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Terms and Conditions

As an Independent Marketing Associate (IMA) of American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS), I agree to and certify the following
1. I am of legal age in the state of my residency.
2. I am an independent contractor, responsible for determining my own business activities and I am not an agent, employee or legal
representative of AWIS.
3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the payment of all federal and state self-employment taxes and any other taxes required
under any federal, state, regulatory or taxing agency, including all sales taxes.
4. The position does not constitute the sale of a franchise or a distributorship.
5. The optional position of IMA may require fees and/or purchases.
6. I agree that as an IMA, I shall place primary emphasis upon the selling of AWISs discount healthcare programs to consumers.
7. IMAs residing in Maine, North Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, or West Virginia may not purchase from AWIS sales aids in excess of
$495.00 during their first six months of IMA status.
8. In presenting the AWIS discount healthcare program and the IMA position to prospects, I agree that such presentations shall be in
compliance with AWISs Policies and Procedures regarding sales presentations. I acknowledge that I will be terminated for cause as
an IMA if I fail to follow any of the requirements.
9. In order to maintain a viable marketing program and to comply with changes in federal, state and/or local laws or economic
conditions, AWIS will provide Policies and Procedures for IMAs. This in no way affects an IMA status as an independent contractor.
These Policies and Procedures may change from time to time. There may also be modification of AWISs Compensation Program.
Such Policies and Procedures and Compensation Program, including IMA Advances, plan modifications, and all changes thereto,
shall upon notice to the IMA become a binding part of this Agreement.
10. I understand that no attorney general or other regulatory authority ever reviews, endorses or approves any product, compensation
program or company, and I will make no such claim to others.
11. This Agreement shall be deemed in effect upon its receipt and acceptance by AWIS at its home office in Houston, Texas.
12. I will not promote my IMA business nor use the Company name, or the trade names, logos, copyrighted material, trademarks or
service marks of AWIS and/or its vendors, except in materials provided by AWIS or approved in writing by AWIS prior to their use
by me. I understand that unauthorized use of the above is a violation of federal law, and will result in immediate termination for
13. I am responsible for supervising and supporting IMAs that I sponsor in AWIS. I agree to maintain monthly communication and
support with those IMAs by way of any of the following or combination thereof: personal contact, telephone communication, written
communication or attendance at IMA meetings.
14. AWIS provides Professional Sales Materials to its IMAs. Ordered sales aids and products will be shipped within ten days of receipt
of order and clearance of funds, subject to the availability of items ordered. Payment of IMA purchases may be made by check,
money order or bank draft if bank account information is accompanying the order. No C.O.D. purchases are available.
15. Commissions are payable to IMAs in accordance with the AWISs Compensation Plan, which is discussed in detail in AWISs
marketing materials.
16. I will not make false or misleading statements about the Company, IMA and/or ISA positions or Company memberships. If I do make
such statements, I understand that I will be terminated immediately for cause.
17. I agree that I will comply with all federal and states laws, including, but not limited to solicitation and advertising laws. I understand
that I will be terminated immediately for cause, for violation of this section.
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A Licensed Insurance Agency
18. I understand that AWISs discount healthcare programs are not health insurance and I will inform all prospective members,
prior to giving them any description of the program features, that the AWIS program is a Health Discount Program and is NOT
19. I will not contact National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP), Premier Provider Network, Inc. (PPNI), and/or any other
participating networks medical providers for marketing purposes unless given written consent by AWIS. All contact with providers
must be done through PPNIs Provider Relations Department. Such violation is grounds for termination for cause.
20. IMAs in the same household or business shall have the same sponsor. Change of original sponsor is not permitted. IMA and member
lists and names are owned by AWIS and may never be used for any purpose without prior written consent of AWIS.
21. The term of this Agreement shall be one (1) year, beginning on the date on which the Agreement is signed, unless sooner terminated.
If not terminated prior to any yearly interval, this Agreement shall renew automatically in yearly intervals. Either party shall have
the right to cancel this Agreement at any time and for any reason, upon ten (10) business days notice to the other party. Notice of
cancellation of an IMA account, which is not the same as the membership, must include the account number. Notice of cancellation
shall be in writing and delivered by facsimile or regularly scheduled overnight courier, with confirmation of receipt. Termination for
cause includes, but is not limited to, any violations of these Terms and Conditions.
