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Note:This Calendar will not run concurrent with any pagan Calendar! Don't bother trying!

But to assist you in keeping track, write the pagan day or date in the white boxes!

During the Full Moon phase the Moon will appear to be full 2 or 3 days, see comments 1

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23 24 25 26 27 28 29

There will be no day 30 in a 29 day Moon cycle! 30

We suggest you use this template as your own personal Calendar to track your days, weeks, Sabbaths,
and Moedim (Appointed Times or Feasts) according to Moon-thly Full New Moon! In other words
it is simply a "calendar"! Just as it appears, and once you get used to observing and establishing the
starting point (the Full New Moon) and making your own entries or calculations, instead of letting man
do it for you, it becomes increasingly familiar, you will know it like your right hand, a Hebrew idiom for
your righteous, or perfect deeds! We pray you will do well, and if we may assist you in anyway,
please contact us by e-mail;