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1. Suppose an input signal to a -law
compressor has a positive voltage and
an amplitude 25% of the maximum
possible. Calculate the output voltage as
a percentage of the maximum output.

A. 75.2% * C. 72.5%
B. 50.1% D. 62.5%

2. What parameter that most affects
transmission of high-speed modem

A. Phase distortion *
B. Phase shift
C. Amplitude
D. Frequency

3. With a CW transmit frequency of 5 GHz,
calculate the Doppler frequency seen by
a stationary radar when the target radial
velocity is 100 km/h.

A. 927 Hz * C. 927 kHz
B. 729 Hz D. 972 Hz

4. Calculate the length of a quarter-wave
monopole antenna for a frequency of
1000 kHz.

A. 75.1 m C. 87.5 m
B. 71.9 m D. 71.3 m *

5. What exchange is used to connect
between central offices when a direct
trunk is not available?

A. Local
B. Digital
C. Tandem *
D. Crossbar

6. Two sounds of 4 W and 10 W powers
are produced at ground level at a
distance of 10 m and 20 m respectively
from a listener. If the ground is level,
unobstructed and non-absorbing, what
will be the SPL of the sound heard by
the listener?

A. 100 dB * C. 96 dB
B. 86 dB D. 76 dB

7. What component in the telephone set
has the primary function of interfacing
the handset to the local loop?

A. Induction coil *
B. Varistor
C. Capacitor
D. Compensating coil

8. An asynchronous communications
system uses ASCII at 9600 bps, with
eight data bits, one start bit, one stop
bit, and no parity bits. Calculate the
maximum percent efficiency in this

A. 100 %
B. 80 % *
C. 90 %
D. 75 %

9. A telephone, often an 800 toll-free
number, which spells something, such
as 1-800-LIBRARY is called _______.

A. Vanity line *
B. Specialty line
C. Specialization line
D. Customized line

10. A horn antenna has a gain of 15 dBi at
10 GHz. What is its gain at 15 GHz?

A. 18.5 dB * C. 20.1 dB
B. 28.6 dB D. 14.5 dB

11. What is an ITU-T recommendation for
Group 3 fax machines?

A. T.3
B. T.5
C. T.6 *
D. T.4

12. Given that a half-wave dipole has a gain
of 2.14 dBi, calculate the electric field
strength at a distance of 10 km in free
space in the direction of maximum
radiation from a half-wave dipole that is
fed, by means of lossless, matched line,
by a 15 W transmitter.

A. 2.71 V/m C. 2.71 mV/m *
B. 2.71 V/m D. 2.71 kV/m

13. Who coined the computer terms bit
and software?

A. J. Turin
B. J. Turret
C. J. Monty
D. J. Tukey *

14. For the safety and comfort of factory
workers, the sound-intensity level in a
certain factory must remain below 85
dB. What is the maximum sound
intensity allowed in this factory?

A. 3.2 x 10
B. 3.2 x 10

C. 3.2 x 10

D. 3.2 x 10

15. Teletex is an ITU-T standard for text and
message transmission replacing the
Telex. The teletex is ____ times faster
than the telex.

A. 100
B. 50 *
C. 25
D. 10

16. A microwave radio system uses 256-
QAM, that is, there are 256 possible
amplitude and phase combinations.
How many bits per symbol does it use?

A. 3 C. 5
B. 7 D. 8 *

17. In reverberation chamber method, what
volume of the chamber is required if the
absorption coefficient is to be measured
at 1000 Hz?
A. 0.35 m
* C. 0.45 m

B. 0.25 m
D. 0.55 m

18. In PCM, assuming uniform quantization,
what is the signal-to-noise ratio in dB for
an 8-bit code word?

A. 49.8 dB *
B. 48.9 dB
C. 94.8 dB
D. 84.9 dB

19. Calculate the operating frequency for a
helical antenna that consists of 10 turns
with a spacing of 10 cm and a diameter
of 12.7 cm.

