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SPEECH LAB - fall 2014

The Speech Lab is a resource for COM 180 students and is set up to assist them with the speech
writing/presentation process. Students who go to the Speech Lab are able to obtain feedback about their
speech and make improvements before presenting in class for a grade.
During their appointment, COM 180 students will meet with a student worker; alumni of the COM 180 course (who
earned an A in the course) or grad students who have been trained in giving speech feedback and who are
familiar with the COM 180 course expectations.
The Speech Lab is located in the Payson Library in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) located on the
second floor. If you walk through the front entrance of ACE, its the very last room on the right. Look for signs!
Signing Up
Speech Lab bookings last 30 minutes. All bookings are done through the online booking system on the Payson
Library website. Once on the Payson Library website, click on Book a Study Room and select Payson Library-
Speech Lab. The times/days are indicated on the schedule. For further guidance, see attachment How to Book
the Speech Lab.
Students can certainly drop by, but its better to sign up ahead of time to ensure they can meet with one of the
Speech Lab workers.
Students MUST show up to their appointments. Cancellations can be made at any point 24 hours before their
Speech Lab booking time. Failure to show up to their Speech Lab appointment will result in a NO SHOW = no
credit. If students miss the 24-hour cancellation window, they can email Delphine Broccard at Professor Broccards email is also listed on the online booking site, in case
students have any questions and/or concerns about the Speech Lab.
Coming to the Speech Lab
Each COM 180 professor is requiring students to attend the Speech Lab for one of the speeches, which is
determined by the section of COM 180 the professor is teaching.
Professors, according to the section you teach, your students are required to attend the Speech Lab for the
following speeches:
COM 180 sections 180.01-180.07 Informative Speech
COM 180 sections 180.08-180.14 Persuasive Speech
COM 180 sections 180.15-180.20 Ceremonial Speech
Professors, please remind your students to sign up at least a week in advance as time slots fill up fast.

It should be noted that students should feel free to make Speech Lab appointments for other speeches, aside
from their required speech. Practicing for the sake of practicing never hurts! Professors will be made aware of
students who come to the Speech Lab on their own
Attending the Speech Lab for their required speech, students should
o Full credit will only be given to students upon the full recitation of their speech.
o Brainstorming sessions will only receive partial credit.
Come a DAY BEFORE their speech is due
o No credit will be given to students who do not come 24 hours prior to the date of their speech
For non-credit, students should feel free to come in to get the help they need, whether it be for brainstorming,
organizational, delivery questions, etc.
The Speech Lab will open the second week of the semester.
Speech Lab workers will be emailing you to come and present the Speech Lab to your COM 180 class. Please be
considerate and respond as soon as you are able to confirm their class visit. As always, please do not hesitate to
ask any questions at