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“Flowers for Algernon” Essay Rubric

Total points: 100

Each section will be entered as a separate 20 point grade

Weak (7-10) Satisfactory (11-15) Proficient (16-18) Excellent (19-20)

The thesis is unclear. It The thesis is somewhat The thesis is The thesis is strong, clear,
may not relate to the rest of related to the topic of the understandable, but not and succinct. It is an
the essay at all. essay. It is either too strong. Most of the essay accurate summary of the
specific or too broad. relates back to the thesis. content of the essay.
There is no clear The introduction does not The introduction is good but The introduction is
introduction or conclusion. pertain to the rest of the perhaps not completely interesting, relevant, and
essay, and it does not relevant to the essay. The succinct. It gives adequate
clearly explain the conclusion does not background information to
background information to summarize the whole essay, the reader. The conclusion
the reader. and it might contain new succinctly and freshly
information. summarizes the essay and
restates the thesis without
adding any new information
to the essay.
No or almost no support The arguments used are Some of the arguments are Clear, thorough, and
from the text. Very unclear weak or do not pertain to clear, thorough, and convincing arguments are
arguments. the thesis statement. Some convincing while some are used to persuade the reader
arguments are supported by weak. Most arguments are of the accuracy of the
the text. supported by the text. author’s thesis. These
arguments are supported by
the text.
Almost no transition words A few transition words are Transition words are used Transition words are used
are used, and this creates used, sometimes correctly in some parts of correctly throughout the
confusion for the reader. incorrectly, in the essay. the essay to enhance and essay to enhance and clarify
clarify the content and flow the content and flow of the
of the piece. piece.
Almost no word Some word combinations Most word combinations are Collocations: The best
combinations are correct. are correct. correct. correct combinations of
words and correct word
order are used throughout
the essay.