A. 750 MHz * C. 750 GHz
B. 900 MHz D. 1800 MHz

20. What is the duty cycle of a radar with a
PW of 3 s and a PRT of 6 ms?

A. 0.05 C. 0.005
B. 0.5 D. 0.0005 *

21. A digital transmission has an error
probability of 10
and is 10
bits long.
Calculate the expected number of error

A. 10
* C. 10
B. 10
D. 10

22. Calculate also the BER of the above

A. 10
* C. 10
B. 10
D. 10

23. A Yagi antenna has a gain of 10 dBi and
a front-to-back ratio of 15 dB. It is
located 15 km from a transmitter with an
ERP of 100 kW at a frequency of 10
MHz. The antenna is connected to a
receiver via a matched feedline with a
loss of 2 dB. Calculate the signal power
supplied to the receiver if the antenna is
pointed directly toward the transmitting

A. 26.2 W C. 26.2 kW
B. 26.2 mW * D. 26.2 W

24. What refers to a mobile station identifier
sent over the air interface and is
assigned dynamically by the network to
the mobile station?

A. Transient Mobile Station Identifier
B. Virtual Mobile Station Identifier
C. Host Mobile Station Identifier
D. Temporary Mobile Station Identifier *

25. A type of emission is produced when an
amplitude modulated transmitter is
modulated by a facsimile signal.

A. A3F
B. F3F
C. A3C *
D. F3C

26. Calculate the maximum range of a
deep-space radar operating at 2.5 GHz
and using a peak pulse power of 25
MW. The antenna diameter is 64 m, the
target cross section 1 m
and, because
a maser amplifier is used, the receiver
noise figure is only 1.1. Furthermore,
because of the low PRF to allow the
pulses to return from long distances
(and thus the wide pulses used), the
receiver bandwidth is only 5 kHz.

A. 13700 km
B. 123700 km
C. 132700 km *
D. 132500 km

27. Which type of microphone operates on
the principle that the electrical
resistance of carbon granules varies as
the pressure on the granules vary?

A. Dynamic
B. Crystal
C. Carbon *
D. Ribbon-type

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28. In FM fax, the frequencies for black and
white are _______ respectively.

A. 1500 and 2300 Hz *
B. 2300 and 1500 Hz
C. 1300 an 2400 Hz
D. 1070 and 1270 Hz

29. Calculate the required via net loss for a
satellite link with a one-way delay of 250
A. 250 dB C. 50.4 dB *
B. 40.5 dB D. 25 dB

30. Group 3 fax uses which modulation?

A. QAM *
C. Vestigial sideband AM

31. A radar transmitter uses a magnetron to
generate pulses with a power level of 1
MW. The pulses have a duration of 2 s
and the pulse repetition rate is 500 Hz.
The magnetron has an efficiency of
60%. Calculate the duty cycle of the

A. 0.01 C. 0.1
B. 0.0001 D. 0.001 *

32. Calculate the minimum receivable signal
in a radar receiver which has an IF
bandwidth of 1.5 MHz and a 9-dB noise

A. 4.17 x 10
B. 4.17 x 10
W *
C. 4.17 x 10
D. 4.17 x 10

33. _____ is a white streak or speck that
appears momentarily on a TV screen
during playback of a videotape caused
by dropouts.

A. Blip *
B. Flip
C. Blink
D. Spot

34. The telephone set is powered by the
central office on the ring side at

A. 42 to 52 Vdc
B. - 42 to - 52 Vdc *
C. 24 to 64 Vdc
D. - 24 to - 64 Vdc

35. An anechoic chamber is 5m in length.
How far is this in wavelength at 1 GHz?

A. 16.7 * C. 15.8
B. 19.7 D. 20.1

36. What do you call an alloy of iron, silicon
and aluminum used for video heads in
video recorders and players?

A. Alfecon *
B. Mafecon
C. Delcon
D. Isial

37. The most important specification of
loudspeakers and microphones.

A. Frequency response *
B. Field strength
C. Power density
D. Gain

38. Calculate the average power when peak
power = 1 kW, PW = 3 s and rest time
= 1997 s.

A. 50 W * C. 100 W
B. 25 W D. 75 W

39. Calculate the length of a five-eights
wavelength antenna for a cellular phone
operating about 900 MHz.

A. 20 cm * C. 20 mm
B. 30 cm D. 30 mm

40. The North American analog cellular
radio system uses FM with channels 30
kHz wide. Suppose such a channel
were used for digital communication. If
the available signal-to-noise ratio is 20
dB, calculate the maximum theoretical
bit rate using a two-level code.

