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23 June 2014

Capitol University Medical Center

Gusa, National Hi-way
Cayan de !ro City"
Dear Sir/Madame;
I would like to request that Cefazolin Na, #onvicol 1g IM/IV distriuted ! "an#harma$
Meinz e in%luded in the hos#ital #harma%!&
'ur de#artment would need the said drug for treatment of infe%tions due to sus%e#tile
organisms in%luding skin and soft tissue infe%tions, one and (oint infe%tions and
infe%tions of the res#irator! and urinar! tra%t&
)hank !ou for !our su##ort to the de#artment*s need& +e look forward to the a,ailailit!
of this drug&
$r" %usan &ai Casi'o , MD, -"'.S
!(stetrics and Gynecoloy