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With a pure heart.

Without father, without mother

without God or homeland either,
withour crib or coffin-cover,
without kisses or a lover.

for the third day - without fussing,
I have eaten next to nothing.
My power are my years.
I sell all my twenty years.

Perhaps, if no one else will,
the buyer will be the devil.
With a pure heart - thats a job,
I may kill and I shall rob.

Theyll catch me, hang me high,
in blessed earth I shall lie,
and poisonous grass will start
to grow on my beautiful heart. szp
gynyr blissful

my power is my twenties
selling them out for pennies

Got no father got no mom
got no countrnuhy got no God
got no cradle, got no grave
got no lover to embrace

For the third day none to eat
Not a lot, and not a bit
my twenty years are my sway
my twenty years are for sale

given no one

Nincsen apm, se anym,
se istenem, se hazm,
se blcsm, se szemfedm,
se cskom, se szeretm.

Harmadnapja nem eszek,
se sokat, se keveset.
Hsz esztendm hatalom,
hsz esztendm eladom.

Hogyha nem kell senkinek,
ht az rdg veszi meg.
Tiszta szvvel betrk,
ha kell, embert is lk.

Elfognak s felktnek,
ldott flddel elfdnek
s hallt hoz f terem
gynyrszp szvemen.