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Improved Server Navigation & Filtering

Tableau Servers streamlined user interface and improved navigation make it easy to nd what youre
looking for. You can toggle between seeing your views as thumbnails or in a list. Use the Search box,
tags, publisher name, dates, project names, and titles in any combination on the left sidebar to narrow
in on specic content, whether its a single view, a collection of workbooks, or a data source. The Admin
and Content tabs dene tasks and domains for administrators and end-users.
Use the Search-Centric Filters 2
Explore the Admin & Content Tabs
Any server user can access the Content tab,
which contains workbooks, views, projects, and
data sources. Only system administrators and site
administrators can access the Admin tab:
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Change from Thumbnail to List
Click the Content tab in Tableau Servers sidebar
and then select the Views page. Toggle how views
are displayed by clicking the List icon.
Sort Lists
Use the sort options at the top of the page to
organize views and workbooks:
On the sidebar,
type a term in
the Search box.
Use the lters to
scope the results
of your search.
Remove lters
by clicking their
Xs. To remove all
of them, select
Clear All.