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2 Reflection
Candidates regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and
strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences.

My Weebly blog was used to regularly evaluate and reflect on my professional practice and dispositions
to improve and strengthen my ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning
experiences. Throughout my program, I reflected and wrote posts about my instructional technology
learning. I discussed my learning concerning new Internet tools, Internet safety, and incorporating
diversity using technology. I also reflected on my learning in the areas of equitable access, social
networking, Creative Commons, and many more topics. Finally, I explained how this new learning would
influence my future professional practice and dispositions.
Standard 6.2, Reflection, defines the expectations to regularly evaluate and reflect on my professional
practice and dispositions. My Weebly blog demonstrates my ability to regularly evaluate and reflect by
the ten posts sharing my personal reflections about my learning throughout the program. I reflected on
my developing understanding of student blogging, podcasting, E-Pals, Gmail chats, and writing using
Google Docs. I evaluated how these tools could most effectively be integrated into classroom instruction
to create authentic learning experiences. I reflected on my previous professional practice and dispositions
regarding technology use, and discussed the changes I saw in myself as I was exposed to new learning
through my coursework. For example, in The End of an Excellent Course, but not the end of Learning, I
discussed that prior to learning about podcasts with Dr. Williamson, I saw very little use for podcasting. I
went on to explain how my new learning had given me insight into the benefits of podcasting, and I then
hoped to teach my students how to create their own podcasts. As you can see, through this reflection, I
was able to evaluate my prior practice and dispositions and use my new knowledge to influence my future
professional practice.
Completing the Weebly blog challenged me to reflect about technology uses, policies, and issues. I
noticed that while I usually wrote blog posts related to one particular class at a time, I was actually
combining and synthesizing the content from all of my courses while I wrote. Blogging gave me a
designated time to evaluate my prior professional practice and dispositions and reflect on the changes that
were occurring in my practice and dispositions as a result of new learning. Finally, looking back at the
complete set of blog posts serves as a great reminder of just how much I have learning and developed as a
technology leader over the course of this program!
In the future, I would like to continue blogging to document my growth as a technology leader. I began a
new blog for this purpose and also for the purpose of sharing my learning with other educators. I feel
blogging is another way I can reach out and support teachers in their use classroom technology.
The work that was done on this Weebly blog will benefit faculty development. I can share several of my
blog posts with faculty at my school to promote their investigation of similar topics. I can share my
knowledge of blogging with the faculty and describe ways they could integrate blogging into their
instruction and parent communication. The impact could be assessed using an opinion survey of the
teachers that received my coaching on blog use.