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Math and Reading Enrichment Syllabus

ASTEC Charter Middle School

Teacher Ms. Madlyn McCoy
"lan "eriod 10:01 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.
"hone 405-947-6273
Course #b$ecti%es
1. Identify learning gaps in English and Math. Create a plan for each stdent to !now his or her
areas of strengths in math and reading.
". #naly$e and monitor goals for stdent impro%ement.
&. 'how mastery of all pre-algebra s!ills.
4. Develop and expand reading skills.
Re&uired Materials
(ar!-colored in! pens) pencils) and a pencil sharpener for daily wor!.
"* +inder with di%iders ,5 sections clearly labeled #dministrati%e) (aily -or!) E.ams/0i$$es)
'tations/1abs) and 2ro3ects4 and non-spiral noteboo! paper ,this binder will be graded for
organi$ation and maintenance of contents4
Attendance "olicy and Classroom E'(ectations:
'how p) be on time and participate.
5en or more e.csed and ne.csed absences will reslt in a 6o Credit ,6C4 for this class.
5hree tardies will e7al one absence.
#ll stdents are e.pected to be respectfl to all indi%idals in the classroom at all times.
5here is to be absoltely no gm) food or drin!s in the classroom.
'tdents are to come to class prepared with all materials inclding the binder) paper) pens) and
#ny stdent absent from class has e.actly one wee! to trn in missed assignments. It is the
stdent8s responsibility to find ot missed assignments ,chec! the website or as! the teacher as
soon as possible4. 9ailre to trn in missed wor! will reslt in a $ero. #ny assignment or pro3ect
that was de on the day of absence mst be trned in the ne.t school day in attendance..
'tdents ha%e one wee! to arrange to ta!e a test missed de to absence. #ny test not made p
dring the designated time will recei%e a grade of $ero.
#ll assignments mst be completed by the day they are de. 2oints will be dedcted for late
assignments at the rate of 10: per day late.
#cademic (ishonesty: 2lagiarism and cheating will not be allowed in this classroom; <eros will
be gi%en for plagiarism and cheating) parents will be called) and frther disciplinary actions may
be ta!en. 2lagiarism and cheating incldes copying another stdent8s wor!.
)rading Scale
=0 > 100 #
?0 > ?= +
@0 > @= C
A0 > A= (
+elow 5= 9
Category !eights
(aily -or!/2resentations/2articipation "0:
+inder ,incldes +ellwor!4 "0:
'tation/1ab "0:
2ro3ects "0:
5ests/0i$$es "0:
Daily Work/Presentations/Participation are worth 20% of the stdents overall
grade. Dail! "ork is the work perfor#ed $! the stdents ea%h da! in %lass
in%lding parti%ipation& however' if a stdent is na$le to %o#plete his(her
assign#ent' it %an $e taken ho#e as ho#ework. )t least two to three Dail!
"ork(*resentation(*arti%ipation assign#ents will $e given ea%h week.
*inders are worth "0: of the stdents o%erall grade. +he %lass $inder is sed to %aptre
stdent eviden%e' to serve as a resor%e' and to $ild organi,ation skills. -tdents
will se the $inder in %lass ever! da!. .nterviews and(or rando# spot %he%ks will
$e %ond%ted to provide $oth for#ative and s##ative assess#ents. ) total of 3
$inder interviews shold $e expe%ted dring ea%h 9 weeks.
Station+,abs are worth "0: of the stdents o%erall grade. 'tations and 1abs are learning acti%ities that
are performed by stdents wor!ing in pairs or teams. -hen wor!ing in grops) each indi%idal will
recei%e a grade based on his/her performance. # total of & station and 1lab assignments shold be
e.pected dring each = wee!s.
"ro$ects are worth "0: of the stdent8s o%erall grade. 2ro3ects may be assigned as indi%idal or grop
wor!. -hen wor!ing in grops) each indi%idal will recei%e a grade based on his/her performance. #
total of 1-" pro3ect assignments shold be e.pected dring each = wee!s.
E' are worth "0: of the stdents o%erall grade. E.ams are gi%en at the end of each
classroom nit as a tool to assess the stdent8s o%erall comprehension of the nit. # total of 1-" e.ams
and & 7i$$es shold be e.pected dring each = wee!s.
Student "rogress
2rogress reports for stdents are prepared for times each year) midway of each =-wee!s grading
period. 2arents mst come on site to pic! p and sign for them on the day they are issed.
'tdents are not allowed bac! in class ntil the progress report is pic!ed p.
'tdents who are not ma!ing ade7ate progress mst attend ttoring after school and dring
half-day 'atrday school. 5hose who do not attend will placed disciplinary action. #ttendance
to ttoring is not an option. Brades will be gi%en for attending ttoring sessions.