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PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab.

Tegal 2013

Bhs. Ingg. LUN I I Kab.
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : IX ( Sembilan )
Hari / Tanggal : Kamis , 7 Maret 2013
Waktu : 10.00 12.00 ( 120 Menit )

1. Sebelum mengerjakan isilah identitas Anda pada Lembar Jawab Latihan Ujian Nasional ( LJLUN )
2. Periksa dan bacalah soal serta petunjuk mengerjakannya sebelum anda menjawab.
3. Kerjakan semua soal pada lembar jawab yang disediakan dengan menghitamkan bulatan menggunakan
pensil 2B.
4. Laporkan kepada pengawas tes apabila terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas atau rusak atau jumlah soal
5. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban.
6. Dahulukan menjawab soal soal yang anda anggap mudah.
7. Tidak didijinkan menggunkan kalkulator,HP, Kamus atau alat bantu lainnya.
8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
9. Lembar soal tidak boleh dicoret coret.

------- Selamat Mengerjakan------

The text is for questions no. 1 .

1. What does the notice mean?
A. We get guaranty for our damage vehicles.
B. We must report for our losing property
C. All for damage or loss property are our risk
D. All for damage vehicle will be repaired by
the management.

2. The notice can be found at the area.
A. supermarket
B. public park
C. on the road
D. school



PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

This text is for questions no. 3 4.

3. What is Mr. Heni Purwono? He is a/an .
A. student C. headmaster
B. teacher D. administration staff

4. Why does Mr. Sudarto send the card?
A. To invite Mr. Heni Purwono to follow the National Best Practice
B. To congratulate Mr. Heni Purwono as a winner
C. To announce Mr. Heni Purwono as a winner
D. To inform about National Best Practice

This text is for questions no. 5 7.

5. What is the text about?
A. Traditional Dance show
B. Students creativity show
C. Art and Creativity industry 2013
D. Awarding Night of students creativity 2013

We, the big family of SMA 1 Sigaluh, would like to
Mr. Heni Purwono
as a winner in National Best Practice competition
2012. May the Almighty God bless you in dedicating
yourself to education.
Mr. Sudarto

FREE !!!
8 March 2013
18.00 23.00 WIB
Present : students of some Universities, Creative Industry, Mass
Media, Stakeholder and Mayor of Semarang City.
The event will be entertained by Perkusi Paguyuban Sayung Hore,
Hello Stereo, Saman Dance of FE UNDIP, Band, etc.

More info:

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

6. These information are true according to the text, EXCEPT:
A. There is traditional dance
B. We should pay ticket to come
C. It takes place in Crowne Hotel Semarang
D. The program will be held on March 8

7. How long will the event be held ?
A. four hours C. six hours
B. five hours D. seven hours

The text is for questions no. 8 9.

8. Where does Tommy have to go?
A. A pharmacy C. A midwife
B. A laboratory D. A hospital

9. From the message we know that Mrs. Shasa wants to .
A. describe the therapist C. ask for Mr. Franks permission
B. amuse Tommys teacher D. inform about the accident

The text is for questions no. 10 11.
Nairobi (NBO) to Juba (JUB) Mon, Sep 3
Five fourty Aviation Dep: 6:30 AM Arr: 8:00 Am 1h 30m Canadair reg.Jet
Economy (M)
Limited 721
Juba (JUB) to Nairobi (NBO) Fri, Sep 7
Five Fourty Aviation Dep:11:40 AM Arr:1:10 PM 1h 30m Canadair reg.Jet
Limited 722

Cost per passenger (including taxes & fees) $ 428,39
Total cost for 1 passenger $ 428,39

10. What destination do the passengers go on Monday, September 3
A. Nairoba C. Canada
B. Juba D. Washington

Dear Mr. Frank,

Tommy needs to leave school early today.
After the accident, he has to go to the therapist at 11 a.m. twice a week on
Monday and Thursday.
I am sorry that appointment is in school time, but its an emergency.

Thank you,

Mrs. Shasa

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

11. The word Aviation has the same meaning as .
A. Voyage C. Travel
B. Trip D. Flight

The text is for questions no. 12 13.

12. What is the text about?
A. An invitation to join 5K run
B. An invitation to gather in the city square
C. Announcement about runs door prize
D. An announcement about a runs winner
13. From the text we know that.
A. The race will be run in the afternoon
B. The participants will get snack and lunch
C. The last registration is 25
March 2013
D. The participants may come at 6.30 a.m.