22. If AWIS provides notice to terminate this Agreement for cause, IMA shall immediately discontinue marketing and/or selling
AWISs discount healthcare programs. If IMA is terminated for cause, IMA agrees that he/she has forfeited all his/her commissions,
whether vested or not. Any advances paid to such IMA shall become immediately due and payable to AWIS.
23. During the term of this Agreement and for one (1) year thereafter, IMAs shall not solicit other AWIS IMAs to other network marketing
organizations. During the term of this Agreement and for three (3) years thereafter, IMAs shall not solicit AWISs members, whether
enrolled by IMA or otherwise, to other network marketing organizations. Any IMA who violates any of the above stated shall be
immediately terminated for cause.
24. This Agreement is governed under the laws of the State of Texas. The parties agree that any claim, dispute or other difference between
them shall first be submitted to mediation to take place in Houston, Texas. Should such claim, dispute and/or difference not be resolved
through mediation, suit shall be proper only if brought in Houston, Texas.
25. At any time within thirty (30) days of purchase of literature and sales aids from AWIS, IMAs may return such literature and sales aids
purchased for a 90% refund if such is in resalable condition when returned. Shipping costs for returned items shall be borne by the
IMA. Payment will be made within thirty (30) days of actual receipt of returned items. AWIS will honor state laws at variance with
this policy (Georgia no time limitation, New Mexicoone year, etc.).
26. An IMA shall use his/her best efforts in soliciting and enrolling AWIS members. An IMA shall be responsible for submitting a minimum
of one (1) new membership application to AWIS every ninety (90) days. Failure to maintain this minimum number of new membership
applications will result in automatic termination of the IMA, unless the representative is vested (please read Paragraph #28), and/or the
representative continues to pay his/her membership and rep dues. Membership applications for individuals who have been terminated
for less than three (3) months will be processed under the original sponsors information. If a membership has been terminated for three
(3) months or more, the application for membership will be processed under the new IMAs information. IMA applications, however,
for individuals who have been terminated for less than six (6) months will be processed under the original sponsors information. If an
IMA has been terminated for six (6) months or more, the IMA application will be processed under the new sponsors information.
27. IMAs will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $26 to cover administration costs. The amount of such fee may be changed from time
to time by AWIS without prior notification. If the IMA chooses not to pay the monthly fee, he or she must notify AWIS in writing at
least thirty (30) days prior to his anniversary date. If the $26 monthly fee is not paid by the IMA, the IMA will become an Independent
Sales Associate (ISA), and will not be qualified to receive commission advances or management bonuses on new/future memberships
sold. ISAs have the option to pay the $26 monthly fee versus individual fees for each service. The services and fees are as follows:
1. Commission Checks $5.00 per check
2. Commission Summary Reports $5.00 per report
3. Genealogy Reports $10.00 per report for the first 5 pages; $1 per page thereafter
4. Website Access $5.00 per month
28. An IMA may become vested. When vested, an IMA or the subsequent owner of that interest shall receive all applicable commissions.
Vested IMA commission payments shall continue after the termination of this Agreement (unless termination has been undertaken
by AWIS for cause). To become vested, an IMA must have one-hundred (100) paid active members enrolled by that IMA in levels
1 through 7 under the IMAs genealogy. Full applicable commissions shall be paid to the IMA once vested as long as that position
maintains one-hundred (100) paid active members that meet the above qualifications. Should the number of active members drop below
one-hundred (100), the commissions will no longer be paid/due/vested until the IMA once again reaches and maintains one-hundred (100)
paid members. There will be no commissions paid or earned at anytime for activity that occurs during that interim. Paragraph 26 does
not apply to vested IMAs.
29. A vested IMA position in good standing will pass to the heirs of the IMA by last will and testament and, if no last will and testament,
then by virtue of applicable law of the state of residence of the IMA. Alternatively, subject to the written consent of AWIS, which will
not be unreasonably withheld, an IMA may transfer, sell or assign their vested IMA position during their lifetime as long as the vested
position is in good standing. Any monies advanced to the IMA become due and must be paid to AWIS before any consent to transfer, sell
or assign will be given by AWIS. All terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be binding upon all subsequent owners of an IMA
30. Buyers, transferees or assignees interests shall be forfeited should the selling, transferring or assigning IMA violate the conditions in
paragraph 23 herein.
