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(Hedge Fund)
Boutique investment frm is looking for Investment Analysts with a real
passion for investing. he position will work with a small team of smart!
innovative and leading investment professionals. It will provide "road
e#posure to equity and de"t investments in Asia and other markets.
Duties and Responsibilities:
$%reening and evaluating %ompanies and instruments
&onitoring portfolio %ompanies! market se%tors and industries
'erforming in depth analysis and valuations of short(listed %ompanies
and industries
Interviewing management and making site visits as appropriate
&aking investment re%ommendations "ased on "est e)orts and
analysis! with the o"*e%tive of generating a superior risk ad*usted
return on %apital for investors
Analy+ing and testing di)erent trading strategies and ideas
,ther tasks %onsistent with growing the "usiness and its su"sidiaries
he su%%essful %andidate will have a strong performan%e re%ord and-
.(/ years of relevant work e#perien%e
A degree in fnan%e! property! e%onomi%s! statisti%s or similar feld0 a
1FA level 2 or higher would "e a plus.
3#%ellent analyti%al! writing and %ommuni%ation skills
he a"ility to work e)e%tively and with initiative in a small team
,ur preferen%e is for one of the analysts to have a quantitative "a%kground.
lease send !our resume and inquiries to-