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This format should be used for all speeches completed in this class. Students are required to turn in a complete sentence outline. All
outlines will be collected at the BEGINNING of the class period during which you are assigned to spea. If you wish to spea from
your outline! bring a copy of it for yourself. All outlines must be typed.
Title"Topic# $a phrase%
Specific &urpose# $a full sentence%
Thesis Statement# $a full sentence or two%
I. Attention Getter
II. Thesis Statement
III. (,er,iew of -ain &oints $roadmap%
I.. Bacground Information $demonstrate credibility! show rele,ance of topic! etc.%
I. 0irst -ain &oint
A. Supporting -aterial
i. Sub1supporting material
ii. Sub1supporting material
B. Supporting -aterial
II. Second -ain &oint
A. Supporting -aterial
B. Supporting -aterial
III. Third -ain &oint
A. Supporting -aterial
B. Supporting -aterial
I. Summary of -ain &oints
II. 'estatement of +entral Idea
III. -emorable +oncluding 'emars
'eferences# 'eference list should be in American &sychological Association format $A&A% and should be typed on a separate
sheet of paper with the title! 3'eferences4 at the top of the page. $not required for introduction or music speeches%