31. Commission advances are optional for IMAs. All advances drawn against commissions for enrollments produced by the IMA or in the
downline are temporary loans and shall be earned only as dues on the memberships as collected. Any sums advanced to the IMA shall
create a debit balance of the IMA to AWIS, which are due to AWIS on demand, or at AWISs option such debit balance may be charged
back against earned commissions. Any loans not repaid to AWIS through earned commissions are an obligation of the IMA and are due
and payable to AWIS on demand. Unpaid administration fees also constitute a loan,which are due on demand or at AWISs option may
be charged against any commissions due. AWIS reserves the right to pay commissions on an as earned basis. Overpaid commissions
paid without membership dues being collected, such as with rejected payments, member cancellations and refunds, will be due by IMA
on demand or at AWISs option charged back against earned commissions.
32. As an Independent Marketing Associate (IMA) of AWIS, I additionally agree to the following, as a binding part of the Terms and
Conditions Agreement:
A. IMA shall not accept payments from consumers during the enrollment process unless IMA:
(1) Obtains a signed written or orally recorded sales verification verifying the consent or payment authorization from each
consumer to have the consumers credit card charged or to have funds withdrawn in a specific amount and from a specific
bank account before such funds are actually withdrawn.
(2) Discloses to consumers clearly and conspicuously the following Terms and Conditions associated with AWISs
health discount card plans prior to enrolling them and/or implementing a charge or withdrawing funds:
a. The plan is not insurance;
b. The existence and amount of an enrollment fee and whether or not it is refundable;
c. The amount of the monthly payment;
d. Consumers are responsible for the entire payment of their medical or healthcare bill after the discount is applied;
e. Hospitals may require a monetary deposit prior to admission for non-emergency inpatient services;
f. If the consumer is a Medicare/Medicaid recipient, he or she is only eligible for certain services associated with the plan
and should inquire further as to the available services;
g. Any applicable waiting period for the discount plans to take effect, as well as any time limits for seeking medical
treatment under these plans; and
h. Any waiting periods and time limits for seeking medical treatment that may be associated with services sold as part of
AWISs health discount card plans.
B. IMA shall not represent to banks and financial institutions, expressly or by implication, that a particular consumer has authorized
or agreed to an ACH withdrawal or debit, when in fact, IMA does not have such authorization or agreement in its, or its
authorized representatives, possession from said consumer.
C. IMA shall not advertise a money-back guarantee covering a specific period of time unless all money will be returned to the
member and all of the terms and conditions of such guarantee, including specific cancellation procedures, are disclosed to the
consumer during the enrollment process.
D. IMA will not represent expressly or by implication to consumers that AWISs discount card plan offers ranges of discounts or
savings on healthcare services or access to ranges of discounts or savings on healthcare services, unless IMA has a factual basis
for those representations and the counts or savings represented are in fact realized by at least ten percent (10%) of AWISs
members over a six (6) month or greater time period within the preceding three years.

E. IMA shall not represent expressly or by implication that a health care provider or health care facility accepts AWISs health
discount plans unless, within the last twelve (12) months, AWIS has confirmed with said provider or facility or with the
network to which said provider or facility is contracted that:
(1) The providers or facilitys current and correct contact information, including address;
(2) The provider or facility has agreed to accept payment from or bill consumers who are members in AWISs plans at a discounted
rate; and
(3) The provider or facility has agreed to accept a discounted amount as payment in full.
F. IMA shall not use customer testimonials unless:
(1) The representations of savings have a factual basis;
(2) The savings are solely the result of using AWISs health discount card plans and not the result of combining AWISs
plans with any other type of discount plan or insurance;
(3) The full name, address, city and state of the member is made available to the consumer upon request; and
(4) IMA discloses if the member is or has been an employee or independent marketing representative who markets or sells AWISs plans.
G. IMA shall not use the following terms of art from the insurance industry in any written communications or on the IMAs websites,
which describe AWISs health discount card plans:
Pre-existing conditions Benefits Coverage
Deductible Co-pay
unless the advertisement (including, but not limited to, Membership Guides and Websites) states on the same page in the same or
larger font, This is not insurance.
H. IMA shall not allow other persons or entities to sell or market any portion of any of AWISs health discount card plans without
IMA contractually requiring such other persons or entities to completely comply with the terms of this Agreement and contractually
requiring such other persons or entities to present to AWIS a copy of any Membership Guides, Websites or other advertising
materials for AWISs review and approval IN ADVANCE of dissemination to any members or prospective members.
I. IMA shall not state verbally or on its websites, Membership Guides or other advertising materials that any payment to the provider
at the time of service will necessarily completely satisfy the members financial responsibility to the provider.