A. 60 kbps * C. 120 kbps
B. 30 kbps D. 15 kbps

41. Which theory states that light wave
behaves as if it is consists of many tiny

A. Huygens theory
B. Wave theory of light
C. Nyquist theory
D. Quantum theory *

42. What is the dB SPL of an auditorium with
contemporary music?

A. 80 - 95
B. 85 - 90
C. 95 - 100 *
D. 100 - 105

43. What is the uplink receiver frequency if
the downlink transmitter is on channel 4
(3.84 GHz)?

A. 6.065 GHz * C. 6.84 GHz
B. 6.65 GHz D. 6.05 GHz

44. What is the frequency band of DECT?

A. 1.88 1.90 GHz *
B. 1.68 1.70 GHz
C. 1.48 1.50 GHz
D. 1.28 1.30 GHz

45. Calculate the beamwidth between nulls
of a 2-m paraboloid reflector used at 6

A. 2 C. 1.75
B. 3.5 * D. 7

46. Calculate also the gain of the paraboloid
reflector in the above problem.

A. 9600 * C. 96000
B. 960 D. 96

47. What is true about iDEN (Integrated
Dispatch Enhanced Network)?

I. It can support at least two handset
II. It uses PSTN connection-numeric
III. It works also on 1.5 GHz.
IV. It uses data and fax transmission.

A. II, III and IV *
B. I, II and IV
D. I, II, III and IV

48. What is the frequency of a 2-cm sound
wave in sea water at 25C?

A. 76 kHz *
B. 76 Hz
C. 76 MHz
D. 76 mHz

49. A device that connects 2 data terminal
equipment (DTE) directly by emulating
the physical connections of a data
communications equipment (DCE)

A. Short haul modem
B. Null modem *
C. X.25 device
D. Smart modem

50. Single sideband reduced carrier
emission type.

A. H3E
B. R3E *
C. J3E
D. B8E

51. What is the audio frequency range?

A. 20 kHz to 20 MHz
B. 0 Hz to 20 kHz
C. 300 Hz to 400 Hz
D. 20 Hz to 20 kHz *

52. An MTI radar operates at 5 GHz, with a
pulse repetition frequency of 800 pps.
Calculate the lowest three blind speeds
(km/h) of this radar.

A. 172.8, 345.6, 518.4 *
B. 173.2, 354.6, 581.4
C. 127.8, 354.6, 518.4
D. 137.8, 435.6, 815.4

53. Asynchronous transmission has low-
speed transmission of less than ____

A. 2.4 *
B. 4.8
C. 3.6
D. 128

54. Calculate the gain, with respect to an
isotropic antenna, of a half-wave dipole
with an efficiency of 90% that is placed
one-quarter-wavelength from a plane
reflector that reflects 100% of the signal
striking it.

A. 7.68 dBi *
B. 7.86 dBi
C. 8.76 dBi
D. 8.67 dBi

55. What is the average insertion loss of
fusion splice in fiber optics?

A. 0.09 dB *
B. 0.9 dB
C. 0.19 dB
D. 0.009 dB

56. How many simultaneous calls does a
DECT radio transceiver can assess at
any given time?

A. 120 *
B. 240
C. 480
D. 960

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57. The basic European TDM telephone
signal combines 30 voice channels with
2 signaling channels that have the same
data rate as the voice channels. The
sampling rate is 8 kHz and there are 8
bits per sample for each voice channel.
Calculate the total bit rate for this signal.