The text is for questions no. 14 16.
From :
To :
Hi Johanna!
Thanks for the very nice e-mail. I just printed it out for Hiroko to read later today.
Wow, it sounds like Alicia and Monica had terrible times in the hospital.
But I'm very happy to hear that they are better! And they seem to be very smart-- getting
scholarships! No doubt they have good parents.
In August Bob and I went canoeing for 5 days in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota.
That was interesting. But there were mosquitoes and rain.
Take care, Johanna. When you come to Hiroshima, we'll go out to a restaurant together!
Come and join:
5 K Run
Start and finish: The city square
Date : Sunday, 30
March 2013
Time : 6 a.m.
Fee : Rp. 50,000 (including snack, T-shirt and voucher)
There are many door prize for participants: branded T-shirt, watches, smart
phone, and many others. Grand prize for the winner: a motorcycle.

Moon light 100.7 FM Radio
Restu Sports Shop
Megah Phone Market

MARCH 2013
Join now and win prize!

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

14. Who had gone canoeing in the Boundary Water?
A. Bob and Johanna C. Alicia and Monica
B. Bob and Nikito D. Johanna and Nikito

15. What will Nikito do if Johanna comes to Hiroshima?
A. Going to a restaurant C. Shopping together
B. Canoeing in the Boundary water D. Going to visit Alicia in a hospital

16. Alicia and Monica had terrible times in a hospital
The phrase terrible times means .
A. Good condition C. funny condition
B. Extremely bad condition D. extremely good condition

The text is for questions no. 17 19.

17. Who can join this center?
A. Professional managers C. Office staff in business
B. College professors changing careers D. Undergraduate students in business

18. What is required for admission?
A. The name of your manager C. Your job title and duties
B. A copy of your grades D. Letters of recommendation

19. How long will the course take?
A. A day C. A month
B. One week D. Two years

Summer Is A Great Time To Return To School!
If You Need Better Business Skills,
Let Us Help
Each summer Claiborne University School of Business Administration offers
special courses for experienced managers who want to sharpen their existing business
skills or learn new ones. You will study with your peers in a week-long intensives
session that simulates the world of international commerce. You will learn new theories
and study the way business which is conducted around the world. Students in previous
sessions have reported that what they learned was immediately applicable to their own
work situations.
Only one person from a company is accepted into this special program. All
applications require three letters of recommendation and proof of employment.
For more information, call the
Summer Education Center
School of Business Administration
Claiborne University
903-477-6768 Fax: 903-477-6777

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

The text is for questions no. 20 21.

20. What is the communicative purpose of the text above?
A. to describe about roast corn C. to tell what roasted corn is
B. to tell the ingredients of roast corn D. to tell how to make roast corn

21. The word mixture in the text means.
A. combination of similar things C. pure substances
B. combination of different things D. main substances

The text is for questions no. 22 24.

22. What does the text tell us about?
A. Hokkaido in particular C. winter in Hokkaido
B. city in general D. people in Hokkaido

Roasted Corn
Materials :
Some ears of sweet corn
5 or more table spoons of margarine
2 cloves of garlic
Some chilies ( if you like)
A pinch of salt
First, peel the corn skin.
Second, grind the garlic, salt and chili.
Third, mix the margarine with the ground garlic mixture.
Fourth, brush the corn with the margarine mi xture and roast it on a grill
until a bit burned.
Fifth, brush the corn with the margarine mixture once again and roast until
Finally, serve it in hot or warm.

Hokkaido is Japans large northern island. Most of the island is mountainous
and heavily forested. Hokkaido has a number of volcanoes, including Asahi Dake,
which stands 2,290 m (7,513 ft) in the Ishikari Mountains and is the islands highest
peak. Hokkaido also holds one of Japans largest alluvial plains, the Ishikari Plain.
The islands fertile soils support agriculture and provide the vast majority of Japans
pasture lands. In addition, Hokkaido contains coal deposits, and the cold currents off
its shores supply cold-water fish.
Winters are long and harsh, so most of Hokkaido is lightly settled, housing
about 5 percent of Japans population on approximately 20 percent of its land area.
However, its snowy winters and unspoiled natural beauty attract many skiers and
tourist. Hokkaido is thought of as Japans northern frontier because Japanese people
settled it only after the middle of the 19
century. Most of the remaining Ainu
People, who populated Hokkaido before the arrival of the Japanese, live on the
island. The island of Hokkaido forms a single prefecture. Its capital, Sapporo, is an
important commercial and manufacturing centre.