J. IMA must:
(1) Clearly and conspicuously disclose to consumers prior to enrollment the complete terms and conditions of any refund policy,
including but not limited to, the fact that a complete refund may not be given if that is the case.
(2) Disclose to consumers prior to enrollment or at any time when requested by a consumer and on any IMA websites that
cancellation must be submitted in writing to a specifically disclosed address or fax number at which written cancellations may
be received as well as when such cancellations will be deemed effective.
(3) Advise consumers of when any trial period begins to run if entitlement to a full or partial refund is applicable to such trial period.
(4) Process a members refund within ten (10) business days of the effective date of cancellation if IMA has charged a members
credit card or withdrawn monies from a members bank account after the effective date of cancellation of their membership and
have actually received the members funds.
(5) Notify members thirty (30) days in advance of any elimination of category of service planned in advance by AWIS.
(6) Provide a phone number on each new discount health card for providers and members to call in order to learn information
regarding current network affiliates.
(7) Provide members information on whom to contact when and if AWIS and/or IMAs websites are not operating.
(8) Disclose to consumers in a clear and conspicuous manner in all oral and written communications prior to enrollment and
on any IMA websites that AWISs health discount card plans are not insurance.
(9) Disclose in bold, capital letters in at least 10-point font THIS IS NOT INSURANCE underneath AWISs company
name on the front of each membership identification card.
(10) Update IMAs websites within thirty (30) days from the date when IMA becomes aware that provider information has
changed or that benefits have been removed.
(11) Report all consumer complaints to AWIS within three (3) days of receipt. Additionally, IMAs shall notify AWIS if any
displinary proceedings are instituted against them relating to any licenses issued to them by the State Insurance
K. IMA shall utilize the following standards for reference pricing:
(1) Reference prices shall be AWISs regular prices or bona fide prices of the type that IMA represents them to be;
(2) Unless the reference price is AWISs own regular price for identical goods or services, IMAs reference price advertising
shall clearly and conspicuously state the basis for the reference price: that is, whether the reference price advertised is
AWISs regular price for comparable goods or services, AWISs future price, AWISs competitors prices, or some other
specified type of reference price;
(3) If IMA represents that the reference price is AWISs former price for the identical good or service or if IMA does not make
any representation about the source of the reference price, the reference price shall be AWISs regular price for that item;
(4) If IMA represents that the reference price is AWISs price for an item that is comparable to the offered item, the price shall
be AWISs regular price for the comparable item and the comparable item shall be specifically identified, be of a grade and
quality equivalent to the offered item, and not otherwise materially differ from the offered item;
(5) APPLICABLE ONLY IN TEXAS, and a violation of Section 1395(a) and Rule 1300.46 in California. Any general claim
by IMA of price reductions, sales, special pricing, promotional rates, promotions, or discounts shall refer to a meaningful
reduction from AWISs own regular price. If an advertisement directly or indirectly implies a price reduction, and it does
not contain a reference price or representation of percentage savings, then, to be meaningful, the reduction shall be at least
five percent (5%) less than AWISs regular price if AWISs regular price is more than one hundred (100) dollars, and at
least ten percent (10%) less than AWISs regular price if AWISs regular price is one hundred (100) dollars or less. A
beginning and ending date shall be conspicuously disclosed in writing in any of IMAs sales, special pricing, discount, or
similar type advertisements indicating a reduction from AWISs regular prices, as set forth herein;
(6) IMA shall not advertise any price comparison or savings claim (including Lowest Price ads) unless IMA can substantiate
such claim according to the standards established in this Agreement and are in possession of such substantiation at the time
the price comparison or savings claim is made. IMA shall maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate compliance
with the standards set forth in this Agreement for a period of two (2) years from the date of each claim or representation of
any discount or savings;
(7) IMAs advertisements shall not contain language that falsely suggests, implicitly or explicitly, that to take advantage of
an offer, consumers must act within a limited period of time when in fact, the merchandise will continue to be available at
the advertised price beyond that period of time or will be available repeatedly at short intervals (more than once a month)
at the advertised price. Likewise, IMA shall not falsely represent, implicitly or explicitly, that to take advantage of an
offer, the consumer must act within a limited period of time, when in fact, the merchandise will continue to be available at
the advertised price beyond that period of time represented or will be available repeatedly at the advertised price at short
intervals (more than once a month).
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