A. 1.544 Mbps C. 2.048 Mbps*
B. 3.152 Mbps D. 6.072 Mbps

58. What is the horizontal beamwidth of a
pyramidal horn antenna if its width is
one wavelength?

A. 80 * C. 75
B. 90 D. 60

59. Most commercial satellite activity occurs
in which band(s)?

A. L
B. C and Ku *
C. X
D. S and P

60. If an antenna has a field gain
(expressed in voltage) of 2, and the
transmitter has an overall efficiency of
50 percent (the circuit and transmission
line losses) then, if a 1-kW signal is fed
to the finals, this will result in 500 W
being fed to the antenna. What is the

A. 2000 W * C. 4000 W
B. 500 W D. 1000 W

61. The bandwidth of U600 mastergroup is

A. 2250 kHz
B. 2728 kHz
C. 2520 kHz *
D. 2278 kHz

62. In satellite communications, what is the
height of a satellite from the earths
surface if the sidereal period is 20

A. 31,022.5 km *
B. 31,200.4 km
C. 31,302.4 km
D. 31,489.2 km

63. The sound intensity received from the
nearby jet plane is 12.6 W/m2 and that
from another jet plane some distance
away is 0.45 W/m2. Find the relative
loudness of the two.

A. 14.0 dB C. 14.5 dB *
B. 12.5 D. 14.5

64. A satellite transmitter operates at 4 GHz
with an antenna gain of 40 dBi. The
receiver 40,000 km away has an
antenna gain of 50 dBi. If the transmitter
has a power of 8 W, find (ignoring
feedline losses and mismatch) the EIRP
in dBW.

A. 50 dBW C. 69 dBw
B. 49 dBW * D. 30 dBW

65. If an antenna has a length of 0.125
then what is the radiation resistance?

A. 12.34 *
B. 11.13
C. 11.23
D. 12.67

66. Determine the number of levels in a
compact disc audio system if the
number of bits per sample is 16.

A. 65,536 * C. 66,456
B. 75,125 D. 56,138

67. T-1 carrier service has _______ digital bit

A. 1.544 Mbps *
B. 2048 Mbps
C. 1.644 Mbps
D. 9600 kbps

68. What is the velocity of sound in dry air
when the temperature change is 15
degree Celsius?

A. 340.6 m/s * C. 345.12 m/s
B. 330.15 m/s D. 344.7 m/s

69. What is the signal-to-noise ratio in a
PCM system with 512 quantizing levels
using uniform quantization?

A. 56 dB * C. 46 dB
B. 76 dB D. 36 dB

70. One of the reasons why FDM is being
replaced by TDM

A. There is more time than frequency
B. If is difficult to place channels side
by side
C. Noise is amplified with voice when
an FDM system is used *
D. Most available frequencies have
been used

71. A transmitter with a power output of 100
W is connected to a dipole antenna with
a radiation resistance of 70 and an
ohmic resistance of 2 . How much
power is radiated into space?

A. 97.2 W * C. 97.2 kW
B. 92.7 W D. 92.7 kW

72. What is the Doppler shift in frequency
caused by a vehicle moving towards a
radar at 96 kph if the radar is operated
at 10 GHz?

A. 1.78 kHz * C. 1.87 kHz
B. 1.68 kHz D. 1.58 kHz

73. A type of distortion a facsimile produces
when it becomes out of synchronization.

A. Pincushion
B. Barrel
C. Skewing *
D. Fattening

74. Which optical detector is used when
high sensitivity and bandwidth are

A. PMT *
D. Phototransistor

75. Digital modulation is superior to analog
modulation in the sense that:

A. Analog signals have discrete
states, while digital ones vary
B. Digital signals resemble noise less
than analog ones *

C. Digital signals are easier to use
with FM
D. Digital signals have greater

76. What parameter of light detector
determines the range or system length
that can be achieved for a given

A. Transit time
B. Spectral response *
C. Dark current
D. Responsitivity

77. Which theorem sets the limit on the
maximum capacity of a channel with a
given noise level?

A. Nyquist theorem
B. Hartley theorem
C. Shannon-Hartley theorem *
D. Shannon theorem

78. Lightning rods must be mounted a top
structure not less than ________ above
the highest point.

A. 10 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 30 cm *
D. 40 cm

79. What sound intensity corresponds to a
sound-intensity level of 50 dB?

A. 1 x 10

B. 1 x 10
C. 1 x 10

D. 1 x 10

80. AWG # 26 has a typical loss of

A. 0.21 dB/1000 ft.
B. 0.32 dB/1000 ft.
C. 0.41 dB/1000 ft.
D. 0.51 dB/1000 ft. *

81. OSI consists of how many layers of

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7 *
D. 9

82. Calculate the maximum range of a radar
system which operates at 3 cm with a
peak pulse power of 500 kW, if its
minimum receivable power is 10
the capture area of its antenna is 5 m
and the radar cross-sectional area of the
target is 20 m