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

Attending conferences has become a part of the daily life of students nowadays. But
attending a conference 5,870 miles away is definitely something else.
Departing from Soekarno-Hatta airport on June, we headed northwest aboard an
airplane toward Istambul to attend the Modern Asian Network (MAAN) conference and
the International Union of Architecture (UIA) congress.
After a 13-hour flight, two transits and a couple of occasions of air turbulence, we
arrived safely at Ataturk airport around 7 a.m., Turkey time.
Retrieving our baggage, we took a tram from the airport heading for the
Sultanahmet area, where our hotel was located. We were amazed at what we saw through
the window of the tram-a city with the touch of both Asian and European cultures,
something that we had never seen before. We arrived at the Mavi Onur Hotel shortly after
A middle-aged man, whose face reminded of Roman generals on TV, greeted us,
registered our names and took care of our baggage. The mans name was Ilker, one of the
hotels owners.
Located not far from the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia (the Byzantium Church) and a
beach, the Mavi Onur was definitely a good place to stay for tourists, especially
backpackers, for its affordable price and sea-view rooftop.
Before entering the mosque, we had to take off our shoes and put them into the
plastic bags provided at the entrance. Visitors shoes must be carried inside, because it is
prohibited to leave shoes in front of the mosque. The interior was pleasant, with all the
mosques colourful windows and pillars.

23. When did Japanese people settle Hokkaido? They settled there after the middle of ... century
A. ninth C. ninetieth
B. nineteenth D. ninety-ninth

24. However, its snowy winters and unspoiled natural .... (paragraph 2)
The word its in the second paragraph refers to .
A. Japan C. Hokkaido
B. Japanese D. Land area

The text is for questions no. 25 28.

25. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. To retell the writers experience in International Day
B. To tell how to celebrate International Day
C. To inform activity in International Day
D. To describe International Day

26. How did the writer go to Turkey? He went there by...
A. taxi C. bus
B. tram D. plane

27. What did the writer do after retrieving the baggage? He
A. arrived at the Mavi Onur Hotel
B. saw something that they had never seen before
C. put a tram in the airport heading for the Sultanahmet area
D. took a tram from the airport heading for the Sultanahmet area

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

28. The interior was pleasant, with all the mosques colourful windows and pillars
The underlined word has the similar meaning as the word....
A. ugly C. horrible
B. poor D. nice

The text is for questions no. 29 32.

29. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. There was a king mice in a forest
B. The king of mice took back all the gold
C. The king of mice gave gold every evening
D. A poor man wanted to cut down the banyan tree

30. Why did the mice give gold to the woodcutter? In order that .
A. the woodcutter made a mice house
B. the woodcutter gave it some food
C. the woodcutters wife was happy
D. the woodcutter didnt cut the banyan tree
31. the mice had run away and crept up to the woodcutters house.
The nearest meaning of the word crept up is .
A. Moved slowly
B. Jumped quickly
C. Broke down
D. Walked quickly
32. What is the moral value of the story?
A. Greedy people always feel lack
B. People should keep their promise
C. People have to look for gold to survive
D. Good man always gives something to others

The Woodcutter and A King Mice
Once, there was a king of mice. He lived inside a banyan tree in a forest. He
loved the tree as his home. He lived there happily.
One day, a poor man wanted to cut down the banyan tree. The king of the mice
was frightened so he asked the woodcutter to leave the tree standing. In result, he
would give the woodcutter a gold every day. The woodcutter agreed.
Every evening, the king of the mice gave a piece of gold to the woodcutter. The
gold was taken out from the roots of the banyan tree. The woodcutter was happy and
took the gold home.
After a few days, the woodcutter's wife asked him, Where does the gold come from?
So he replied, The king of the mice gives me the gold from under the roots of the
tree. Oh, you are stupid! his wife said and suggested. Why dont you cut down the
tree and take the golds all away? The woodcutter would do as his wife said.
The following day, the woodcutter cut down the banyan tree. Unfortunately, he
did not find any gold there instead the king of the mice had run away and crept up to
the woodcutters house. The king of the mice took back all the gold.

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

The text is for questions no. 33 35.

33. The text above tells us about ... of the bank.
A. the description C. the function
B. the services D. two kinds

34. The main idea of the second paragraph is...
A. a bank has two principle types C. a bank provides some money
B. a commercial bank is necessary D. a central bank has many types

35. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. A bank is one of the financial institutions.
B. There is only one central bank in each country.
C. The customers of the central bank are institutions.
D. Commercial bank functions as a place for the bill payment as well.

The text is for questions no. 36 39.

