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Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown is one of the free utilities from

All users are free to use it, update it, and get its technical support. It can
automatically finish various tasks such as PC shutdown, restart, logoff,
sleep and power off. You can appoint its task eecution time in different
ways, for eample, daily, at a concrete time, or some time later. Wise
Auto Shutdown normally runs silently in the !ackground. "ut #ust
dou!le$click on its icon will call its main interface !ack from the tray.
Wise Auto Shutdown will give you a reminder five minutes !efore it
eecutes your task. It is very convenient and intelligent. %ow &'
languages are included in Wise Auto Shutdown.

(hey are )nglish, Chinese *Simplified+, Chinese *(raditional+, C,ech,
-utch *%ederland+, .rench, /ungarian, Italian, 0apanese, 1orean,
Polish, Portuguese *"ra,il+, Portuguese *Portugal+, 2omanian, 2ussian,
Spanish *Spain+, and (urkish. It runs on Windows 3P, 4ista, Win', and
Win5 *!oth 67$!it and 89$!it+.
What:s new in this version;
4ersion &.6<.8'=
.ied the error of o!taining system time.
>pdated translations.
?ther minor improvements and !ug fies.