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Keyona Bryant

Prof. Shari McGriff

24 July 2014
ENC 1102
Becoming a Proficient Writer

Taking this class I have gained a lot of concepts that I havent used since high school. It
has been a challenge for me because writing has not been a strong subject for me. When I looked
over the class schedule, I knew this would be a major challenge for me. I go through different
phases before I start write because I dont have set techniques. I have to clear my head, or my
thoughts will not flow. I take a lot of breaks, and listen to music while doing my work. When the
music is playing my thoughts begin to flow. I have proclaimed myself a free writer because my
thoughts flow as I write. In this course Ive grasped many techniques that have helped me
become a more proficient writer.
When I begin to work on different projects within the class, I begin to like writing a little
more than I did before. I started to think a little more critically when writing my papers. I was
always told if I read over my paper more, and didnt rush through I would become more
proficient in writing. I feel Im accomplishing that goal more and more as I write. I dont work
well in groups, but I realized that working in groups are beneficial. The reason is because
sometimes my brain will not let out any knowledge or information at that moment.
The main assignment I enjoyed in this class was My Blog! Since I have started college
I never expressed my feelings of the class. Writing in My Blog! I was able to be myself, and
tell how I felt about the assignments that I had turned in. It also made me excited knowing that I
had to write in it every week. It is a place where I wont be critized about what I have written,
but receive feedback on how I did. Writing inside of My Blog! has urged me to keep a journal
for future classes. This too will help me become a proficient writer, and maybe even start to keep
a personal journal of my life. No matter what form of writing it all would be beneficial to me.
This course has shaped me to come out of my comfort zone and experiment with
different things. It assisted me in becoming a proficient writer, researcher, critical thinker, and
use different vocabulary words. When writing, I always stuck to the same words, but using
different vocabulary words enhances the paper. In my future courses I will recall all the
techniques I have gained from this course. When at work, I can assist my students with making
sure they have the skills they need to advance. With them I can share my experiences, and maybe
they can learn how to become proficient in writing as well.