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7/28/14 9:28 AM Focus PDCA - Heinke, Pamela S

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Pavlng a loL of Lrouble connecLlng Lo emall ln Louslanna, Mlssourl so bear wlLh me slnce l keep geLLlng
knocked off llne.
l can'L access your focus pdca buL have a hard copy LhaL l Look noLes. l'll be back on 8/4 lf you sLlll have
quesLlons wlLh Lhls:
SLarL opporLunlLy sLaLemenL wLlh " Cn our unlL Lhere was a lack of communlcaLlon.... and had been "an
lssue" 8efore l feel lL ls exLremely lmporLanL ,,,,,, " l meL wlLh unlL leaders and Lhey agreed Lhls would
be a useful pro[[ecL for our unlL"
1eam members: SLarL wlLh--"1he Leam for Lhls pro[ecL lncluded:
C: When l sLarLed Lhls pro[ecL, our unlL dld noL have a councll..... 1here was "an opporLunlLy Lo lncrease
communlcaLlon"... ueleLe afLer a and use "l conducLed a comprehenslve llLeraLure search.
l: "lrom Lhe llLeraLure lLs noLed LhaL " oLher lnsLlLuLlons.....
S: My pro[ecL's goal was Lo develop a unlL based CnA/ AC councll Lo --- add #2, #3 and #4. rlor Lo
sLarLlng Lhls pro[ecL l felL lL would help Lo galn lnpuL from Lhls group so l (add #1)
, AfLer Lhe lnpuL from Lhe pre survey, my plans for Lhe pro[ecL lncluded.....
u: SLarLlng ln ________ (monLh) ----- add deLalls of whaL you dld
C: ln _______(monLh) afLer ______ meeLlngs l Lhen senL a posL survey Lo evaluaLe Lhe ouLcomes from
Lhls pro[ecL.
Barbara Wenger MS, RN, AOCNS, CRNI
Oncology/ BMT CNS
University of Colorado Hospital
Phone: 720-848-4596
Pager: 303-266-2131


The Department of Professional Resources improves lives by empowering healthcare professionals to
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7/28/14 9:28 AM Focus PDCA - Heinke, Pamela S
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