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All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner

Seriously... Just do it. You will never buy another store bought cleaner again. his stu!! is ama"ing. I
could rave about it all day# but then you$d be sitting here reading what I have to say instead o!
ma%ing it. So go ma%e some now& And S'A() it on your *age so your !riends can ma%e it too&&
+hat you need,
-- .ro!essional S*ray Bottle /it is worth the e0tra 1-# trust me&2
-3 o". 4istilled +hite 5inegar
... -6 o". 7emon Juice
-8 o". 7i9uid Soa* /I use 4awn2
-8 ts*. Ba%ing Soda
--: o" water
o Mi0,
;unnel in all the ingredients# s9uee"e out the suds# screw on your ca* and go ma%e your bathroom