A Bank is an institution with a twofold function. First, it keeps peoples money
safe and readily available. In this way it functions as a saving bank. Secondly, it lends
money to people who needed. It is also, therefore, a money lender.
There are two principles type of banking. One is commercial banking and the
other is central banking. A commercial bank provides various services to its customer.
Two of the services are accepting saving deposit from its customer and providing loan
to them. A commercial bank also serves as a place where customers can pay some of
their bills like those for telephone or electricity.
A central bank also provides loan to its customer but the customers are not
individuals as in the case of commercial bank. The customers of central bank are
government, other commercial bank and financial institution. A country will have one
central bank. In our country it is bank of Indonesia. The central bank often has the duty
of formulating and implementing the countrys monetary and credit policies usually in
cooperation with the government.

The Clever Judge
Once upon a time, a lion, a fox, and a donkey set off for a days hunting. They made an
agreement to have an equal share of what was caught. After a time, they were able to
kill a fat buck. The lion asked the donkey to divide the prize. The obliging donkey cut
up the buck into three equal parts then invited the lion to take his choice. This made the
lion so furious and killed the donkey with his powerful blow.

Then the lion told the fox to divide the meat. The fox was cunning. He put a
side a big heap for the lions share and kept only a small piece for himself.
On seeing this, the lion looked very pleased and said Master fox, this needs the most
satisfactory divisor. Who taught you to be so clever?
The dead donkey has been my teacher, replied the fox. From his foolish conduct I
have learned to be wise.

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

36. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To entertain the readers
B. To describe about the animals
C. To tell about the writers story
D. To inform about the clever judge

37. This made the lion so furious and
The underlined word means .
A. angry C. brave
B. frighten D. ashamed

38. Why did the lion look very pleased? Because .
A. he had killed a donkey C. he got a side big heap of meat
B. he hunted a fat buck D. he met a cunning fox

39. Where did the story take place?
A. In the river C. In the cave
B. In the sea D. in the jungle

The text is for questions no. 36 39.

40. A. floating C. walking
B. swimming D. surfing

41. A. big C. tall
B. heavy D. long

42. A. they C. its
B. it D. he

The text is for questions no. 43 45.

43. What does second paragraph tell us about?
A. Physical description of lobster C. Growing process of lobster
B. General classification of lobster D. Community of lobster

The Whale stranded in Singapore waters was found dead by some fishermen yesterday.
At about 4 p.m., the fishermen saw the lifeless whale (40) . . . in the sea. They towed
the four-meter (41) whale back to shore three hours later.
The rescue team collected the whale from the Tuas Fishing village at about 11.30 p.m
last night. The team will examine the body to find why (42) . . . dead.
Claw Power
Can you imagine a creature with its skeleton on the outside of body? It sounds odd,
but thats just what the lobster has. The outer shell is the lobsters skeleton, and covers its
whole body, tail, eight walking legs and two powerful claws.
Lobsters start life in an egg. After hatching, they grow inside their shells. When they
get too big for one shell, they shed it and a new one hardens around them. This can go for
as long as 70 years, and lobsters can grow up to 60 cm long.

PAKET 1 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

44. Which is not physical description of lobster?
A. It belongs to mammal C. It has tail and eight legs
B. It has outer skeleton D. It can grow up to sixty cm long

45. they grow inside their shells (paragraph 2)
The word they refers to .
A. Eggs C. legs
B. Shells D. lobsters

The text is for questions no. 46 48

46. A. revise C. reduce
B. refuse D. receive

47. A. Dont sleep C. dont read
B. Dont eat D. dont chat

48. A. took C. takes
B. take D. taking

49. Arrange the jumbled words into meaningful sentence.
One on rhinoceros only has nose its horn.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A. 3 5 4 1 8 2 7 6
B. 3 5 4 6 8 1 2 7
C. 1 3 5 8 2 7 6 4
D. 1 3 5 4 7 8 2 6

50. Arrange the jumbled sentences to meaningful paragraph.
1. His name is Blacky.
2. I have a dog.
3. But he prefers sleeping in the house.
4. Blackys fur is like that of a tiger with brown and black strips.
5. The name reminds me of my best friends nickname when I was in junior high school
6. He has his own kennel.
7. It is made of wood.

A. 2 5 1 7 6 4 3 C. 2 1 5 4 6 7 3
B. 2 6 7 1 4 5 3 D. 2 4 1 5 7 3 6

***** GOOD LUCK *****

Do you often get motion sickness every time you travel in a car or bus? To help relieve
motion sickness, there are a number of things a person can try.
First, eat before trip. A light meal helps settle the stomach and (46) . . . the
possibility of motion sickness. Second, snacking during trip or sucking candles will also
help reduce it. Third, (47) . . . while travelling. Reading increases the conflict between
what the eyes see and what the body feels. Fourth, keep your head still. Rest your head
against your seat. Finally , (48) . . . pharmaceutical products if you think its necessary.