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7 Things Students Want to Know.

1. Am I in the right room?

Yes, if your name is on my roster. If it is not, my door is always open and so yes
you are in the right room as long as you are not skipping class. If you need
science tutoring and are not sure where to turn, again my door is open and I
have a great list of peers who tutor. Feel free to sign your name on my door
sheet for my conference hours whether on my roster or not.
2. Where am I supposed to sit?
The first week of school there will be open seating as I get to know you, my
students. On the second week of school assigned seating with begin to break up
groups and switch up conform levels to produce the most educational learning
3. What are the rules in this classroom?
My rules are posted in the front of the classroom listed with consequences for
actions. For the first week of school we will cover these daily as a quick warm up
for the week to ensure all students know them prior to signing an understanding
statement on Friday.
4. What will I be doing this year?
Learning! You will learn social acceptable behaviors in a science lab. You will
learn how to handle yourself and equipment for your safety and the safety of
others. If no lab is going on, I will flick the lights off and back on once for all
attention to be turned to the front and pencils down. If a lab is in progress, I will
ring a bell until all eyes are forward and all equipment securely put down.
You will learn to question science and theories and to make up your own as a
hypothesis. You will become the scientist with ever growing capacity to learn.
5. How will I be graded?
Through the A, B, C, F school grading system. Assignments must be turned in on
time and not plagiarized as a system will check it for all writing assignments. I do
not grade on curves as each student owns their grade for understandings and
completion. Grades will be given to parents/teachers during the 3,6,9 etc
weeks of school.
6. Who is the teacher as a person?
A person, a teacher, a student and a mom. Personal life is not to be discussed
unless in reference to education. Education and furthering education can never
be discussed early enough but are not to be discussed during class hours.
7. Will the teacher treat me as a human being?
Yes! Respect goes both ways, I cannot ask something of you I will not give in return.
Respect my classroom and I, and I will respect you. Due to the chances of chemicals in
class and breakables do NOT touch anything without prior permission from me. That
also calls for you to respect yourself. Come to class organized and ready to learn.