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Draft schedule for A2 Media Production

Autumn term


Weeks 1-5

Research and Planning
Creating Group blog/website
developing skill sets including lming, lighting, use of tracking and editing using FC Pro
Test shooting, location nding, animatics, storyboarding, risk assessment etc.
Drafting of ancillaries: Digipak and Print Adverts

Week 6-7

Production lming window
Main shooting, behind the scenes lming, photoshoots

Week 8-10

First cut of Music Video shared with peers through social Media by end of half term
Draft ancillaries: Digipak and adverts shared through social media
Feedback sort using google forms or similar

Week 11-15

Complete further edits of all products
Collect further feedback on products to inform edits
rene research and ensure individual contributions to blogs clear - colour coded

End of Autumn term

Submit all products: MV and ancillaries
Submit draft blog for feedback

Essays Assignments:

1 Music Video Theory - due Oct 1st (1000-1500 words)
2 Importance of research and planning to production - due Nov 1st (1000-1500 words)
3 The ways in which media technology impact on MV post production and promotion - due
Dec 1st (1000-1500 words)

Spring Term


Evaluation documentaries - prepare answers to all questions in detail ensuring that you
address the theoretical and practical issues. Consider the form you use.
Film, voice and edit documentaries to be completed by February half term


Section A exam practice

Half term


Continued practice with Section A
Collective Identity and Representation studies leading to individual case studies and
independent research
Open book exam testing and presentation
Tutorials and Vivas


Final snagging of group blogs/websites ensuring all elements are working fully and that all
submissions are complete, spell checked, grammar checked and referenced where

Summer Term


CW submitted May 2015 online


Continue with Section A and B development

Exam: June 2015