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Saturday 19

of July Focus anaerobic capacity Fartlek Training
Fartlek Training
Warm Up (5 mins)
Light cycle at 55% of max HR 114bpm
Stretching (10 mins)
Dynamic Stretching
- Leg swings forward/backwards (Gluteals, hamstrings, hip flexors) - Stand sideways onto the
wall, Weight on your left leg and your right hand on the wall for balance, Swing your right leg
forward and backward, 6 to 10 repetitions on each leg

- Leg swings side to side (Hamstrings, adductors) - Hold on to a solid object and balance on
one leg, Turn your foot on the leg you are balancing on outwards, Swing that leg away from
the body turning the foot to point at the sky, Then swing the leg across the body pointing the
toes in the direction your leg is moving.

- Upper body trunk rotation (Trunk muscles abdominals, back and chest) - Stand with the
back straight and knees slightly bent, Start swinging your body at waist height you should
feel this mostly in your lower back, Move your arms higher to around shoulder height to feel
a stretch through the middle back, Now raise your arms to above your head to feel the
stretch higher in the back

- Bent over upper body rotation (Trunk muscles abdominals, back and chest, adductors,
hamstrings) - Bend at the hips so that your lower back still keeps its natural inward curve
you might need to bend your knees a little, Rotate the trunk and arms to reach towards the
opposite toe while bending that leg, Alternate sides, Reach as low as your flexibility allows
its not necessary to touch the toes if you cant reach that low

Fartlek Training (Running)
I will do Fartlek training for 44 mins, changing intensities from light, medium to hard. I will follow this
patter 5 minutes at 155 HR (75% of max), 2 minutes at 175HR (85% of max) and then 1 minute at max
207 HR (100% of max) repeating continuously for 40 minutes. I will do this on an exercise bike/watt
Cool Down (10 mins)
Active Recovery
10 minute jog at 50% of max HR
Passive Recovery
Static stretching and work on foam roller
Upper Back (Thoracic Spine) - Rest your back against the
broad side of a roller positioned underneath your shoulder
blades. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor.
Lift your butt and place your hands behind your head, or
cross your arms over your chest. - Keeping your core
muscles tight, slowly roll forward and back so that the
roller moves up and down between the middle of your
back and the top of your shoulder blades.
Latissimus Dorsi - Lie on your right side with your right arm
extended along the floor as shown, and the roller directly
under your right armpit the roller should be perpendicular
to your body. Bend your left arm and lightly place your left
hand on the floor for support. Roll up and down so the roller
moves from your armpit to just above your waist. Once
youre finished, switch positions to work your left side.
Quadriceps - Lie face down with the roller positioned directly
under your thighs. Bend your elbows so that your forearms
are flat on the floor to support your weight your feet
should be suspended above the floor as shown. Keeping your
abs drawn in and core muscles tight, use your arms to gently
roll your body forward and back to move the roller up and
down from your pelvic bone to just above your knees.
Iliotobial (IT) Band - Position your left hip against the
broad side of a roller on the floor. Cross your right leg over
your left as shown, and put both hands on the ground for
support. Using your left arm to assist the motion, roll your
thigh back and forth over the roller from just below your
hip to above your knee. Continue rolling for the allotted
time, then switch positions to work your right leg.
Glute - Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Extend
your arms to lift your glutes, place the broad side of a
foam roller under your butt, and bend one leg and angle
your body so one cheek bears the brunt of your weight.
Move your glute back and forth across the roller (keep in
mind that the range of motion will be small). When your
time is up, shift your weight to the other side and
Long calf muscle - Place your hands on wall with one leg
to rear. Keep your rear leg locked straight and foot flat. Turn your rear foot
slightly inwards. Bend your front leg, taking the calf stretch through the rear calf.

Short calf muscle - Place your hands on the wall, taking the weight through your rear
leg. Turn your rear foot slightly inwards and keep your heel flat. Bend your rear knee
forward over your rear foot.

Hip flexor - Kneel on ground with your front knee at 90. Tilt your pelvis back by
tucking your abdomen up and in and squeezing buttocks. Keep your back straight.
Keep your head up.

Hamstrings - Kneel on one leg with your other leg out in front with the foot
flexed. Keep your back straight. Bend forward at the hips. Feel the stretch
down the back of your leg.

Front thigh - Pull your heel towards your buttock. Keep your back straight. Keep your
knees together and in line.

Trunk side flexors - Stand with your feet comfortably apart. Fold your arms above your
head. Bend to the side slowly. Stretch up, with your upper elbow.

Pectorals - Stand side-on to a wall. Move the leg closest to the wall forward. Place your
forearm on the wall with your shoulder slightly above 90. Turn your upper body away
from wall.

Triceps stretch - Place your hand between shoulder blades. Place your opposite hand on
your elbow. Pull your elbow towards your midline, with help from opposite hand.

Shoulder/Chest - Stand with your head up, chin in, hands clasped behind your
back. Pull your shoulders down and back. Press your shoulder blades together and down.
Pull your stomach in, to prevent arching of the lower back.

Lower back - Lie with your hands behind your head and your arms
flat. Bend your hips and knees to 90 with your feet together. Roll
your knees over to ground.

Groin - Sit on the floor with your back straight. Grasp your ankles and draw them
towards your groin. Use your elbows to apply a gradual downward and
outward pressure on your knees.

Gluteals - Lie on your back with both hands around one
knee. Pull your knee towards your opposite shoulder.
Keep your head, shoulder and opposite leg relaxed.
Piriformis - Lie on your back. Hold your knee to your chest. Pull your knee and ankle towards your
opposite shoulder.