has youngsters singing along at Glastonbury Pyramid stage
Facebook faces UK probe over emotion study
ISPs take legal action against GCHQ
Lunchtime football ban
European Court upholds French full veil ban
Excuse me the Commonwealth Games are in Britain you free spirited Aussies
Bogan Hunters reveals seven finalists in its search for Australias Greatest Bogan
Australia's prison system cant cope with the crims
Sky News Blocks Google, no its Google taking the Mick