A. 686 km * C. 686 mi
B. 686 nmi D. 686 m

83. What antenna radiates equally in all

A. Vertical antenna
B. Isotropic antenna *
C. Horizontal antenna
D. Dipole antenna

84. A certain antenna has a gain of 7 dB
with respect to an isotropic radiator.
What is the effective area if it operates
at 200 MHz?

A. 0.897 m
* C. 0.978 m

B. 0.798 m
D. 0.879 m

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85. The bandwidth of a fax signal is kept
narrow by:

A. Sending the data at a slow rate of
speed *
B. Limiting the image resolution
C. Limiting the range of shades sent
D. Using pulse modulation

86. The noise from an airplane engine 100
m from an observer is found to have an
intensity of 45 dB. What will be the
intensity when the plane flies overhead
at an altitude of 1 km?

A. 25 dB * C. 52 dB
B. 15 dB D. 35 dB

87. An advantage of fiber optics over cable
communications is:

A. More sensitivity to noise
B. Improved antenna efficiency
C. Higher RF output
D. Simpler and easier maintenance *

88. What is the data rate of the ISDN Basic
access B channel?

A. 32 kbps
B. 64 kbps *
C. 144 kbps
D. 192 kbps

89. What is the unit of responsitivity?

A. Ampere/volt
B. Ampere/watt *
C. Watt/ampere
D. Volt/ampere

90. Calculate the length of a practical half-
wave dipole for a frequency of 15 MHz.

A. 10.5 m C. 8.5 m
B. 9.5 m * D. 7.5 m

91. Wideband FM is preferable to
narrowband FM for music transmission

A. Lower frequencies are heard better
B. Spectrum space is conserved
C. The fidelity is better *
D. No! Narrowband FM is better for

92. What is the gain of the Hertzian dipole
over isotropic antenna?

A. 1.64 dB
B. 2.15 dB
C. 1.76 dB *
D. 1.55 dB

93. In acoustics, what is the resonant
frequency of a Helmholtz resonator
whose cavity volume is 1.5 m3 and a
radius of 5 cm?

A. 13.56 Hz *
B. 15.36 Hz
C. 11.24 Hz
D. 12.19 Hz

94. The input terminal impedance at the
center of a folded dipole antenna is

A. 72
B. 300 *
C. 50
D. 73

95. A certain antenna has a gain of 7 dB
with respect to an isotropic radiator.
What is the effective area if it operates
at 200 MHz?

A. 0.897 m
* C. 0.987 m

B. 0798 m
D. 0.115 m

96. The deviation for voice FM signals is

A. Plus-or-minus 3 kHz
B. Plus-or-minus 5kHz *
C. Plus-or-minus 6 kHz
D. Plus-or-minus 10 kHz

97. Suppose a composite video signal with
a baseband frequency range from dc to
4 MHz is transmitted by linear PCM,
using eight bits per sample and a
sampling rate of 10 MHz. What would
be the maximum signal-to-noise ratio in

A. 49.9 dB * C. 60.1 dB
B. 35 dB D. 75.2 dB

98. The advantage of using top loading in a
shortened HF vertical antenna is

A. lower quality factor
B. greater structural strength
C. higher losses
D. improved radiation efficiency *

99. An AM receiver can be used to
demodulate FM by means of:

A. Envelope detection
B. Product detection
C. Slope detection *
D. Pulse detection

100. A continuously variable signal is
recovered from a signal having discrete
states by:

A. A ratio detector
B. A D/A converter *
C. A product detector
D. An envelope detector

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