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Accumulators, Inc.

is pleased to
announce the completion of our new
Repair and Service Center. Distributors,
OEMs and end users can now send
bladder accumulators directly to our
Service Facility. Services
include Inspection, test, repair and
reconditioning of any Accumulator, Inc.
product, as well as products of other
bladder accumulator manufacturers.
Choose from three
ways to get service
Bring the problem unit
to our service center
in Houston.
Fill-in an on-line
service order and ship
the unit to us.
Bring, or ship, the unit
to any Accumulators,
Inc. Authorized
Distributor. (Theyll
do the rest.)
Complete service and repair details
available at

Completely Dissassemble Unit

Clean Shell housing and Oil Port Assembly

Replace Bladder and Gas valve, O-ring, Back-Up ring, and metal
back-up ring.

Inspect all other parts.

Pre-charge to 35 psig. Attach Warning tag.

Pack and Ship.

STANDARD REPAIR - includes all services in Express, plus:

Dissassembly of Oil Port Assembly, parts cleansing.

Replacement of Spring, Piston, Nut & Anti-Extrusion Ring.

Inspection Report.

New labels and Warning Tags.

FULL SERVICE REPAIR - includes all above listed services, plus:

Gas Pressure test to 1000 psig. Includes test certificate

Sandblast shell interior and exterior, if needed.

Repaint shell exterior with 2 coat enamel.

Extend the life of your system and components!

1175 Brittmore Rd., Houston, TX

77043-5003 USA
voice: 713-465-0202 fax: 713-468-1618
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